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Get Individuals and Business to guarantee against Olympic Cost Over-Runs.

It's a project Richard Riordan and Tom LaBonge can get behind.  There's not much time.  - TK Nagano

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Steve Lopez is Right. - TK

Just think how far ahead of the curve the Mayor's Office would be if you'd acted on my suggestions about the drought over two (2) years ago.  

Eric, you are a wimp.  (Please pass it on).  - TK Nagano


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Dream Street Idea

I'd like to propose a design idea for the Skid Row area I'm going to call it dream street. Imagine a market (thats a whole block on both sides) that has like swap meet tents and also businesses. The idea of the businesses is that lets say everything inside was modular, pre-stocked, and it was prepared as a kit, it's also customizable, is the person in charge. Well it's the person whos the least fortunate whether it be someone who is homeless or maybe an ex felon. The idea is simple they get to choose what they are passionate about from a fairly large book of businesses and for like a month at this market maybe for just a day a week its their business, at the end of the day all of the stuff which is modular is switched out and it's now the next persons business with completely different stuff in it. It's a 7 days a week tourist attraction market that would be run by the government and non-profits to give those least fortunate the ultimate opportunity and at the same time help generate revenue to build more housing for those that live down there on the streets or in sub standard housing. 

Skid Row should be a place for both those least fortunate and everyone else, it should be a place that is for them to be housed and for everyone else to help them out and also experience downtown and a fun family experience. 

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Policing in our communities

I have seen people being pulled over  by police for minor traffic violations for example  driving a car with expired tags or without a front license plates from there things turn deadly by police shooting and killing suggestion to avoid all this is,cops should stop pulling over drivers with the above mention violation and those should be enforced by parking enforcement so that cops should be out there looking for serious criminals or serious voiolation.

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Offer Free Resume Career Fair days for homeless and recent grads.

I have worked in Recruiting for the past 5 years. The City of LA should offer a partnership with Los Angeles Recruiters to probono work on recent-grands and homeless/layed-off workers who need career advice and resume help. 

I can spit out a revised resume in 30 minutes. We could work together to help the people of LA get jobs. 


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olympics in la?

When we cannot afford proper roads and sidewalks and we cannot take care of our homeless, do not put us on the hook to host the olympics.

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Disagree with your thoughts on magazines..can you prove it?

I TOTALLY disagree with your "city law" to not allow the capacity of any handgun or rifle to have more than a 10 round capacity.  This is a stricker law then the current one, more strict than the state law AND SF!!!  If this such a good idea, then why didn't Kamala Harris propose it for CA?  This is strictly a "political move" for you and you don't have my vote next time.  See you when this goes to the 9th Circuit of Appeals.  By the way..AZ, MA, CO, Santa Barbara.  Do you know that all of these shooters were seriously mentally disturbed???  You should stick to some serious city issues such as pipes breaking and worn and tired streets.  You cannot prove that over "10 round magazines are evil.  See you in court!  By the way, your section on comments is terrible.



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Repair/replacement of aged water mains

I am not an engineer, however I am creative. I have an idea to repair/replace the aged water mains in Los Angeles that has not been discussed yet and would like to meet over coffee when time permits.

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Hazardous Waste Disposal Made More Efficient

I sent this idea to my councilman, Mitch Englander, but did not get a response. As a citizen of Chatsworth and the greater L.A. Area, I have a suggestion that I feel would benefit the entire city. Los Angeles does not make it easy for people to dispose of common hazardous waste like batteries, paint, cleaning solvents and the like. People have to throw everything into a car, assuming they have one, and haul it over to a designated place that’s usually open on Saturdays only, like the one in Northridge, for disposal. As someone who is very concerned about the environment, I know most people just throw these items away and they likely end up in landfill unless sanitation workers sort through everything after trash has been picked up.  I would like a deal worked out with the sanitation workers union to schedule one pickup day per month for hazardous waste in every neighborhood in the city that people will know about ahead of time. There could be a white bin given out like the blue, green and black ones, white with the hazmat symbol on it, and the sanitation workers could simply dump the items like they do regular trash into their trucks and take it to the designated locations set aside for drop-off. If creating a new bin would not be cost effective, people could be told to place all items into used boxes that could be tossed into the trucks with ease. In any case, this is an important need, especially for older people, people on fixed incomes, people without cars or who live in apartment complexes, or even just people who work on weekends or can't get to the facility by three PM, which is closing time. Please consider proposing my idea to the city council and let me know how they respond. I’ve discussed the idea with others in this area and all agree it is needed. Kids, especially, that I know at the YMCA, see such a move as helping keep the environment sustainable for them and their generation. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your time.

Michael J. Bowler

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Being homeless shouldn't be a crime


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Being homeless shouldn't be a crime

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Police Feedback

After hearing what happened to Sandra Bland, I have been deeply disturbed by the lack of accountabilty around policing.  I would like to suggest a "yelp" style rating system be established for LA's police force.  

Every ticket or arrest document should have a code to leave feedback on a municipal web site on your experience with the police officer issuing the citation or conducting the arrest.  Officers with consistently good ratings for courtesy, following the laws correctly, educating about rights and generally being helpful could get bonuses.

Those consistently being rated as abusive, not following the letter of the law or otherwise failing could be disciplined and then removed.  If the cops knew their job depended on their attitudes and behavior, things would change might quick!

Of course there would be the usual sqeaky wheels, but you could also quickly determine who the truly bad actors are out there.  With LA and it new found interest in using computer modeling and data, it could be a model program for the nation.  I am sure there are foundations or businesses could be approached to foot the bill to develop this as a pilot program.  

