The Mayor has also pushed for and signed several laws to strengthen L.A.’s movement to end the homelessness crisis:

To combat this housing crisis, Mayor Garcetti set an ambitious agenda that focuses on expanding the supply of housing, strengthening rent stabilization, making development more inclusive, and keeping Angelenos from falling into homelessness.

The Affordable Housing Linkage Fee, which will help L.A. double its production and preservation of affordable housing, accelerate mixed-income developments, and create more than 900 good-paying jobs for Angelenos every year — by requiring the developers of certain market-rate housing developments to either set aside units as affordable, or pay into an affordable housing trust fund. The fee is expected to generate $100 million for affordable housing activities, and is part of Mayor Garcetti’s comprehensive housing strategy — which includes more than tripling the production of supportive housing for the homeless, more than doubling the production and preservation of affordable housing, strengthening the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance, and permitting 100,000 units by 2021 through a robust development reform agenda.

The Permanent Supportive Housing Ordinance, which helps shrink the pre-development timeline for many supportive housing projects from five years to less than one — by creating a streamlined planning process, and removing regulatory barriers that have historically impeded the approval and construction of housing for homeless people.

Hotels and motels also present an opportunity to respond to immediate housing needs. Mayor Garcetti signed into law the Interim Motel Conversion Ordinance — which will allow existing motels and hotels to be retrofitted for use as supportive and transitional housing — linked to County-funded services that are specifically designed to help homeless Angelenos begin to rebuild their lives. The law allows the properties to be used for this purpose for a specific period of time, and eventually returned to their previous use.