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HealthCare needs a virtual lift that will help Los Angelenos and their employers.

Dear Mayor,

Unfortunately I have noticed that the health care system needs to be even more catered to those hard working families and individuals with high deductibles and premiums. Hospital and emergency visits for some of the most common cold illnesses are too costly, too lengthy in wait time, and over crowded for those who are insures and uninsured.

Over 70% of emergency room visits could be handled by the phone and webcam! Accessing primary care physicians on nights weekends and holidays are nearly impossible and frustrating Because it's reduces the time spent where it should be and that is at work. 

I honestly can't think of any other way to keep more money in the pockets of  families and companies simultaneously. Healthcare needs a readjustment fast and doing it through Doc Dial will increases productivity with any establishment by helping employees get back to work fast without hindering a companies productivity.

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3 words. Get a WOSH.

WOSH customers have helped us to save over 30,000 gallons of California's precious water.

The traditional carwash wastes 40 gallons of water per car.  It also costs time and patience. We made carwashing in Los Angeles simple.

We're waterless / eco-friendly / mobile / on-demand.

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Stop wasting cold shower water. DWP Rebate for tankless water heaters

We all waste a lot of cold water waiting for the shower water to get hot.

The new tankless water heaters generate hot water instantly.

DWP should offer a rebate to go tankless.

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High cost of housing in LA

I don't actually have a suggestion as much as a question. We all know that LA and surrounding areas have extremely high housing costs. Most of us know why. Building hasn't kept up with demand and communities don't want more housing because their home value might/will go down. We use our land for business and our building standards are prohibitive. But even with all the reasons not to build, we have to find a way to do something. Yes, your wonderful 15.00 an hour will help but there are still going to be people like me. I have a good job at a university. I am 59 years old and a widow. Even with my good job I can only have a one bedroom condo. I have children back east and when they come to visit it is tough to find room. If I lived in almost any other city in the country I could have a 2 bed 2 bath condo with more square footage and more yard or patio space. I also could get a job in a university and make a much more livable wage even if the pay would be less. I would have more money to spend on restaurants and clothes and entertainment (all good for the economy). I am ok and I love it here but that is not true for many. Either they leave or live in poverty or near poverty. Something has to be done and I was wondering what, if any, plans you have to fix this problem. It is pretty bad that Los Angeles is almost passing NYC in housing costs. I do wish to say I think you are doing wonderful things and I really appreciate all of your efforts but this issue is nearly as big as water, in my opinion. Thank you again.

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Dear Mayor,

They're telling us about the upcoming El Nino but can LA and LA County do a better job of catching and holding all of the excess water? Maybe a system could be created that will reclaim that water for future use? Just an idea.

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Parking Guidelines - A Simple Solution!

We've all been there. Trying to find parking on a crowded street and there is wasted space because one car parked too far forward/back throws off the intended parking potential (i.e. 4 cars should fit, but because of one car not parking properly, only 2 or 3 cars can park). 

I noticed that the many metered spots in the city have white guidelines to designate where each car should park. These lines work and people park much more effectively, so it works! 

The city should paint guidelines on streets to maximize the number of cars being able to park. We would all benefit from this simple solution! 

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DOT Physcials In Los Angeles

<a href="">Dot Physical Exams in Los Angeles</a>
We are FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) Certified with the NCRME National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners to provide physicals to truck and bus drivers through the DOT ( Department of Transportation ) please give us a call at 310-946-2533 to schedule your appointment today

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Public gardening would benefit all.

Can we  add community gardens to city parks with ample space? It would be for the benefit of children and adults to have community gardens and gardening activities or classes at city parks and recreation centers. If lake balboa can have a golf course I am sure it could support a urban farm or a community garden.

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Los Angeles Music Arts Designs

like Milan during the "Salone del mobile" where art is displayed on the streets and in the squares, LAMAD would bring world famous artists to display their works and construct new ones for a week long celebration of this amazing city and its artists. Sculptures, Paintings, Music, Fashion, Movies and all there is to absorb to which humanity is reflecting through the Arts. from Downtown to Hollywood to Santa Monica to Venice, we all become a living part of this artists friendly city.

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free or low cost trolleys that take public from Studio City to Tarzanza along Ventura Blvd.

Free or low cost trolleys that take us, the public, from Studio City to Tarzanza on Ventura Blvd. This goes both ways , every 30 minutes or so.. then we can park our cars and eat, shop, browse, etc along Ventura Blvd. without having to drive and park. We can get off at stops and get back on when we want too.

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Traffic Speed and Noise in DTLA

  As a DTLA resident and property owner I first want to congratulate Mayor Garcetti, the City Council and everyone in L.A. who is taking positive steps to make L.A. the truly world class city it should be.

It's the little things that add up to what we want L.A. to become.  My condominium has a view of Flower Street downtown.  At times traffic goes as fast as 60 MPH, most of the time between 40 and 50 MPH.  I suggest returning Flower and Figueroa streets back to two-way in order to calm traffic and make it more business friendly for the businesses along the streets.  In addition, there are many instances of motorcycles and cars making ear-splitting noise.  L.A. has the law in place to prevent this, but it is not enforced.  Now that drug use has been de-criminalized, the police can focus on these types of offences that contribute to unpleasant living in DTLA. When noise violations are ignored the word goes out that DTLA is the place to make a noise.

