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Contest to Design, Build and Maintain Homes for the Homeless

I am writing this letter to provide an idea to aid the homeless of Los Angeles County.  My idea consists of a contest to design and build housing for the homeless.  The contest would be open to anyone and would be judged on several factors with a cash prize and contract to build homes for Los Angeles’s homeless.


The home designs would be judged on the following factors:


  1. Affordability – not necessarily the lowest to build but overall cost to construct and maintain (goal of less than $5000 for construction and maintenance for 5 years)

  2. Attractiveness – inside and outside, presenting a pleasant view to the occupants and neighbors

  3. Functionality – must have sleeping, hygiene, sanitary features, with optional eating facilities

  4. Safety and Security – must provide safety and security to occupants, their belongings and community

  5. Environmental Friendliness – should utilize recyclables and minimize pollution

  6. Comfort – should be comfortable to occupant/s and provide privacy

  7. Maintainability – should be easy to build, clean, repair, and use easy to obtain products and tools and meet city regulatory requirements and guidelines (goal of 5-10 year lifespan,  than $250 per year maintenance costs)

  8. Mobility – should provide a means of mobility by a single person without a car (1 mile radius within 4 hours by a single person)

  9. User Friendliness – should be easy to use (6th grade mentality)

  10. Family Friendliness – should provide an option/s for connecting to family and friends

  11. Involvement by Homeless – must involve a homeless person in the project (extra points if homeless person is a family member and/or a veteran)


Designs would be judged by the community and a team of experts in the areas described above.


Judging would occur at a public venue open to the public and the community.


Funding for the project would come from donations by the community, non-profit organizations, and public service programs already established to help the homeless.


Participants in the contest must submit:

  1. Designs, either on paper, or computer file with drawings and parts lists, 3 months prior to contest

  2. Miniature mock-up, no more than 1/10 scale size, 1 month prior to contest

  3. Operator/owner’s manual to include setup, maintenance and disposal, 2 weeks prior to contest

  4. Full scale prototype which must be setup, used and maintained as part of the contest, 1 week prior to contest

  5. Calculations or estimates to support the judging factors, e.g. cost to build, cost to maintain, percent recyclable, etc., 2 weeks prior to contest


Three prizes:

  1. Construction - $500,000 prize and contract to build 1000 units at 10% profit ($5000 each unit) with option to build additional units later (Maximum $5 million for 1st year)

  2. Design - $250,000 and contract to paint, decorate, and maintain 1000 units for 1 year ($250 each) with option for 4 more years (Maximum $250,000 for 1st year)

  3. Operations - $250,000 and contract to help distribute, setup in communities, and aid in relocation of 1000 units for 1 year ($250 each) with option for 4 more years (Maximum $250,000 for advertising, distributing, establishing in communities and prepping communities)

    1. Additionally, the winner of this prize will be given another contract to establish “rental agreements” to place homes on existing home or business sites.  Rental agreements will pay $100 per month to owners of properties that allow homeless to live on their property.


Total estimated cost of effort:

  1. Construction -   $5.50M

  2. Design                  $  .25M

  3. Operations         $  .25M

  4. Rent                      $1.20M

  5. Organization      $  .10M

Total                                      $7.30M


While these numbers are provided merely to give an estimate, I believe the costs are fairly realistic and will achieve significantly more benefits for Los Angeles and its communities.


If you would like to discuss this idea in more detail, feel free to call me at 626-344-4045.  I would be interested in assisting this project in whatever way that I can.



Andrew J. Borden

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I have lived in this city since birth.  Through the years, I have seen the city evolve and have seen some issues resolved.  But one consistent issue that has never been mentioned nor touched is homelessness.  The homeless population is spreading past skid row, into all of South LA, where some of them have set up camps and shanty towns under bridges and on our sidewalks! Working class people who are trying to better their lives cannot get to bus stops because people have set up camp in the bus stop! Instead of shunning the less fortunate into skid row, why not provide them help!!!  Us tax payers pay for those public streets and shouldnt be afraid to cross our sidewalks because a homeless camp has been built on it! Why is this not addressed?!!!  We need job and work programs to give some of these people a chance to survive! We need cleaner streets and parks all over the city.  Why not create jobs for city maintenance like trash picking, landscaping, or street washing and provide work programs where some of these people can fill those positions.  Also,  your social workers who go into the streets everyday trying to get drug abusers or those with mental disorders into programs and rehab centers need to be paid and recognized for their hard work!!  The city needs to do something asap! 


