During the Mayor’s tenure, many efforts have been made to increase the number of interim housing programs throughout the city. The Mayor has made it a priority to focus on ending homelessness thus working on creating more interim housing beds throughout the City of Los Angeles. 

Interim housing provides safe, low-barrier, housing and supportive temporary housing to persons experiencing homelessness (PEH). These programs focus on meeting people’s most pressing needs — a roof over their heads — without excessive restrictions or requirements. 

Interim housing programs offer 24/7 security, three meals a day, hygiene services, and on-site supportive services like case management, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and linkage to any other services that may be needed to improve a person's well-being. In addition to providing people with the immediate shelter that they need, interim housing programs also work to connect people with their future homes. With the support of their case managers, participants can locate, apply to, and obtain permanent housing and find their own place to call home.


A Bridge Home

Homelessness Roadmap