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We need Bus Rapid Transit quick!

Mr. Garcetti watch this video. See what other mayors around the world have been doing. We could reduce traffic on all the freeways with an organized rapid bus transit system. 

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Reverse Osmosis Desalination using free electricity from Wave Power


I understand that California has a serious fresh water problem.

I have seen a possible solution being developed in Canada which I believe would help.

A development team in Quebec Canada are developing a Reverse Osmosis Desalination plant using the free energy derived from Wave Power.

Please see this link for further information.

Please convey this to Eric Garcetti.

Best regards

Paul Robshaw

Av. Hernando de Aguirre 421, D132, Providencia, Santiago, Chile

00 5 99 291 0995

(British Resident for 10 years)

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Traffic solutions Westside

The expansion of gridlock parking restrictions to 8pm, and the creation of peak commute time switchable lanes throughout the city. Perhaps dispatching police or traffic control officers on a routine schedule to gridlock affected intersections. Encouraging and designing the use of underutilized boulevards to ease freeway congestion. The return of Raves to the Coliseum and sports arena would really ease congestion as well.

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Crosswalk system

This System should be implemented in Los Angeles with all of the hit-and-run's and pedestrians being run over.

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Anti-Violence Campaign

I would like to introduce to Mr. Garcetti a Great project to carry out in all schools in Los Angeles to reduce gun violence in children & youth, and to create a safer/more peaceful environment for our next generation. It is simple, doable, and effective. please see this website:

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enforcing anti-loitering/panhandling laws in tourist areas

Dear. Mayor Garcetti,

As an LA native and someone who wants to continue to have L.A. shine to the world, I believe it would be best if we start enforcing our loitering and panhandling laws in the high tourist areas. Places like Hollywood Blvd and Venice Beach are inundated residents who loiter and panhandle in the extreme. I am not dispassionate about their plight but I believe a tourist area should be free from that. It would give more tourists a better impression about theses places when they come. Venice and Hollywood Blvd rank high on tourists list of places to see when in LA. For that fact, we should increase the safeness and pleasantness of those places. This is not meant to be political but practical. I hope this is met well.

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I want to help with the revitalization of Hollywood.

I live @ Sunset/Bronson.  I've written to U B4, with no response. May we change that? I'm the one who moved here in 2011 after being in the midst of Denver's revitalization in the 90's.  

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Connecting Bike Lanes

Bike lanes in Highland Park have been fantastic along York Blvd. The natural north-south connection is Figueroa, which has been designated as a "Great Street". But there are no bike lanes there. Let's initiate a bike lane connection between the northeast and downtown.

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Water Conservation Idea

Please make weekly periodical rations for each neighborhood. For example Reseda M, W, F two hours each day of water disconnect (totaling 6 hours each week). This way people can taste and experience first hand what is awaiting them down the line if they don't conserve water. 

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Please sign in first...

Hello I was so pleased to attend the event at the Hollywood Museum this morning.  I am wondering if this same group of schoolchildren or any others would like to take part in a fashion gala I am helping to plan.--Thanks, Dr. Laura Wilhelm, 323-654-3589

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I assume the mayor does not control the Highway Patrol. However, he does control LAPD.

Why is it necessary to have 50 to 75 police and highway patrol officers and vehicles to apprehend one criminal.   Specifically, the father who killed the mother and kidnapped 4 children.  Isn't this a big waste of resources while we need police elsewhere fighting crime.  Shouldn't you set limits on how many police should chase one car?

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more effective public transportation

I went from downtown LA Union Station to Santa Monica. It took a long time, I had to ask the bus driver for the correct bus to take from Union Station. 

  Improving public transportation will improve the tourist industry.  Why not look at cities inside and outside of United States with similar population size, geographic area, and look on how they improved public transportation. 

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Beach idea

I have an idea for our beaches that would make beach goers enjoy their day more and stress free. This same idea has the potential to create more jobs and have people from out of state visit more frequently 

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If police departments had to take the millions in payments for wrongful death suits from the budgets their own departments instead of from the taxpayers at large through the general fund, the violence from police officers would stop right away. 

Please do what you can to make that happen. 

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Let's naturalize our major rivers

I was struck by the amount of water that we lost in this week's rainfall.  We have major rivers between Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties that could be unpaved so that we could absorb water than comes in from rain.  

I respectfully submit the idea that the mayors or county governments work together to unpave the LA River, the San Gabriel River and the Santa Ana River in order to return them to their natural states.  If done we would significant change the future of droughts in So Cal.

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LAUSD Student Films being shown @ LACMA's International Student Film Fest.

Hello, just wanted to let you guys know that Millikan Middle School's Film Studios' films are being shown @ LACMA's International Children's Film Festival for free on Sunday December 14th, 2014 @ 3pm.   See of of Los Angeles' most talented teenagers' amazing film performances.  See or for more information.  - Louis de Barrraicua

Great f

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NFL Team

Please do not encourage the Rams or Raiders to come back here.  Neither of these teams or there management were part of the good days here and both teams left us with a bad taste in our mouths.  The Chargers are OK but San Diego would be mad at us, it's not worth it. 

Do it right, start a new team owned by LA like Green Bay owns the Packers. 

I suggest a new team name like the LA Knights.

But, please don't bring back a loser team like the Rams or Raiders.  We don't want them back!



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Water saving idea

If you have a shower head that sits in a holder that lifts so you can rinse off, I have an idea to help save gallons of water while showering.  When in holder, shower head remains off,  when lifted off from holder water turns on.  Water does not need to keep running while washing hair until you need to rinse off and does not need to be on while soaping up until ready to rinse.  A very simple design can be developed to supplement the LADWP low-flow shower head program offered many years ago.  


Mike Feinstein, Police Community Representative


Magnolia Woods Neighborhood Watch

Sherman Oaks 91411


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Policing in LA


What can we do? The Los Angeles Police Force, as all American Police Forces, is certainly not a perfect one.
I'd love to know ways in which we, the citizens, can contribute to new law or procedure to help us feel safe, especially around the ones that are supposed to protect us.
Body Cameras is a good place to start. Another more radical (understandably so) way would be to keep the guns in their cars on every and any call that is under circumstances in which a tazer and/or rubber bullets would more than suffice for the situation.
Please allow us to help making change. Let's try to succeed in LA being the trendsetter. It can be small, like body cameras, but that's a heck of a good start, and people will follow!
Thank you for listening.
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New operation mode «Eco» for decreasing of car exhaust gаs during rush hour and traffic jam

Dear Messrs,

I am sending this message from Kazakhstan.  Please advise your e-mail address so I can send you presentation for consideration.  It will be big contribution to LA.


1. Less gas burnt by cars

2. Less gas exhaust

3. Makes drivers to relax

4. Minimum investment only software update

Hope to hearing from you soon very soon.

My contacts: + 7 701 218 1137, e-mail:

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