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Save Our Historic Parks, Historic Sites, and Museums for Education of Our People.

My suggestion is to keep and maintain our museums and historic parks and historic sites that our important to the education of our children, the public, and tourists. I understand that museums and historic sites and historic parks don't make money for the city but, they do serve an important role in education of especially our children at all levels from elementary to college. Get the kids to stop learning from a book and start learning by hands-on and by asking questions. I am a living historian and reenactor who teaches history to the public on my own dime. An excellent example at the Old Fort MacArthur Museum in San Pedro, CA is an annual timeline event called Old Fort MacArthur Days the 2nd weekend after 4th of July. The annual timeline has living historians reenacting everything from Roman Legions to the Present day (Gulf war 1) and attracts 15,000 to 30,000 people a year on a single weekend. This event is the major fundraiser for the Museum.

The LA City Council wants to close all historical sites, parks, and city museums. The LA City Council needs to stop diverting the money that are supposed to be going to the museums and parks which they have been doing for the last 16 years. We need to change the City Council and hire workers that care for the parks, historical sites, and museums, and separate the overseeing of the museums and historical sites into a new city department. Most of the existing staff at the museums are park employees that could care less of the museums and historic sites.

I do consulting for museums, historic sites, and historic parks. I would love to help but the city is coming up with every excuse not to do something or get rid of something because they don't want to spend the time, the money, to market the historic sites, parks, and museums. I can be contacted at 714-797-2236 or

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Keep & Expand the Pacific Electric Red Car System in San Pedro, CA

My suggestion is to Keep & Expand the existing Pacific Electric Red Car System in San Pedro, CA that is closing this year on Sept. 27, 2015. Excuses for cost is way overblown for the operation of the Red Car system. Ridership is actually higher than what the city council is saying what it is. To make the system even more effective, the best thing to do would be to expand the existing systems to go into the downtown area and historic sites of San Pedro. Making it a full service public transit system in San Pedro as well as a tourist line. Train fans, history buffs, and tourists from around the world ride the exisiting system and ridership would be increased if it was used for both a transit line and as a tourist line. I can be contacted at 714-797-2236 to help assist and make a cost effective Pacific Electric Red Car Rail system for San Pedro, CA. My company does consulting for museums, historic sites, parks, historical transit, public transit, theme parks, etc.

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Food Scrap Collection Program at Curbside

San Francisco has it, New York has it, there is NO reason why LA shouldn't have curbside composting. With all of the farm land surrounding our city, and all of the green initiatives LA tries to do, the fact that we don't have curbside composting is just sad! How do we change this? 

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Transform Municipal Finance with the help of the Crowd...

A new concept known as Crowd-Servicing is emerging that has public finance applications. This crowd-based technology creates a way for residents to support and earn passive income from funding revenue-generating municipal projects from housing to energy and beyond...

Learn more about Crowd-Servicing:

Follow @crowdserve on Twitter, #UnfundableNoMore

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Get homeless into programs and off the streets!

We can't walk down the street without being asked for change or stepping around people sitting or sleeping on the sidewalk.  Our parks, libraries, and transit systems have become de facto homeless shelters.  On top of that the decriminalization of public urination has turned out alleys into sewers.  I am so embarrassed when I see tourists walking around our city... I can only imagine what they must think!  HELP Mr. Mayor!  What can be done?  For starters, a public campaign to stop giving them money, which keeps them out of programs and perpetuates the problems.  Our shelters aren't full, they just don't want to go because they can't do drugs there.  We have to do SOMETHING.  If you feed the birds, you get a bird problem.  When you give money to the homeless, you get an addiction problem.  We need to stop panhandling and start a media campaign to not give money to people soliciting on the streets.  What can we do??

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A new program within Law Enforcement...

I Matthew am thinking that people who were convicted of crimes like felonies could take an interest in working with and for Law Enforcement. The question is how would one get such a thing done? Could the city of Los Angeles create a program for people who are convicted of a felony that are now taking an interest in working for Law Enforcement?

