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Every Angeleno and every Los Angeles-based business knows that parking is a problem--not enough, too may conflicting signs, and FAR too many fines!

What about a SUBCRIPTION-BASED PARKING SYSTEM available to all residents at a discounted rate, and to all non-residents at a higher rate.  Under my system, each are of the City of LOS ANGELES would have a subscription cost for either a monthly, 3-month, 6-month or 1-year fee, and people could bundle sectors of the city (to be mapped/numbered/color-coded/etc.) however they wish, depending upon where they work, prefer to shop, have relatives/friends/etc. and would be issued a permit which could be scanned by any member of parking enforcement in an instant to verify validity of the permit--allowing subscribers to park ANYWHERE in the designated areas subscribed to, including neighborhood permit parking, meters, and public parking structures without additional fees.  This would mean the city GETS MONEY UP FRONT, likely more than they'd ever get from intermittent metered parking or parking tickets arising there from--and Angelenos get peace of mind and convenience for parking around their city.

For Example: I could go online and click on a 6-month Culver City Parking Permit, say $220, a 3-month Downtown L.A. Parking Permit, say $150, and a 1-month West Hollywood Parking Permit $50 (prices to be determined by L.A.'s number crunchers, parking availability, population, etc.), pay $440 to the City of Los Angeles, and park at will in those areas without meter-feeding, etc. CHARGE TOURISTS AND NON-L.A. RESIDENTS MORE!

The city could use re-chargeable cards.  It would basically be compartmentalized Season-Pass Parking.


Everyone I've spoken to said they'd definitely use it!  I would too!  Imagine getting about $50-200 from just 50% of all Angelenos EVERY MONTH as opposed to on average every 6 months waiting for them to get a ticket or the meter-change to add up!  Win-Win!

Helping L.A. one idea at a time.


~Joseph Mundy

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I've pondered the problem of sidewalks driven up by tree roots into craggy, hazardous liabilities for the City of Los Angeles, and being a science buff and problem solver, I have a suggestion:

Henceforth, lay sidewalks of high-density, sand-textured rubber/urethane. They could be visually identical to concrete, functionally similar, but when roots grew and expanded beneath them over perhaps decades, the sidewalks would simply flex, retaining their surface integrity, remaining smooth and functional, without creating additional liability for the city or inconvenience/danger for pedestrians.  Additionally, it might be touted for it's miraculous, citizen-friendly, anti-fatigue properties, being more resilient (even hard rubber disburses impact better than concrete) and easier on joints and bones for walkers, joggers, etc.

I'd talk to engineers if I were you, but I imagine it could even be on giant say 2" thick rolls for ease of application.

I've lived here all my life (45 years old) and I'd like to see L.A. move not only into the present, but into the future, like many European cities.


~Joseph Mundy

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DWP is getting out of hand. I put solar panels on my roof nearly 2 yrs ago, billing from dwp has gone from every two months to twice per year. This makes for large bills due to water and Trash.

Most of the residents in my local area, rarely can fill their trash containers completely, I personally only put trash out every other week.  If we can cut trash pickup to twice per month, thus reducing our bill nearly 50% would be an ideal way for the public to know your cutting expenses. Less overtime for workers, less fuel costs, This could be a large savings and if passed to the public would be highly appreciated since gas is now well over $4 per gallon.

Your campaign was on DWP reform, it time you start living up to campaign promises.

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Parking Tickets / funds

INSTEAD of concentrating traffic ticket officers in the denser Los Angeles areas, try shifting the Parking Enforcement employees out to San Pedro during the summer months !............the following is the reason why I say that..........

the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and parks repeatedly issues permits to groups / organizations of individuals who desire to hold their WAY TOO LARGE outdoor events in Point Fermin Park, resulting in the whole Point Fermin area being totally INUNDATED by WAY TOO MUCH people, vehicles, gridlocked traffic, periodic vandalism to property, not near enough parking places for all those vehicles to park

Point Fermin residents have REPEATEDLY  complained to the Los Angeles Recs and Park Dept., - asking them to please STOP issuing those permits !..........but they keep doing so anyway !

The last couple of years have been ESPECIALLY bad out here during those events..................people parking even all throughout the NO PARKING areas, and one of the last few years, people were even parking their vehicles COMPLETELY AROUND THE STREETCORNER CURBS ON ALL FOUR CORNERS of our neighborhood cross-streets ! 


One of the reasons the funds level may have been flat -- could be because the last two years - I've noticed that the Parking Enforcement employees were NOT out here ticketing all the vehicles parked I've seen them do in previous years.

