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Freeway Beautification

I am a native Angeleno and currently visiting Melbourne, AUS. They do a really nice job of beautifying their freeways with art and structures only appropriate for multi lane highways. Since freeways are uniquely branded "LA", we should own it and make it a thing of beauty. Raise funds privately. Take a page from the Aussies. 

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Embrace L.A.'s natural beauty and create an LA Atave

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Change Courthouse radius for Jury Duty to account for traffic.

Currently, Jury Duty assignments allows courthouses to schedule citizen within 20 miles of their home.  A quick check on Google Maps shows that a 20-mile commute with traffic in LA will take 1 hour and 20 minutes each way (if you're lucky).  That's about 3 hours in the car, roundtrip, added onto an already painfully archaic and wasteful system that forces thousands of otherwise productive workers to "show-up-and-wait" for days at a time.

Please put pressure on the courthouses to change this to a slightly less oppressive 10-mile radius.

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Legal Graffiti Project

Dear Mayor Garcetti,

We should consecrate some areas of the city for "Legal" Graffiti; there are many empty walls (along the LA river for example). Graffiti Artist can be invited to participate and their work can be displayed to the public. Social media can be used for people to vote for the best artworks, which can be the base for "artwork space rights"; the artist can be recognized and maybe even find financial opportunities. This can be a real option for many kids not to get involve in illegal activities, which are costing us enormous amounts of money for clean-up, law enforcement, etc.

Let's give them another option!

I sincerely believe that you are the one mayor who can make a difference!

Thank you in advance for your consideration,


Martin S. King

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Mr. Garcetti,

Recently you stated that you want to shelter illegal immigrant children in Los Angeles. I applaud your decision, not only we should take these children, but all the poor children of the world. I am committed to help you if you truly mean what you say in public. I will take into my house one children for every two you shelter. These children will live in your house and mine, and we will take them to school with our children. I encourage you to share this idea with the Obamas in the white house. I do believe they would be more than willing to shelter these children in The White House. The presidential mansion is huge, with big gardens and plenty of security for these children. I believe once the President of the US, and the Mayor of Los Angeles demonstrate their good will with actions, the problem will be solved.

Please contact me as soon as possible with your response. I believe you can find ways to overcome the legal obstacles we may encounter, to obtain custody of these poor children.

Respectfully submitted.

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Dear mayor,

I have a suggestion for water conservation. In womens public bathrooms many times the automatic toilets flush at the wrong time. The other day I was in Target and it flushed 3 times when I was in there. I think they should hold off on the auto. Everyone can flush for themselves.

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Summer Jobs!

Dear Mayor,

How about hiring a bunch of young people for the summer as water cops? You could hire hundreds of them and they would pay for themselves through the fines they assess. Maybe expand the idea to a "Summer Youth Corp" and use it to address other issues?



Norm Ellison

Los Feliz Resident since 2000


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Innovate for Water Action

Mr. Mayor,  the city has gone to a considerable amount of trouble and expense to education a large group of stakeholders in issues having to do with water.  These volunteers are part of the LADWP Recycled Water Advisory Group (RWAG), or OneWaterLA.

The problem is, that these several hundred group representatives are engaged in long-term planning, but have no part in the current drought response.

I would strongly suggest that these people be recruited for an "Action Committee" for Los Angeles.  The recent failure in voluntary conservation will require other action, and it will go FAR easier with input from the public.

You have appropriately called for a reduction in half, of LA's dependence on distant water sources, but this is not what the city has planned for, and we will have to make significant changes in the current plans to so achieve.

Get the public to help you!  There is a lot of support for change, and seeing change makes it easier for the average citizen. 


Ken Murray

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Create job in LA with Tesla Giga Factory & expand capacity at at the port of LA

Hi Mayor Garcetti, or to whom this may concern. 

I was recently reading through the newspapers and I believe we have a huge opportunity to create high paying/high tech jobs by winning the Tesla Gigafactory and creating 4,000 plus jobs while jumpstarting a new way to expand the port of LA capacity. 


