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Sidewalk Repair

I saw a news report a year or so ago on using sidewalk panels made from recycled tires.  I never heard an update on how they were doing, but it seems like a good idea.  It's cheap as we have tons of old tires and they seemed to be easy to install.  Maybe this should be reinvestigated?

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Repairing Sidewalks

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Water Conservation

One of many ideas for water conservation. We have our pool covered throughout the year with a special plastic blanket. Not only keeps the pool water warm, but it also helps the water to not evaporate, hence, no need to replenish the water loss. I think there should be a City ordinance for all the pool owners to have their pools covered. This will be among other ideas for conserving the precious water so scarce at this time.

thank you for your time, wanda decca 

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Arts District

Please move forward with the plans to add Metro Stations in the Arts District. The community has the potential to be the catalyst of the future of LA's walkable landscape. It's the perfect time to make the proper infrastructure improvements to allow the area to develop without wasted car parking lots and the massive inefficiencies of the vehicle.  

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I have a invention that will take saltwater to fresh water love to help with green inventions I have alot more u can call me at 805-451-6628 thanks

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,.Desalting of salt water without desalting

How to use salt water without desalting for agriculture ,need your responds for

further details.


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Mass Transit and Zoning

1. Extend Metrolink rail operation from Union Station. As a millennial and younger Angeleno, I'd love to use public transit more often to visit family outside of LA but the trains are so seldom it makes it impossible to take advantage of them. (PARTNER with Edison and utility companies who are losing quickly to solar energy retention, they send out bills every month to almost everyone in SoCal, great way to advertise public transit and offer special savings through "Edison coupon") 

2. Focus some of that tremendous downtown growth on the areas surrounding Union Station so that people can actually justify taking the train. Like Grand Central serves NY and Chicago's Union Station serves it's suburban residing workforce.

3. Cut and cover a subway the length of Venice Blvd to Arts District. Venice beach is a major attraction for visitors and locals and a complete nightmare logistically. The Boulevard is so damn wide you could easily bring it down to 2 lanes, cut and cover a subway in the median, have a bike path and small benches and greenery over the top. The subway would help serve Mar Vista, Culver, Marina Del Rey and Mid City, some of the densest multifamily residential neighborhoods in all of LA (reducing the need for cars and the traffic in the areas)

4. Speaking of Venice Blvd... its zoning is atrocious as are many of the "great streets" in LA. It's absolutely ludicrous that multifamily complex with 50 people neighbors a 1000 SF single family residence, right next door on a MAIN boulevard no less... Main corridors like Venice, Santa Monica, Washington, La Brea, Wilshire, Western, Vermont etc. They should all have height minimums at LEAST 6 storey mixed use with street level activation. No city is "walkable" without some ground floor activity. Build them up around existing transit and you can leave the well manicured SFH neighborhoods alone and landmarked (as they should be)  

5. Let me know what I can do to make sure these major improvements can take place in LA to make our city a world class icon and ideal place to call home.

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Bed Bugs: Better Landlord Compliance and City Pest Control

Mayor Garcetti and Fellow Angelenos,

We are the 4th worst city when it comes to bed bugs. We need to start taking similar steps to this issue as we do to the drought. This poses a serious risk to individuals and families due to the mental and financial burden it inflicts - it often leaves people isolated and drained of resources due to ease of spreading and infestations and the cost of treatment.