1. Our Point Fermin area CANNOT handle huge amounts of vehicle traffic nor all those,

2. the city's coffers may gain more funds if Mayor Garcetti passes my comments on to the city traffic department AND the Recreation and Parks department !

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LA needs to recycle

Mr. Mayor..LA needs to lead the way in reducing,recycling,and reusing..Earth Day is a good time to start..Encourage our fellow angels to bring a bag for shopping. We need to make an effort to save the oceans..they are full of waste and plastics..People respond if they are reminded and educated on the importance of cutting down on waste and making an effort to do their part..thanks and I am available to volunteer to help.  Jan

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DWP: solar panels on LA Roofs, not the desert

Please don't let DWP pave the Owens Valley with solar panels in front of our world class eastern sierras. 

Instead, retrofit all Los Angeles houses and businesses to be energy efficient and put up solar panels across the city roofs.  much cheaper. and too the point. decentralize electricity. save the tortoises.

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Digitize Street Parking Restrictions with www.StreetParking.LA

TicketFree Street Parking Maps display color-coded parking lanes on the streets which allow parking, which you can see at http://streetparking.LA.

By displaying this information on a driver's smartphone, car or handheld navigation system, drivers can find the streets which allow parking, and vacate the spots according to the restrictions. The platform uses photos of posted street parking restrictions and their locations on the street to generate the display.

TicketFree needs help from the city to generate this data for Los Angeles to reduce the traffic and congestion that results from drivers circling the blocks to find parking.

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We Can Schedule Earthquake to Minimize Damages

California is overdue for the next big earthquake. If this big earthquake happens there will be many dead people and damages will be tremendous. We have now technology and capability to schedule earthquake. Scheduled earthquake is much better because people will know when and where the next earthquake and the people can prepare and it will minimize damages.


In some parts of the earth there are no big earthquake recorded even they are near the fault line. Its because the earth tectonic plates are constantly moving, that is why no buildup of stress, and also the reason why only small magnitude earthquake. The San Andreas fault in California, the two tectonic plates are grinding and pushing each other, separated by the San Andreas fault. San Andreas fault is a crack on the ground that separate the two tectonic plates. These two opposing land mass or tectonic plates are moving and growing at a rate around 2 inches a year. Some parts on this San Andreas fault are constantly moving but most parts are stuck not moving. Big sudden movement of the stuck up part or the big earthquake happens around every 100 years. Waiting for the next big earthquake or predicting when the next earthquake is not a smart thing to do. The best thing to do is to move the tectonic plates for a scheduled earthquake. California is long overdue for the next big earthquake.

There are ways now to move tectonic plates, the latest is Fracking. A new study on Fracking in Oklahoma, we can move tectonic plates or we can trigger earthquake.

So we make small earth quake to prevent big earthquake.

There is also one more way the Tesla Oscillator or Earthquake maker.  Earthquake will happen even without Tesla's Oscillator. If the Tesla's Oscillator created an earthquake one second advance of the earthquake without the Tesla's Oscillator, the earthquake power will be lesser with Tesla's Oscillator, than the earthquake power without Tesla's Oscillator. The longer the advance time the Tesla's Oscillator earthquake had made, the lesser the power of the earthquake. One more good thing about earthquake with Tesla's Oscillator is a chance to choose its location and that people will be aware when and where the earthquake will happen, and everybody can prepare. So the damage will be less.

If Fracking is cheaper, then do Fracking to release the stress at earth tectonic plates...

California can't afford anymore a major disaster...

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We Can Schedule Earthquake to

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We Can Schedule Earthquake to

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We Can Schedule Earthquake to

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We Can Schedule Earthquake to

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Streets for people

To make the city more livable by using the New Transit System as a core element for planning and transforming major streets into multimodal boulevards. These great Boulevards will connect different communities to commercial and cultural centers in the City  of LA and beyond. Streets and sidewalks need to be treated as assets of mobility and livability. They facilitate the movement of people while creating community development (cultural and commercial) opportunities. If the City of LA initiates a tax measure to "fix streets" the greatest challenge is not only to fill the potholes and broken sidewalks but to open streets to all. We need streets that focus on a multimodal (bikes, pedestrians and transit) circulation. We need streets that are not mini-freeways for just the automobile. We need streets that support movement of people. We need streets and sidewalks that are clearly recognized as the "common ground"  for all to use and benefit.

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Stop paying "shelters" to kill animals.

I am a compassionate volunteer for the cat rescue community and we are tired of paying tax dollars to kill animals in the shelters. It does nothing to solve the problem of unwanted cats. There has to be a shift in the thinking of what a "shelter" should do . Please read this article in the Huffington Post. I believe it can be a winning solution for all.