Tesla has somewhat negated California for a place to locate the gigafactory because of expensive land and extensive red tape; but recently our governors office has bipartisan support to create bills to expedite the process and create high tech jobs in CA and keep Tesla involved/invested here.  Tesla has taken notice to this and has timidly put us back in the running.  All we need to do is demonstrate to them is that CA can quickly create the process for them to get started ASAP.  They want to be in CA; why not open up the doors?

 While I was looking through the Transit Coalitions proposals, the idea popped into my head to use land the city has control over and lease out the space to Tesla.  I believe we can accomplish this by consolidating the enormous parking lot storage used at the port by implementing the GRID PROJECT of vertically stacking crates and creating a superdock; capable of exponentially increasing port capacity through automation and density.  We could lease out the land to Tesla in exchange for funding the first Superdock in the world [Tesla; LA, CA and YOU would be pioneers].  If you havent yet seen the proposal visit the transit coalition website or go to

Tesla and its founder Elon Musk are known for being eccentric when it comes to new technology and greening the environment.  Not only would the GRID project decrease pollution at the port through automation, but it would free up valuable land next to our extensive freight rail network; a key requirement for Tesla.  This is something that should IMMEDIATELY BE EXPLORED.  Please look into the grid project and get Sacramento on board to expedite the review.  CA and LA gets to be a leader here.  We have already lost Toyota, Honda, and Nissan to other states... lets not lose Tesla.

I will also be posting this to the transit coalition's director in hopes that maybe he can get to you quicker.  Thank you for listening mayor, I think you are awesome!



Hugh F. Brockington III

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I am a server at a VERY busy, famous, upscale LA restaurant, of which the Mayor is a big fan.

At the beginning of each meal we serve, we ask each table if they would prefer bottle or filtered tap water. This is considered good service. And yet all night long I see SO MUCH WATER BEING WASTED. 

The restaurant is not going to go against the tenets of good service and change its policy without strong leadership.

But if the Mayor asked restaurants... If the Mayor made a public announcement that he was asking all restaurants to tell their servers to say, "If you would like water I'll bring it for you, but the Mayor has asked us to conserve water, so if you'd like, I can save it." Then the city would save SO MUCH NEEDED water. It would be a small sacrifice on the part of our guests which would benefit everyone in our city. Plus, dining is about community, and this is an issue which affects everyone in our community.

I was not a fan of Mayor Giuliani in NYC for many reasons. But (and this may have been urban legend), one summer when NYC was low on water, according to the restaurant I worked in when he was mayor, Giuliani asked servers to change our service practices and remind people that there was a water shortage. We saved SO MUCH WATER.

As a server and an armchair environmentalist, I implore the Mayor to make such a request. If it was environmentally sound enough for Giuliani, I think it's something Garcetti could find the motivation to do.

Or please, tell me why the Mayor won't do this. 

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How to save water and create an income source for L.A.

Mayor Garcetti, By looking at this drought we are in, it's clear there's a serious problem. My proposed solution is in two parts:

1) Use whatever funds available or have a citywide vote to have a small tax of $1.00 per month/12 months for 1 year to raise the funds to install 1 urinal in each apartment or house. According to the 2013 census Los Angeles had 3,862,839 people. My $1.00 tax would create $46,354,068 in one year to help do this. Each toilet uses 5 gallons of water per flush. Just thinking in terms of your own house or apartment you can see how many gallons of fresh water is wasted per day just for a 5 second pee.

2) I realize this is a long shot but in the long term will be well worth it. Use the fact that L.A. has access to ocean front land and create a desalinization plant. I understand these are extremely expensive but we are the number 2 largest city in the country. By creating the desalinzation plant we can not only create a source of fresh water for our state from the ocean, but if possible, we can sell excess to severely dry states that are having issues like Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. This should create a residual income for Los Angeles and California as a whole that would further us economically, create jobs, and a stable water source.


Ryan Archuleta

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Regarding Traffic and the RAND study

We have a study with ideas...let's see some of these put into action.   The city needs to move fast and act bold to keep up with the rate the problem is growing.   Let's see action!

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Homeless Problem MacArthur Park

MacArthur park has turned into homeless encampment. By feeding and clothing homeless and hungry people, volunteer groups are "enabling" people to stay homeless and hungry. And worse yet enabling them to stay illegally camped in the park.

