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Bunker Hill Angels Flight

When is the Bunker Hill Angels Flight trolley going to get properly repaired? It has been out of order for more than a year now depriving senior citizens and visitors of a great service and landmark as well. The only way for some of us to get to the top is to drive around and find another parking spot. The last repair as I recall was not done properly, it lasted but a few weeks. Let's get it done right please. This great city can't leave this in its current state.

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Hire more Sanitation workers to clean up Downtown LA

I moved to the east Downtown, LA area in May, from West Hollywood. Square footage is almost double, and rent is about half. Seemed like a great idea. However, been having a problem with a homeless person who lives in the alley behind my house. There is so much garbage that I can't even drive through the alley, been calling 311 since May 2014 and they say they can't clean up the alley because there is a homeless encampment. I have spoken to supervisor about the disgusting thing found in the alley, such as tires, broken furniture, dead animals, feces (from both animal and human). It seems they can't touch this guy. I can't believe, that this guy has more rights, than my five year and my unborn child. 

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I truly believe that the City of Los Angeles' decision to allow _D O G_ on the menu is, by far, the worst decision ever made................
This is the United States of America. We are not  supposed to say "Merry Christmas", but Philipino Restaurants can serve "DOG". What is wrong with this picture.?   I will never visit Los Angeles again, Mr. Mayor........shame on LA ! !

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Art Inside Building and Safety In Van Nuys

I went to Dept of Building and Safety today at 6262 Van Nuys to get a permit and I was pretty shocked at how depressing the room/offices are. The floor is grey, the walls are grey, the furniture is all grey. It's incredibly depressing for the people who visit and I have to believe for those working there. And there is no reason for this. It's a beautiful building/staircase leading up to all that grey. Why can't there be art all around? Even framed blueprints would add something. I bet you could put out a call to artists and it would be answered. We are always looking for space to hang our work, permanently or temporarily. I'm sure the rest of the building's offices could use a bit of color too. It's not hard, It's free and it would benefit your employees and the public. 

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Water Conservation Resources Residential In LA>

Promoting residential water collection with use of rain barrels and larger water collection containers. I would like LA to be more proactive and aggressive in assisting home owners with adequate rebates for rain barrels, cisterns, rain water harvesting system etc. Similar what the city of Santa Monica/San Gabriel Valley provides to their residents. Currently LA provides a $100.00 rebate per 50 gallon container and a maximum of 4 containers. I would like to have a 200 gallon container on my property. One container that does the job of the four 50 gallon containers and be entitled to a $400 rebate. However I was told this was not allowable. At Present the  Be Water Wise Program does not allow for this kind of rebate for LA county residents. Can this rule be amended thus promoting the Mayors water conservation/collection goals for the city of Los Angeles. Does LA supply information to residents regarding vendors of rain harvesting/collection systems? Present Santa Monica has a working agreement with Bushman can we the residents of LA have access to the same resources that we to can be more proactive in water conservation, we might all do our part.


Reference to Santa






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Bowling/Skating In Crenshaw District

With the recent closure of Midtown Lanes and World On Wheels in Mid-City, inner city youth and families no longer have a safe haven for indoor fun close to home. I suggest opening a bowling alley /skating rink adjacent to the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. I think it would bring a lot of families good wholesome year round fun and a great way to keep today's youth off the streets

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Metro Line from the Valley to LAX

If you look at the map of the Metro System in LA there is a huge gap that needs convenient public transportation the most.  The 405 Freeway is now wide enough to accommodate a Metro Line.  Let's build a track that extends from San Fernando Valley's Orange Line connecting to the extended Expo Line then down to Los Angeles International Airport and beyond.  The fact that none of the Metro Lines have an LAX stop is absurd. 

The BART in the Eastern Bay Area runs right down the middle of the freeway.  We can make plans to do the same here in LA?  If you want to ease congestion on the 405, make a transit system available to commuters.  Thank you for widening the freeway, but now lets think sustainability and take cars off the road. 