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Street Dept Reorg

I think there are some very good ideas in the Great Streets program. But my observation is that the street dept. works very hard to repave as many miles each year as it can, but that these streets that get repaved are not always the streets that need to be repaved. For instance, recently Echo Park Ave on the northern end had the surface ground off, and after a week or so, a new surface was applied. The problem is, there was no problem. No need to resurface the street, it was fine, pothole free. But it was easy to do. Chalk up another 1/4 mile. Move the ground off surface from Echo Park to the last street that was ground off, and whew! another street repaved. I can't tell you how many times I've seen perfectly good streets resurfaced, while streets that need work get neglected. For instance, your old neighborhood. Other than the bump in front of your house, the only work done in this area has been to repave Donaldson a couple of times in the 15 years I've lived here. Concrete streets, like Avon Ter, and Avon Park Ter are deteriorating, and no preventative maintenance has been done. Meanwhile crack widen, and each winter more water enters, and the street gets undermined until eventually it becomes not a matter of simple maintenance, but a major street project. So while the street department looks like it is doing a great job, in fact it's just doing the easy work, and putting off the expensive work. Then the city comes along and asks the voters to approve additional funds for street repair! What needs to be done is a reorganization of how streets are prioritized for work. It's time to service streets that really need maintenance, so that they don't become major projects. I've talked with Mitch Farrell about this, and his office tells me that there is a policy not to put asphalt over concrete streets. If that's so, what's the reason? Makes no sense to me.  If you want to make entrenched bureaucracies change, you really do have to change the culture, and the only way to do that is to replace the people at the top, and re-evaluate the policies. From what I hear that is what will hopefully happen at DWP.  The rank and file seem to be pretty happy to have someone who really knows the business. Keep up these sort of changes if you want to change the course of this city.

Thanks for your attention.


Peter Wolf

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Valley Plaza

The Valley Plaza area of North Hollywood, Once a premier example of a  neighborhood mall is now a dismal example of what is wrong in America. Boarded-up buildings, crime, etc. Our previous city council as well as the state have bungled every attempt so far to re-develop the area. LA has some great projects going but our area is sorely neglected. As a 35 year resident, still hoping for change.

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Convince Governor Brown and the State Legislature to increase the subsidy to the Los Angeles  Film & TV community to at least $300,000,000 in order to compete with New York's $435,000,000 subsidies! 

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Marijuana Problem

Obviously the Prob D that passed in May 2013 did not work. It's been over a year and still no result. Can we really hire someone not corrupt who took economy and history classes in collage to create something that will actually work? Put shops is a pain, but it's better than street dealing. Asking to leave 130 put shops in a LA its a same as ask everyone to drive no more then 45 mph on freeway. And than make press conference about how many citations you wright every day. Can we really do something in order to get this businesses out of shadow and supervise them?

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Traffic relief.

To ease traffic on the FRWY,is it possible to create one lane that will only cross LA without the ability to get off at any of the off ramps.That way all traffic will be to the left of the way without the ability to change lanes and slow traffic down.

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Time for City Workers to step up to the challenge

The city has workers in all branches of government protective and administrative..... all sworn to Serve and Protect.

Well it is time that this workers fulfill their obligation to the city besides their jobs that they think are predefined.

To serve and protect is an obligation that is not being performed by all city employees.  Take the Streets that have pot holes and ill repaired portions that are in major traffic areas, the lighting that is out, the traffic lights that are untimed, the signs that are obscured by placement and by tree over growth, the use of double yellow lines to define when a turn lane can be used to turn in (most of which are a cause of traffic back up do to their placement in areas that should allow dotted yellow areas to flow naturally into turn areas..not restrict them because being defined by double yellow lines that prohibit the movement into turn lanes).

Well lets say that with approx 50K workers traveling city streets everyday to and from work and working on the streets everyday that are not Serving and Protecting the citizens as sworn to.  If all workers would NOT SAY " MAN THAT AIN'T MY JOB", well if you roll over a hole in the daily on the same street every day,  see a lighting out, see red light one block , green light the next block, right in front of them as them travel that prevent smooth travel and DON'T SAY ANYTHING.   WAKE UP WORKERS, you work for US the CITIZENS OF LOS ANGELES....HELP US... DON'T WAIT FOR US TO REPORT PROBLEMS THAT YOU ROLL OVER EVERYDAY AND REFUSE TO REPORT THEM.

Come on your Honor, instill your employees a pride in their city,  step up and be the Citizen Worker You Are suppose to be, Report and Help us, don't wait for the Citizens to report what is your job to report ...SERVICE and PROTECT.

If you want to see any of these problems in real time action, please come out to the Westside and I will show you problem after problem that exists and has existed for years with NO ONE to care about changing to a WORKING CITY.

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