To combat this, I propose the following solutions:

  1. Better LandLord Compliance:
    • Problem: Bed bugs spread really fast and landlords often ignore early signs of an infestation. In addition, they often don't treat the surround rooms which leads to repeat infestations.
    • Proposal: Fines - Landlords need to be held accountable when treatment is delayed. They should be fined each day treatment is ignore after the initial complaint to the city (perhaps this website). Half of the money would go towards the tenant for replacing items and the other half would go towards the city. These funds could be used for general relief in areas that can't afford treatment.
  2. City Pest Control:
    • Problem: Bedbugs are very expensive to get rid of and affect all levels of affluence within our City. Most Angelenos have difficulty paying private companies, such as terminex, the $600 - $5000 needed to full rid their home of these critters. This is also complicated when a multi-family home or apartment building is involved since they quickly spread to other units.
    • Proposal: City Pest Control workers to treat "in need" and "repeat" areas of the city.  These worker would use heat treatments and pesticides to kill bed bugs in the most difficult areas.  This would reduce the fiscal burden on "in need" areas, downtown, and repeat areas, Hollywood. In addition, these would also provide city jobs to licensed pest control professionals.

Better Landlord Compliance and City Pest Control would vastly decrease the amount of bedbugs while contributing positively to the city by providing Jobs and outreach to Angelenos who are the most financially disadvantaged.

Thank you for time and please let me know if you have any questions,

Andrew Vietri  




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UCLA Sustainability on Campus - Meeting the Grand Challenges

Mayor Garcetti and Fellow Angelenos,

I am a student at UCLA who is concerned with the inconsistency between the advertising and action regarding sustainability on campus. I was recently appointed Student Representative for Chancellor Block's Advisory Task Force on Sage Hill. More about Sage Hill can be viewed at  Without question UCLA is one of the world's greatest universities and I want to do my part in keeping it that way by holding it to what it advertises to the future students, prospective students and the general public.

Currently at UCLA we are engaged in meeting President Obama's Grand Challenges in order to make Los Angeles a more sustainable community. UCLA Grand Challenges can be viewed My concern is that UCLA's actions are inconsistent with its advertising for UCLA Grand Challenges to achieve 100% sustainability in Energy, Water and Biodiversity by 2050. With this in mind, actions to preserve Sage Hill have not been consistent with this effort and would like to remedy this issue because native habitats in urban environments of Los Angeles are rare and should have actions consistent with its biological value and ability to help us reach water independence by 2050.

I am emailing you to gain your support and advice on what I can do to achieve my goals at Sage Hill. I have read your quote on UCLA Grand Challenges website about how, “this initiative is incredibly important,” and “If any institution can lead this partnership into ushering L.A. into a greener future, it’s UCLA.”. I agree with what you have stated and want to help LA achieve a green future. Please let me know if you have contacts that would be valuable for this endeavor. Thank you for your time!

Have a great day!

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Simplify watering schedules

If we are trying to save electricity, the problem is peak load so you want to spread out use. But having different sides of the street on different watering schedules makes no sense. It's hard for people to remember which days are correct. If everyone was on the same schedule, it would be more obvious. 

If there are people from DWP checking that people are watering on the correct days and not watering the streets, they would be checking both sides of the street at once. They should be scheduled to work in the mornings or the evenings since that's when most people water their lawns. There are still people in my neighborhood who water daily and whose sprinklers always water the street so much it runs down the street to in front of the neighbors' houses.

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Mulch the parkways that have lawns to save water.

Mulching the lawns would keep mulch out of landfill, saving city money; would decrease water use, and the process of spreading the mulch would mean jobs for low income workers.

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Sidewalk repair PLUS water savings and more

I hope you will take the opportunity presented by the plan to replace damaged sidewalks by using a permeable material.  This approach would help capture rainwater and prevent runoff, thus helping replenish aquifers, while keeping our oceans cleaner.  Also, it would save the water that is needed to mix concrete (which I understand to be one of the biggest contributors to climate change).

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Re water shortages.

Dear Mayor:  When you were 2, a movie called Soylent Green was released.  It is possible that it was prophetic.  If you have not seen it, you should rent it.  It is set in 2022 but actually the problems addressed could be from right now.  Really.  Thanx, Rita

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Chuck Thompson Water Crisis Watchmen Program Solution

Hello from Chuck Thompson.Please Bless to meet & me work with you. Please contact me 626 243 8200

Water Crisis Watchmen Program Solution

Water Crisis Watchmen Program Solution

 Supplying the Cities throughout the Country with Purified Desalinated Waterwill provide Millions of Jobs and Generate Billions in New Revenue.