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New City Flag

While we have a design-savvy mayor... our city flag is simply atrocious. Watch this Ted talk & notice how many times the LA flag appears in the hall of shame. Wouldnt it be great if WE had something to rally around other than sports team logos?

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 Use an old fashioned trash container lined with a zip lock bag for food waste instead of the garbage disposal which wastes lots of water! The bags could be thrown out once a week if no yard ,for yards use as compost material!

This will benefit gardens and yards saving water with the compost material increasing soil moisture levels ,,,AND,,,save water going down the drain in the garbage disposal!

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Make Ventura Blvd One-way

By eliminating the oncoming lane, deliveries, commerce, and parking will continue unabated- actually streamlined in the process, while transportation and safety will dramatically increase, causing spikes in usability, viability, and foot-traffic of our world-class village.

Designing villages for people with cars is not the way of the future (the autonomous driving car is less than 20 years away).  We are currently suffocating what could be.

NYC removed the cars from Times Square, which was very controversial at the time, and it has become an overwhelming success.  I expect the same results here. 

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Contracting with the City

 Good morning Mr. Garcetti

My name is Jamie Taylor I've been a union carpenter for 20+ years and a  supervisor twice in my career. Contracting since 1992, I've worked on numerous infrastructure projects such as The Metro Rail in Los Angeles,105 freeway,LAX and numerous amount of high-rises in the Los Angeles and San Diego area of California.

As a contractor I've always dreamed of working large structural concrete projects with my own license. This task has been the most adverse and distressing goal I've ever face.
As a minority business  (with 51% belonging to my wife), I thought I would have a ability to participate on one of your infrastructure projects and many other city works.

After following all the directives and  jumping through numerous amount of hoops, I find  this system failing and creating an additional hardship for new and small minority business.

If one is awarded a city or federal contract, the time frame for your first payment is anywhere from  60 to 90 days. This creates a problem for many and does not allow us to participate in building up America. Many small, black or coming out of recession businesses can not afford to carry the cost of Bonds, Insurance, material and labor of jobs at this magnitude for this extended time without payment prior to expenses.

I feel that  minority contractors, woman owned business or a disadvantage Business owner should have in place a system that pays immediately or at least incorporate a "10% to start" clause. Without this in place the  minorities that you are trying to assist are unable to show up and take advantage of the opportunities because they can not afford to.

This is how the construction industry continues to weeded out Minority owned businesses in minority areas.

Last week I attended a RCC (Regional Connector Constructors) meeting in Los Angeles, who has been awarded a $918 million Dollar contract.  During this event I met three minority contractors, all who expressed to me that they too experience extreme hardship due to the current 60 - 90 day payment schedule.

I myself find it extremely arduous just to get into the position to bid on these projects and/or any infilstructure in California.

Please help and or advise.

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Approve the HERO financing program for solar energy and other energy saving home improvements

Approve the HERO financing program for solar energy and other energy saving home improvements.

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Investigate Nail Salon Worker Abuse

Perhaps we need similar measures in LA to protect workers?


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Please Oppose FTA's Proposed Fare Structure for Access Paratransit in your role as Chair of Metro

My name is Diane Perrine and I am a person with a disability in Los Angeles County who uses Access Services. I am FaceBooking to oppose the Federal Transit Administration's attempts to force Access Services to change its fare system, which has been in place for 20 years. Access' current system is fair and easy for people with disabilities to understand. The new system would be hard to understand and raise fares for a lot of customers. I would ask you to please support efforts to allow Access to keep its fare system. Thank you. Please also have FTA do a reality check ride along with Access passengers who are blind or mentally retarded or autistic and try to explain to them how it will be an improvement to have 2 tickets one way and one ticket another way and increase their short distance trip by 9% fare increase for no good reason. Some passengers can't even talk let alone handle varying tickets or money fare. Also ask FTA to ask Access what other service improvements could be done for the cost of implementation of the complex fare system and where in ADA law does it say that Paratransit fare must be twice fixed route fare? Where did the magic number two come from anyway? Thank you for listening and caring. Access is great. FTA policy on fares stinks.

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Water Saving Suggestion

Mr. Mayor,

I happened to be standing on my balcony when the street sweeper came by.  I noticed that they were still spraying water as they swept.  

Because of our severe drought, is it possible for them to stop wasting this water and just sweep?  Think of the millions of gallons we could save.  Even if it is not drinkable, it could be better served for landscaping. When convenient, I would appreciate a response from the appropriate department. Thank You.

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Ocean water for flushing toilets

Hong Kong has implemented flushing toilets with seawater since the late 1960's.  While it is impractical for most people to apply this.  The government can start implementing this and offer it first to new costal developments.  There will be a new waste line going from Venice to Playa Del Rey this summer and while we are trenching, why not stub it for access to salt water?  I know this is not an immediate douse for the fire, but we will go down in history as the forward-thinking town.  We all need to flush toilets even for those who try to conserve.  Not everyone can use a compost toilet or have access to dispose of humanure.  Thank you for setting up this forum for us to share ideas.

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