Those of us who are residents in this area are having to deal with the very ugly reality side of the homeless. The constant Filth, trash, urine, feces, loud noise and alcohol and drug use. Using the public sinks and drinking fountains to bathe, shave or wash their clothing. They destroy trees, Flowers, Brush and grass.

Many of the homeless are mentally ill and frighten off our children from using the park to play or participate in sport activities.

MacArthur park was provided by the city of Los Angeles for human enjoyment. Recreational use, Entertainment venues, Sports and Play ground areas for children. Volunteer groups who come to MacArthur Park feeling they need to "Do Good" have only turned into a make shift "Soup Kitchen"
The homeless now knowing that they can be fed and given clothing here have taken up residency.

After being fed the homeless leave the park riddled with trash and litter. The volunteer and charity groups pack up & go leaving the mess behind, never having to see it or deal with it.

No one wants to stop anyone from feeding people but groups of volunteers need to be mindful of where they are giving out the food.


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Proven training to work program model sorely needed in Los Angeles

Please consider partnering with or instituting the training to work program Perscholas. Based in New York and operating in other cities Perscholas has a proven track record of success. As a resident of Los Angeles I've looked for a program like Perscholas, but haven't been able to find one. Would appreciate your consideration re: this matter.

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Venice Blvd as a State of the Art crosstown protected Bike Lane artery


I live in Mid City, District #10, and I am inspired by the Great Street Initiative. 

I would love if the City of LA would consider looking at Venice Blvd—from Downtown to the Beach with already established bike lanes for a majority of it—as a possible investment and experiment in creating a state-of-the-art bike artery. It could be a model. It would be an advocacy tool for people to consider bicycle transportation because it would be connected to so many neighborhoods, safe, and protected from vehicular traffic. 

I am a native Angeleno and have grown up in many parts of the city: Mid City; Downtown Los Angeles; East Los Angeles; San Fernando Valley; Westside.

Today, I live in Mid City and work in Santa Monica. I'm an advocate for anything that improves the quality of life here and one of those causes is multi-modal transportation options. I am "car light"—I commute to work, 10 miles each way on bike using Venice Blvd at least 2-3 times a week. I am very appreciative of the bike lane that exists for my entire commute from Mid-City to Culver City to Mar Vista to Venice to Santa Monica. While I ride, I keep thinking of the beautiful potential of Venice Blvd. as an incredible bike lane for all types of cyclists. 

If you do this, I will gladly help in whatever way I can. 


Asuka Hisa

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DWP needs to provide faster customer service

We will be moving our office to a new location. We need to get new service DWP. I called their commercial number on 07/09/2014 and was on hold for 60 min, calling again today 07/10/2014 and still on hold for 57 min. DWP really needs to hire more customer service or have a faster way to register for a new business line.

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Bookkeeping / Accounting / Check Deposits

I mailed a check to the Tax Assessor's office for The Mills Act on May 20, 2014, in the amount of $147.  The check has not yet been deposited.  There needs to be a City system for depositing checks received within one week - ten days of receipt.  Friday deposits, even 1st and 15th, but some system with regularity.  No successful business sits on income for long periods of time.  This is not the first time I've seen a delay in a City department sitting on a check of mine.  

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The idea of bus only roads and toll lanes seems like a good way to take a serious bite out of congestion, with out building too much new infrastructure. This problem seems to only be getting worse and is huge quality of life, economic, and environmental issue. Below is a link to a study by the RAND corporation which has a lot of potential solutions:

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Raise Minimum wage to $22

Lets raise the LA minimum wage to $22.  It will decrease poverty and provide a huge increase in the living quality of the city.  It will also be a big investment in the citizens and create many more jobs because people will have more time to focus on innovating and building new businesses and less time working 3 jobs.

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We residents of Van Nuys have been discussing the over priced charges we are subjected by the LA DWP. I will be putting together my bills in the last 2 years to show the inconsistency in billing. I have been overcharged and no one is eager to help solve the problem. I would like to meet with you and the new General Manager Marcie Edwards. please schedule for sometime after August 12 and give me a date. I will bring my documentation. My neighbors are up in arms with the outrages charges and none of us received refund for unjust billings when change in system occurred. DWP should roll back prices as they

Thank you

Pierre Bohamed

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