Because of severe droughts plaguing many cities across the country, a massive water desalinization program should be implemented.

Establishing a new Desalinization Portable WaterSystem across the Country: This Purifying WaterPreserving Program will greatly conserve our nations dwindling fresh water supply and also build up a new profitable Renewable Energy Industry

Major Store Building Supply Corporation Sponsor’s, forming Joint ventures with Construction Companies will employ Military Personnel; alone with Students from Colleges and Universities across the Country establishing this new Jobs and Revenue industry nationwide.

Homeless Citizens will be trained by the Joint Venture Partners and Student to build these Green Zero-Grid Portable Facilities. Homes, Schools, Medical Units, Health Exchange Offices, and Portable Farms all operating on renewable energy and unitizing desalinized water within.

 Yes the Homeless will learn construction techniques, manufacturing these facilities, gain employment, earn a living wage and perhaps build their own home. Moreover implementation of designing and building within this Green, Portable, facilities industry will greatly enhance the skills of the inmates inside correctional institutions throughout the nation; providing also for the Global Community.



The USDA, Water & Power, Energy Centers Proposal

To bring a nation on board adopting a New Green Facilities Industry building Homes, Schools Offices, Medical Units, and Portable Farms the Countries Citizens must see it. The People must be able to touch and feel this New Way of Life, this New Green Living Industry on display; within their world where they live, work and play.

The Land Rover Presidential Proposal Video

Complete details are spelled out in the publication titled

"Reconciling Us or Revolution”.


Chuck Thompson 626 243 8200 Twitter @worldemergency

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Water shortage

Dear Sir, Due to the water shortage is a desalination plant the answer? If so, are State or Federal funds available to off set cost? You could be the new Mulholland of Los Angeles. The idea shows commonsense and should be done. Thank you for reading my comment, Jim Messersmith

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Bring MeterHero to LA and pay residents who save water

This company is paying residents who save water. Why doesn't the city partner with them and reward residents who do their part?

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Motorcyle Lanes in SoCals Fwys! Save Lives Promote alternative alternative to cars

Mayor, Adding motorCycle lanes on the fwys like CarPool lanes would have major benefits to all. 1. encourage more people to ride Motorcyles, and legal motorized 2 Wheel vehicles (less cars, less congestion, less pollution, smaller footprint)... 2. Most importantly IT WOULD SAVE LIVES!!

All is needed is a 3-4foot wide lane by the carpool lane with the same rules and penalties as the carpool lane (Crossing Solid Line Fines $320).. This would make it SO much safer for Motorcycle Riders!  Calif 91fwy near corona already has 3footlane.

Socal's 405fwy keeps adding more car lanes but no MC Lane??  C'mon California.. Do it!  Another way to be a LEADER.. Gov BROWN? You are a Great Governor...  MAKE THIS HAPPEN! California has laways been a leader and innovator.. THIS WOULD BE A MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR YOU WITH MUCH LESS COST THAN ADDING MORE CAR LANES! THIS WOULD MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO THE ENVIRONMENT AND OUR SO CONGESTED FREEWAYS!  

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Stop handicap placard abuse

Stop handicap placards abuse. I keep noticing dozens of people using handicap placards to park for free at city meters. I also noticed that some of the users are most likely abusing the system by using a fake placard or someone else's placard. Misuse of a handicap placard is a misdemeanor in california, but it's extremely hard for law enforcement to catch someone in the act. Those that have a handicap placard park their cars on city meters for the entire day without paying a penny to the city. I think it's time this abused privilege gets revoked and that they beging paying like everyone else. This will bring more revenue to the city, and stop abuse and misuse of handicap placards.

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Stop handicap placards abuse

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