Posted on 01/21/2021

This is VaxFacts –– your update on our historic effort to get all Angelenos vaccinated against COVID-19 and end the pandemic. Unlike our usual updates, VaxFacts will focus only on vaccine distribution in Los Angeles.

The vaccine is safe, effective, and free –– and it’s helping protect more people every day. While doses are highly limited right now, more Angelenos will soon become eligible based on job and health risk.

  • ELIGIBLE NOW: As of today, healthcare workers and residents and staff of skilled nursing facilities can get vaccinated in L.A. County. 

  • UP NEXT: People 65 and older are next in line. L.A. County will move to this group once enough doses are delivered by the State –– likely in early February. See what phase you'll be in.

  • VACCINATION SITES: More than 75 locations are currently vaccinating people in L.A. County –– including one of the nation’s largest vaccination sites at Dodger Stadium. Next week, five new community sites will open across the county. Every week, more doses will be available and more sites and providers will administer them. When your turn arrives, you’ll need to make an appointment and bring your ID to the site.

  • STAYING INFORMED: The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines being offered in L.A. County require two doses. Learn when you are eligible to be vaccinated by signing up for email updates from the L.A. County Department of Public Health. When your turn comes, sign up for an appointment. Visit our vaccine FAQ.

The vaccine is our best tool to get COVID-19 under control, get our lives back on-track, and get relief to every Angeleno who is struggling.

Defeating this virus will take time. It will take resilience and resolve. And it will take all of us. So when you become eligible, roll up your sleeve and get vaccinated –– it’s our best shot.

Eric Garcetti
Your Mayor


P.S. As the COVID-19 crisis continues, so does the City’s sweeping response. To learn more about how we are protecting Angelenos –– through testing, economic relief, and other measures –– visit our website.