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Young Professional Incentive Ages 21- 27

I have been living in Los Angeles for a few years and Ive realized that rent is a huge problem in Southern California . I was thinking about it and i was wondering if there are any programs in place that offer incentives for young professionals of all backgrounds to live in certain areas. I currently live in the Westchester area and love it  but i would be open to exploring other areas of the city .


The idea i have in mind is a program in which the city rewards individuals in this  demographic for moving to certain areas. I am thinking something along the lines of a monthly stipend from the city  that will offer a little help and keep these professionals in these  neighborhoods. The way i see it the program could be in association with a company like Walk Score.

As a return to the city  individuals in this program can offer a certain amount of service hours a month to help keep the city of LA clean or work with the homeless.

The goal here is to create a community of young vibrant individuals who all share a love for the city and want the best for LA.

I would like to sit in on a development meeting or something of that nature because i love LA and get excited when i hear about all the new projects and efforts underway.


Koboei (ko-boy) Jensen

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Fire Solution - Fires Extinguished Via Low Frequency Sound Waves

Dear Mayor Garcetti,

I am sharing this innovative technology that must be explored to hasten a water saving solution to fight fire in and around our beautiful city.  Low frequency sound waves appear to hold power to extinguish fire (see example).  I am hopeful that this technology will come to the rescue of California post-haste!  The future fire fighters of California may soon need to have an especial interest in music, drones, or electrical engineering as prerequisite to fight fires.  Watch this amazing and unbelievable Youtube demonstration where fire is extinguished with vibrations of sound.  The Youtube clip is entitled:  "Engineering Students Extinguish A Blaze By Simply Using Sound Waves" seen at:


Grace De La Rosa


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Create Job Opportunities-Reduce Crime-Unlimited Revenue

Hi Eric Garcetti, 

A new opportunity has developed recently in the L.A. area. Free wifi has already been implemented in local businesses in the L.A and surrounding areas for customers. 

What I would like to introduce to you would provide a way for all businesses, schools, government facilities, and high traffic areas to generate additional income by giving away free wifi. 

I believe this would help reduce crime by providing jobs, additional income for education, businesses would be able to expand through they're additional income allowing them to hire more employee's, and reduce the cost of Internet bills in local homes and saving the general public money. 

Not only would this create job opportunities and reduce crime, this would also allow you to contact everyone signed into a Free WiFi network directly on they're laptops, phones and tablets at once through advertising. This could allow you to issue out large area broadcasts, flood warnings, campaigns, track demographics,  view spending habits, etc. 

Merchants pay our business's to advertise through they're free WiFi platform providing this additional income.

This is possible through a software already created and being used and introduced to local businesses across America. I would like 5 minutes to do the same for the city of Los Angeles and I believe the best way to do that is through you, Eric Garcetti. 

Thank you, 

-Evan Collins 




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Hi Mr mayor here's a suggestion

Hi Mr mayor I'm an entrepreneur and I have a wide ideas on how to end your drought in California if you haven't taken advantage of our ocean resources yet, here's one great idea all California's could benefit from. Why not build a sprinkler system that solar power and the ocean water and deliver it throughout the key areas that are in danger of fires and prevent it from having igniting again. I know this could be a massive task and very expensive but it's the right thing to do for this city have its town contribute gather all professionals that can help to volunteer some of their time to help with this mammoth task I think it will get this job done quicker and it will build a great bond for this city. You could do a lot of good for this city by implementing this and put together a team of engineers to make this happen. It's an idea either you take it or leave it at least it's one thing that's possible with all the charities that goes on with celebrities that lives in Hollywood I'm sure that's also one thing you can have to have a fund raising and this can be done. I can be reached by email thank you and I'll look forward to hearing from you or your team.

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Turn Off Water Fountains

After visiting Culver City Hall it came to my attention that there are a couple of water fountains running.  It concerns me that my local government is not taking the drought seriously.  The fountain by the Arc Light Theater and Culver City Hotel is also constantly running.  This does not set a good example for the people who live and work in this area. 

There is an argument that the fountains are recycled water and therefore not using water; but water evaporates and must be replenished.  The fact that a fountain is running at all is sending out the wrong message.  It suggests that we are living in abundant times, which we are not. 

It would be nice if our local government set a good example, placing polite signs out which relates to residents and businesses that we are conserving.  Please consider this and turn off all fountains in LA.  Please use any water that is left over to water relevant gardens.  Every drop counts. 

Ojai, CA has turned off all fountains and placed polite signs reminding people about the drought.  Let's do the same here in LA and urge residents to look at water as a precious resource.  

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Single Family Residence Health Department to clean and evict Filthy Homeowners.

My Dad recently got Pneumonia from the Dog Piles neighbor. He had pneumonia 2 years ago, along with 5 others (one died) 7 years ago my late Mother and my Brother got pneumonia while visiting. My Mother died from it.