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positive use of paved over land

Behind the Costco Los Feliz is a huge, paved-over piece of land (several acres I would guess) that is fenced off and never used. It adds nothing to the Los Angeles environment except heat on sunny days.  This property appears to be an ideal location for a solar panel field, or alternatively, it could be used for ball fields (rather than destroying Crystal Springs picnic area, perhaps?). If the pavement were removed, it opens up more area for rainwater to percolate in. Here's the rub:  I've heard the land is a toxic waste site.  I don't know who owns it, but if we get going on cleaning it up it will open up this land for a positive purpose, rather than letting it remain as an asphalt dead zone. 

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Use AutoCAD at the Dept. of Building & Safety to save time & $$

If you’re a contractor or homeowner who is building, altering or repairing structures within the city of Los Angeles, you’re familiar with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, where you must go to obtain a permit for your project.


While permits for some simple projects can be obtained online, securing a permit for a more complex project requires your plans to be reviewed by a plan checker in a process known as Plan Check. This important process involves ensuring code is up to date and the building plans are structurally sound.


Unfortunately, the plan check process at the DBS is not as streamlined as it could be. On any given day, some 500 people wait in the Dept. of Building and Safety’s main office on Figueroa Street. After paying $27.50 for parking, taking a number and sitting and waiting for sometimes five hours, you can speak to a representative.


As a general contractor for 46 years, I have spent countless hours waiting in Dept of Building and Safety offices (there are five locations and they don’t all offer the same services) in order to obtain permits and have my plans checked and approved.


A recent project, a 12’ x 13’ deck, required six trips to various Dept. of Building and Safety offices and about 10 hours, not including travel time (about another 10 hours).


I started at the Figueroa office, the main headquarters in downtown LA., where I submitted the plans. I paid for the expedited service (14 days), which became 18 days, then 18 working days. Once I received corrections from the plan checker, I took them to my engineer for revisions and was required to get a GPI. I went to the Van Nuys office to get the GPI, but I was directed to meet with the building inspector, who is only available at the Wilshire office from 7:30-8:30 a.m. or at 3:30 p.m.


Upon showing up at the appointment at the Wilshire office, I was informed I had to pay for the GPI first, but I could only do that at the Sawtelle office, located two miles away. So I drove to the Sawtelle office where there is no parking other than metered parking. The Sawtelle office is located on the fourth floor, and while you’re waiting, you have to remember to go down and feed the meter (and hope you don’t miss your number while you’re gone). I saw several cars towed, which costs about $300, plus a ticket fine.


I went back to the Wilshire office and the inspector approved the GPI. I then returned to the plan checker at the Figueroa office and obtained the permit, almost 6 weeks later for the $25,000 project.


All in all, it took six trips to get the permit for the deck issued, including trips to multiple offices.


There is a way to eliminate this disaster and avoid all this wasted time and hassle through the use of technology called AutoCAD and 3D, which allows computerized blueprints to be submitted electronically and reviewed by all stakeholders. Using this modern AutoCAD software would save money and time and improve efficiency for both the city and its contractors. This online technology can make all of us more productive, while easing traffic congestion and overcrowded DBS offices.


AutoCAD allows blueprints to be reviewed electronically by the various inspectors and enables quicker communication between all involved parties. The city often sends a contractor’s plans to a private contractor by courier when they are overloaded. Several city and county government offices, such as the Newport Beach Building Division, have already adopted this technology, helping to streamline the permitting and plan check processes while saving time and money.





Peter Marcynzsyn

Sunland, CA

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City Support for Calming Classes Within LAUSD Elementary Schools

Volunteers have been going into LAUSD elementary schools to teach calming classes to children for over 13 years.  It is critical at this time to give children basic breathing, movement, and yoga methods to help increase learning.  How can the City of Los Angeles support the nonprofits that are struggling to provide these essential classes? Teaching children habits of focus, patience, and helping others in their formative years provides an investment within our collective future.

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Pipe-Line from Washington/Oregon to CAlifornia....