I Matthew am convicted of a felony who am in a rehabilitation program called, The Midnight Mission. I work in the work therapy program. My job assignment is working in security. I am doing very well in this area and I desire to work for law enforcement and attend school for criminal justice. I hope to get my felonies reduced to misdemeanors as well. I think that their should be a chance for anyone who wants it.

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MOVING PEOPLE - Hope you have connected with THILO KOSLOWSKI re mobility innovation.  Read Tracey Lien's article on Uber in August 22, 2015 - great writer, great research and thought provoking.  Just thought Mr. Koslowski might have some practical ideas for Los Angeles.  If Uber can connect people with single rides; why not do not an APP for people in similar areas meeting at a particular location where they can then all get transportation to the same workplace in Los Angeles.

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Affordable, fast internet for everyone

Equal the playing field for everyone and make LA a tech hub by offering 1 gigabyte per second fiber that is a community-owned electric utility. Chattanooga did it and it has transformed their city.

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Housing Welfare

Go to craigslist and put up an ad to hire an architect, business manager, and a real estate developer. Then start a government funded team which will create housing for the homeless. All profits will go to city hall. This is a business idea to create a form of welfare but of housing and for multiple projects throughout the city. The buildings will be government subsidized. Rent will paid to city hall. A welfare agencyand government business hybrid type cooperation. 

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Solar Airport

Mr. Mayor Garcetti,

I am an architect and a native to the LA area. For years I have seen these large patches of land at either end of LAX with no use other than a buffer.  In the seventies, I envisioned homes built into the hill side with views of the Pacific. Youth... I think it is time we put that land to a real use that will show the world we are serious about a greener world breaking the tie to fossil fuels. I think the perfect use for those parcels of land would be solar arrays. Imagine those empty fields on the ends of LAX with solar cells instead of weeds and old pavement.  Imagine the bluffs above Dockweiler Beach with solar cell generating clean energy just a short distance from the NRG power plant. Imagine those solar cells continuing over the bluffs to the end of the runway.  The new road surface solar cells could replace the safety zone emptiness with power generation!  This would set a new standard for Airports across the nation and you could be the first. 

Thank you,

James M. Wilson AIA. 

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Equal Opportunity for South Central LA

I understand that South Central LA was not desinated as a Promise Zone. I don't understand why, I was raised there. I remember a wonderful city. Presently, there are no means of recreation available to families; no non-gang infested parks, no real shopping centers, no major super markets, no movie theatres, no work out centers, no miniature golf, a few golf courses. What choices do children have other than to join a gang or commit crimes. The few such as myself, realy have to struggle, not fair. 

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City Transportation

Please read the Op-Ed in today's paper (8/19) by Bruce Feldman.  It's very intelligently written and expresses my wishes as an LA resident as well.  Have you driven in Santa Monica lately?  It's a zoo down there with their increased congestion.  You're just asking for LA to get worse than it already is.

All the best,

Sara Aboulhosn

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Urban Gondolas

Hello Team Gracetti! I'm developing an urban gondola project to enhance our public transportation system and improve access to parks and open spaces.  An urban gondola from union station to the cornfields park and up to Dodger Stadium could really add momentum and excitement to the LA river, tourism opportunities, our 2024 Olympic Bid, the growth of Downtown and solving the Elysian park traffic challenge.  Gondolas can move up to 5000 people per hour, per direction and offer riders exceptional views of LA and just a great opportunity to experience Los Angeles.  Check out to see some of the successful projects that our changing transportation thoughout the entire world! 

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High mountain water spraying

Dear friends in LA,

an old US PATENT is sleeping...; high mountain water spraying is possible to store much water in ice; in melting times, we can compensate 4°C.

I wrote to your mayor, sending two pics from the first experiment in Austria...

Hand in hand with the old US PATENT together with new spraying technology; we can start the means for storing water.

Best wishes from little Germany's Pfullingen


Twitter: PBTobies (ice to water and water to ice greetings)


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Make a starbucks in Wilmington for highschool students.

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Make a starbucks in Wilmington for highschool students

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Make a starbucks in Wilmington for highschool students

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Make a starbucks in Wilmington for highschool students

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