2 Deaths, countless cases of Pneumonia and this filthy Murderer is still infecting people due to his behavior.

The Disease causing person should be in jail, and the home and lot sanitized, but LA County does nothing. Building and Safety refuse to do anything so he keeps murdering.

You don't allow Dogs (due to lazy owners) on the Beach, When are you going to protect neighborhoods from these Pneumonia Disease Fly Breeding Residents? Is this a world class city, or a 3rd world Filthy one? (Currently it is worse than Third World Cleanliness wise)


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If you want to lower the homeless population in Los Angeles, laws for property owners should be changed so that if a property owner allows an individual to stay in an extra room at no cost they don't have to go through the current eviction process. I believe people would be willing to help homeless individuals, which would lower the homeless population in Los Angeles.

Many people, including myself, would be willing to give temporary housing to people that we know but we are afraid to do so because of current laws that make it too difficult to legally force individuals, who may be taking advantage of our kindness, to leave the primises, even if they are not paying rent. Why would a person invite a homeless person to temporarily live with them since they have to go through so many problems to get them to move if they don't voluntarily move, I hear stories at church all the time of individuals attempting to help a person with housing by allowing them to stay in an extra room but end up having to take them to court to get rid of them.  Change the law and I believe it will lower homelessness. People want to help you with this problem if you will be willing to help them if they have a problem.  CHANGE THE LAW.

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Water Conservation starts with the California Aqueduct

Since we are asked to cut back on our water supply by reducing watering to 2 days a week, take shorter showers I would like to make a suggestion regarding the  California Aqueduct.  We know that we lose a lot of water from evaporation from the aqueduct.  My suggestion is to cover the aqueduct to stop this evaporation and do it with solar panels that would generate energy. 

In addition, I think that we need to start having all home equipped with an onsite water recycling system that reused the water from our washers, sinks, and showers for watering our lawns and gardens.




Randy May  

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Organizing a march against gun violence

In light of the recent tragedy in South Carolina, I think it is time the people of Los Angeles expressed publicly the outrage we feel about the immutability of our disastrous gun laws.

I am asking the office of the mayor to help organize a massive march to express how disconnected and oppressed we feel by the ubiquity of guns and the inhumane legal system the keeps us feeling trapped, powerless, and terrified by the constant threat of gun violence.

Los Angeles needs to help lead a popular uprising because we cannot trust our representatives in Congress to move on even the smallest and most uncontroversial details.

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police behavior

Mr. Mayor I was watching the news yesterday and I saw a report on the shooting of the L.A. Citizen who was flagging down the police for help and was shot in the head because he had a rag in his hand. Frankly I find this sickening. I am tired of hearing about the people who have been hired to PROTECT the citizens of the great city of Los Angeles feel the necessity to use force rather than common sense in these situations because they know all they have to say is that they were in FEAR. Well frankly if an officer feels in fear that MUCH while performing his/her duties among the public, then they should be released from the department to pursue work where they are NOT interacting with citizens. YES, it is a stressful job that requires people with great patience, empathy and common sense to ensure their safety as well as the safety of the citizens of L.A. and the U.S. This is NOT a job for hot shots, bad asses, or people who are at fear around a multitude of varying personalities and critical situations. I am sorry if this is not the forum for a statement like this, but your office did not provide another. Thank You

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Housing for homeless

This is an article about how Hawaii is refitting retired buses to make housing for homeless.  Please see if this can be done in LA.  It appears that it may be fairly simple and not as expensive and building apartments or other housing. And it can solve 2 issues, homelessness and recycling.

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Since the recent census of the homeless reveals L.A. County's problem to be the worst in the nation, why can't we take the stance that it's a humanitarian emergency?  If 44,500 people were homeless, dying, suffering in any other circumstance, there would be all kinds of emergency response.  Pop stars would be writing songs and having concerts to raise funds.  Folks would be volunteering time, money, food.

When states or countries have extraordinary economic issues, they create Special Economic Zones.  Why can't we, as the worst-off in the nation, create a Special Experimental Zone for the treatment of homelessness?

At Thursday's meeting of the Policy & Planning Committee of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, Larry Adamson (Midnight Mission's CEO, who's got plenty of experience with homelessness in LA!) said that what he needed most was the "tools" to get the mentally ill off the streets and a place to house them.

Pat Brown (Jerry's dad), who ushered in the era of emptying the asylums, regretted the free-for-all abandon with which the insane were shooed from the institutions (1984 NYTimes article).  But the damage done in the name of righting the great wrongs perpetrated in those asylums has been massive.

In a "Special Zone" we could try something new and, we could create the small community asylums that were envisioned by the mental health care professionals who first proposed the changes to the civil commitment laws.

If we had the right media campaign, we could raise a lot of money for this!  I'm retired.  I've got time, a great education and a desire to do good.  I'll volunteer and I know others who would too.  Let's make this happen!