I think this could change the nature of policing and community relations in an extremely positive way that would make the rest of the nation take note.

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Angels' Flight and Southwest Museum

I heard on the news this morning that the mayor wants to put Angels' Flight back into action.  My idea is to set up the funicular at the site of the Southwest Museum.  By doing this you would honor two of the most important landmarks in Los Angeles.

There was a plan originally to put a vertical railway on that hill. Surely something could be worked out with the Autry Museum.  The Gold Line Station is there to bring visitors without impacting traffic.  The original Bunker Hill site is no longer such a significant location.

Let's get both of these Los Angeles treasures up and running as they deserve. 

Jim Stavang

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Go after the oil refineries

It is time to stop the oil companies from robbing California's

Every year oil refineries have an excuse for raising prices on California

drivers. The refineries have done this for almost a decade and their profits

increase with every spike at the pump.

This has to investigated

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Is the Mayor deat?

Is the Mayor dead?  We seen no evidence of him being alive.  As just one example, can't anything be done about the awful homeless situation in Los Angles?  Try using Ohio Avenue where it crosses under the 405.  This is unpleasant for the people of Los Angeles, and sad for the homeless who need help.

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Dear Mr. Mayor, Please consider

This is a project I have been working on for the past 7 months and hopefully you will find it a fiscally responsible solution to our city's homeless problem. I currently have a Kickstarter campaign with 19 days to go... Not quite the right venue for this as my project is targeting the 25% of Our Country's Veteran's who now are forced to live on the streets of American and particularly Our City.

I wrote to my Senator (yes I am a converted Democrat)... and she mentioned her awesome work on finally getting the West LA VA Hospital money allocated...converted for $20 million... that will house 65 veterans...I applaude Diane for her work.  However since we have 49,933 vets our there and 4000 plus here... "That must be the NEW MATH"...

My solution (and hopefully yours) can give these guys the keys to my (Patent Pending) SafeBox Container concept that uses a American RV interior that slides inside a NEW ISO Ocean container (think C130) that can be locked back down into a ISO 8'x20' Ocean Container... and the 8'x20' container is one of the strongest structures made and can survive a 8.0 Earthquake, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Brush fires, Tsunami's...and is actually when the sides are up is basically a very nice RV with a approximate cost of around $25k that will be paid for by each veteran using their post 911 education benefits... I think we will probably "rent" the units at first but I have seen $34k travel trailers with a 36+ payment of around $150/month.

Ownership of THIS SafeBox, which is NOT a handout...will restore their dignity, and with the actual "KEY" to this unit inspiring them to stay on point and earn that degree, that Tradesmen Certificate, is the incentive for them to change their lives... Hopefully, with your help, I can also get a $1 per year/ 50 year lease on the bases of these decommissioned military bases, that are now a Federal liability (we apparently have 1000s of them around the world). I did my four years up at Vandenberg and saw the empty slabs still there with the utilities still stubbed up... so converting them  into a "Container Park"...where we can invite satellite colleges and Trades to teach them a new career... we can also invite our soup kitchen and volunteers (or possibly a military mess hall?) to help feed them while they heal... Hopefully most of these bases are still guarded and we need to test these vets for drugs so our Container Parks don't become another "Drug Infested Project"... There is all more but I need some seed capital to test this. For our long term Skid Row residents, there are solutions that are in the $3-$6k range that are basic and sanitary to help you and our LAPD.  All of the Veteran containers will also have GPS SATCOM tracking and a Panic button to help them...and in the case of Skid Row...immediately get our first responders and police to the problem.

This is the best part...When they reach THEIR Goal and graduate. We give them the keys to the "American Dream...They have earned it".

Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully submitted,

Kerry Carruth

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El Nino Preparation

One of the best things former Mayor Richard Riordan did was prepare the city for an upcoming El Nino.  Under him, the city cleared out all city street gutters, drains, and sewers.  As a result, there were no flooding issues as a result of poor drainage.

Is the city doing anything now to prepare for the predicted El Nino?

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Ice cream for the our Mayor and the people of beautiful Los Angeles!

Good afternoon :)

I am in Carlsbad and would like to be at your next events at the mayor's corporate/hq offices anywhere in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles Counties with my super cool BMW ice cream motorcycle; Simon’s Ice Cream 
-I do birthdays, employee celebrations/appreciation days, mayor's office events/gatherings, weddings, fundraisers, private corporate venues, cater, and deliver...everything:) I can travel beyond San Diego County :)
-feel free to contact me at anytime; cell: 970-261-6669 
Thank you very much, HAPPY FRIDAY!

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Housing and Helping the Homeless

Regarding the pledge to end homelessness in L.A. by year's end, how about putting up a tent community on the large plot of land at the Veterans Administration in Westwood?  This could be temporary housing while vets and other homeless people are waiting for permanent housing.  Also, it would put vets close to the VA where they could get any needed medical assistance.  While living on the VA grounds, perhaps there could be some training opportunities provided on site to help them reintegrate into the community.  They could also eventually obtain job search assistance.  --  In order to keep their temporary housing, there needs to be at least one incentive program that outlines the steps for an ever improving and independent lifestyle.  For example, if the homeless person completes step 1 of the program, then they would get more privileges and move on to step 2. 

For information about the affordable type of “tent cabins” I’m recommending, see Curry Village Tents at Yosemite,

Another related idea for the homeless - Perhaps local businesses could offer brief internships to those who are being rehabilitated.  Maybe some of the jobs would be seasonal and others would be year-round.  This little bit of job exposure, responsibility and experience could set them on the right path towards applying for a long term or permanent job that would then help them become more self sufficient.

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