We currently transport Oil & Natural Gas via Pipeline.   Why can't we  build a Pipeline to transport water  along the 5 Fwy.    Another option would be transporting it via Train,  attach Huge Tankers and have them running 24/7.     We could get "Federal Funding" plus it would create jobs for Californians and Washitonians...... I would call it the "Serna Project."     Cheers!  Ron    

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PEACE WALK WAY for Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles

A Hollywood walk of fame for peacemakers. One mile long Peace Walk Way (Thus one of the largest peace monuments and art installations in L.A.) from Fairfax to La Brea aves. along the miracle, cultural museum mile, A new tourist attraction and city wide values icon, capable of generating a 100 million in tourist dollars spent on the city. Hundreds of jobs created to meet this new demand. The project is being developed with city council people, engineers and we are ready to start. More can be learned about our full global efforts, new global symbol, etc. at our website:

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I recommend assigning an ad hoc committee to rate foods for water consumption.  For example, a gallon of bottle water requires one gallon of water to make, so bottle water would get a rating of 1.   A quarter pound hamburger requires 600 gallons of water to make, so it would get a rating  of 600.  Etc.  Without passing a law, Los Angeles can recommend foods that have low WC numbers (low Water Consumption numbers), the WC numbers being a mere guideline, not a precise numbering system.  Of course, some businesses won't like to see their food labelled with high WC numbers, but in this crisis, we need to do something big.

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Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Angelenos should invest in drought tolerant landscaping for their properties. A mixture of cacti, succulents, rocks, pebbles, and stepping stones can look great together (think of the contrasting colors and textures). I like drought tolerant plants for their aesthetics and because they require minimal water usage. To get inspiration for a drought tolerant landscape, Angelenos can visit a botanical garden with a desert plant section. To purchase drought tolerant plants, Angelenos can visit their local plant nursery. To gain some knowledge on drought tolerant plant life or landscaping, Angelenos can check out books at their local library or bookstore.

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Organic Food Gardens that RECYCLE water

I understand and applaud the City of L.A.s recent steps to promote food gardens for public spaces.  In view of the current drought situation, why are gardens that recycle water not being used?  They are easy to put together and save over 90% water use over traditional soil gardens.

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new jobs

One way to create new jobs is by bringing the actual active businesses into a new level and promote to create a totally new generation of ground level business into operation. the city of Los Angeles offer the conditions for that action due to the fact of its social and diversity population.

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405N Wilshire exit fiasco

After years of construction, the exit is as bad as ever.  According to the Wilshire exit fact sheet, the exit had "dangerous weaves" where "drivers struggle to reach a through-freeway lane or change lanes to reach the off-ramp".  The project was supposed to "eliminate cross-traffic patterns", but it actually added a cross-traffic pattern.  Seriously, what's going on at DOT?

For some inexplicably senseless reason, the NB Wilshire exits for both the eastbound and westbound exits continue to funnel ALL traffic into a single exit lane, even though two separate exits now exist?!  Every morning, I see near-collisions (and a couple actual collisions) as 65mph traffic slams on their brakes to enter the single-lane bottleneck.  There is ample room for each exit to have its own merge lane.  Please fix this half-cocked construction disaster by repainting the lanes in a sane manner.

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Go Green in Finance Office

I tried to "Go Green" with the Alarm Permit part of the Finance Office - I have had an Alarm Permit for many years for my home.  The system needed me to enter my Social Security number, but then the system rejected me because my Social Security number was not in the system. 

Instead of letting me add a Social Security the person on the phone in Finance said the IT department that controlled "the system" was not part of the Finance office.  The Finance Department had not required Social Security numbers as part of the application process in the past.

It appears that they have no mechanism to implement change. 

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Improve HOV lane laws and improve EV sales

There is a strong push to reduce air pollution in Los Angeles. One of the incentives provided by the government is to adopt EV plug-in vehicles which give the ability to drive solo in HOV lanes with green stickers. But the problem is that ARB/DMV has run out of green stickers as of September 2014. This will bring down the sales of the EV vehicles for rest of the year and goes against the state goal. This also puts a lot of qualifying low emission vehicles on the sidelines unable to take the advantage of HOV lanes for months. CHP can’t promise that I won’t be cited if I use carpool lane without the sticker. CHP and DMV wont work with each other to make this work.

Why can’t the AB 2013 that was just enacted provide authorization to us stranded drivers temporarily (with expiration say Jan 2015) to allow driving in HOV lane? Should a CHP officer pulls us over, required documentation should be a sales contract that shows a purchase date of Sept 2014 or later and list from that shows that vehicle in question is on the approved list of a green decal. Simple changes can go a long way.

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