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Desalination plant at Malibu shared between Malibu and LADWP

It is only about 3 miles from Malibu to the Los Angeles river watershed.  If you build a desalination plant in Malibu we can share it.  Based on the latest Israel designs, you can desalinate water for about 10 kwh per hcf.  It will also take about 3 kwh to pump the hcf of water to a 2000 foot elevation. LADWP limits the amount of solar you can put on your roof.  I want this operated mainly by solar.   Thus for every 1500 kwh you donate to the city, you get to buy 100 hcf for $2 to cover treatment and distribution.  Thus it is piece of mind, that my water is covered by solar and my entire lawn is green.  This needs to be a big plant, probably biggest in world. Possibly privately owned.  Also end the limits people can install.

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Mr. Mayor,

I live on one of the streets in Tarzana that does not get cleaned every. I spoke to the office of LA City Councilman Bob Blumenfield and was told the City does not have enough man power to cover every street. That being said and seeing that we all pay taxes, instead of cleaning some of the streets on a weekly basis, why not clean the streets every other week? By doing so you could double the amount of streets to be cleaned. Fair is fair.. Equal for all, assuming that half the streets are being cleaned now.


Looking forward to your response

Thank you,

Barry Gruber

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FREE public transportation to anybody with a valid drivers license.

It's time to get serious about reducing traffic.  I would like to see the city of Los Angeles have free public transportation for anybody that provides a valid drivers license.   Why not try free from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 4:00PM to 7:00 PM  If this does reduce traffic, propose a 1 cent gas tax hike to cover the costs to implement this idea full time.

You are welcome.

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2 for one deal! Housing / overpopulation of animals in shelters


As you already know living in LA is pricey to say the least. Everyone says it's location, location, location... but honestly I don't care if I'm living next to George Clooney or George Jones. LA is a nice place to live, if you can afford it. Most people barely make rent in LA and what is making matters worse is Pet Rent. If you talk to LA Dept of Housing Pet rent is like having to rent your carpet in your place and technically not legal, however, everyone is doing it and couching it inside the lease that people sign. Did you know that most complexes are charging both a pet deposit & a monthly pet rent? I'm attaching a link to NBC Soaring pet rent, you won't believe some of the prices!

I think if you talk to pet owners you'll find that most are agreeable to a reasonable deposit amount for a pet, however, monthly pet rent is just ridiculous if they aren't offering other services like dog walking.  But to charge both is just not fair. To top it off the LA animal shelters are packed to the gills with dogs and cats who need homes but since people can barely afford rent to add the $50 / dog and $25 / cat or more; well they just can't do it. I personally would get a cat but to put down a $250 deposit plus pay $25/mo is just unreasonable.

Apartment owners (especially the property management companies) are getting out of control for what they are charging for, I know of one that won't allow you to bring your own fridge but charges to use theirs. Then the pet rent, then the deposit, extra parking space (2 bedrooms should have 2 spaces but they don't want another space it's $100 / mo), and the list can go on. 

Eliminate the illegal use of pet rent... I think it's reasonable to say the renter should be able to choose, for example, I sign a 6 month lease then a monthly pet rent seems reasonable, I sign a year lease then a deposit seems reasonable. Not both. Most pet owners consider their animals their children but we don't charge if you have a baby.

Now here's a three for one - People are abusing the Disability act due to pet rent. They don't want to pay it so they are finding Doctors to say they need an emotional support animal when in fact they don't need them. That's abuse to the system.

My proposal do away with pet rent, help lower the cost of housing, reduce the population in shelters, curb abuse to the disability act.


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Dear Mayor Garcetti,

I know you are very concerned with the health and wellness of the Los Angeles community, especially the youth within this community. My company, Lean Teen, Inc. would like to provide you with our resources to help address youth fitness, nutrition and wellness habits. Lean Teen has created an interactive community where young Angelenos can learn about these important life skills. Our website, provides numerous features to promote health. Teens create "Facebook-like" profiles and can interact on-line or participate in many activities and events around the community. Lean Teen would appreciate an opportunity to present to you our programs and demonstrate how easily our programs can be implemented throughout the LA area.

With kind regards,

James Mander CEO

Lean Teen, Inc.

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Zero Energy Drought Solution

Dear Mayor Garcetti,
I am an environmental engineer and architectural designer and I have dedicated the past 12 months of my time towards innovating a sustainable resolution to the drought. Along with several other well respected engineers, we have designed a system that will desalinate water without any impact on the environment. I am seeking grant money to finish the calculations and finalize the design that will reduce the dependency of freshwater reserves. If I am granted the money needed to pay the employees we could have a large scale solution built and working within the next 1.5 years or sooner. We are based in Los Angeles and we are capable of reducing our home city's water dependency to a fraction of the current status. 
If you could either forward this message or send me the contact information to whom I could request a meeting or call I would be greatly appreciative. 
below is a proposal and documents that will explain a certain detail of what this system is capable of producing within the next year if grant money is awarded for my team of highly qualified engineers and architects. 
Thank You, 
Jake Johnson
Architectural Designer

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