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U S C University Saves Country Building Renewable Energy Facilities

U S C University Saves Country

Building Renewable Energy Facilities for the Global Community:


USC will establish a nationwide building plan; students will develop emergency portable facilities all which will operate on renewable energy. Manufacturing New Homes, Schools, Offices, Emergency Medical units, Portable Farms, Portable Water Desalinization Units and Renewable Energy Fuel Stations will be the Global Goal.

Seven new structures will be created, within this New Facilities Industry. All units will be solid steel containerized structures, erected from flat pack designed systems. Basic facilities can be setup in a matter of hours; yet most units will be capable to withstand an approximate 9.0 earthquake or about a million pounds of pressure, with minimal Structural damage.

Top of the line technology will be intergraded throughout the designs, including multiple renewable energy systems. New Homes, Schools, Offices, Emergency Medical units, Portable Farms, Portable Water Desalinization Units and Renewable Energy Fuel Stations will be Zero-Grid Green Facilities, without need to be hooked up to any outside local power source.

The mobility benefit of these housing systems is essential; when a earthquake, fire, flood or civil unrest takes place, you will be able to move units from the threaten area, and move back when the crisis is over. This New Portable Facilities Industry will prove to be a critical necessity, for our Country and the entire Global Community; economically and ecologically.

Worldwide the desperate need after an unnatural disaster, for portable facilities operating on its own renewable energy source, in critical cases, could be the difference between life and death. Such as the unthinkable tragedy which took place within the Philippines, the need for emergency medical units and a whole host of multiple use shelters, was sadly lacking. At this moment, a plethora of Global disasters are taking place; even within             we must prepare for the calamities to come.

“The future is now, and as a nation we must jump in now, before it’s too late, allowing our future to pass             by will prove catastrophic.”


A Massive Manufacturing Building Boom will start on the Campus of USC (University of Southern California.) Students will train, working with Joint venture construction companies; along with conducting USC Energy Development Classes across the Country, providing jobs and new revenue, unprecedented in our time. The New USC will stand for University Saves Country.                                                                                                                                                         By Chuck Thompson 626 243 8200

The USC (PRE) Portable Renewable Energy Watchmen Program

 Building begins with projects for the 22 agencies of Homeland Security­- the New Facilities Industry will rapidly expand across the Country. Enlisting other universities nationwide (construction & school joint ventures) Developing Emergency Portable Operation Units will provide mobile command centers, when basic offices come under threat or inoperable due to unnatural disasters.

Yet, we all understand the direst need today is to provide more security for our borders, and a helping solution for those who are desperate to cross. In fact solving the latter, will be beneficial for all Border States and the millions of Citizens on the other side of the fence. In fact, this USC Watchmen Program will do just that, build the badly needed Border Fence. That’s right all 700 miles built; at a fraction of the reported cost, utilizing the same renewable energy materials for the facilities. Also we will build a new profitable economy on the other side as well; the solution begins with a Joint Venture with Mexico.

Because all Nations need the basic necessities of life, Food, Clothes and Shelter & Medical Aid, Mexico too will aid              building shelters and become a major partner. Providing Living Wage Jobs for Citizens where they Live there they will stay and  those who fled will return. Again USC will lead the developing way, teaching students domestically and internationally, how to Fish Economically; learning  the ABCs of business, Advancing, Building & Creating.

Moreover serious security concerns within            must be fixed; our very vulnerable, aging grid will be the death of              unless fixed. Truthfully a massive overhaul must take place. Yet before that goes into full swing, the Nation must wean itself off the grid. Therefore a Nationwide Renewable Energy Building System must immediately be established; this is The USC Watchmen Program, foundational plan. Building from Coast to Coast AM Emergency Information Communication Centers; all operating on Renewable Energy Sources, Zero- Grid, Green Facilities will begin the weaning process. All centers will have hardened utility installations, providing protection from a debilitating EMP attack.

The goal is to establish 10 thousand, Emergency Economic Job Training Renewable Energy Centers, which will provide nationwide 10 million New Jobs and generate 1 trillion dollars in New Revenue; and yes this is a conservative estimate.



The Emergency Information Communication Job Training Renewable Economic Centers


The Information Centers will include departmental offices for the local and federal agencies, working side by side. This Emergency team will give a helping hand, providing vital information on what to do and how to do, within a disaster or terrorist attack threat. Locally the Police, Fire Department, Search and Rescue Teams and Federally, Homeland Security, FEMA the CDC and other vital agencies will provide the crucial help needed.

“The best part of these portable renewable energy communication community centers, is “there’re all paid for,” by the department store corporations which sponsor them.” Again stores like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes Improvement Store, Sears, Target, Costco, and many others even internationally, will gladly give up their cash to build and house them, on their parking lot structures.

Why you ask? Because they will greatly increase in business sales and receive a larger share of revenue, than was paid to sponsor them. All Housing Facilities will be on display for sale. Rich revenue generated not just in the millions, but billions will pour out as the magnet of activity and opportunity is concentrated, at all store locations where the Job Training Community Centers rest.

Breakdown Structure of Sponsors: The department store corporations which sponsor these facilities will pay the construction companies to build them. The construction companies will be mandated to work with local Colleges, Universities and Higher Learning Institutions. The students attending these facilities will help build all community centers, on the very grounds where they learn. Schools will in turn, conduct onsite and online training classes, internationally.

A New Portable Facilities Industry will be born.” Understand all these renewable energy units are designed as individual container, steal structures; also the entire facility will be a Ferret Box design, intergraded into every unit for extra protection against EMP attacks.  All units are connected together and placed side by side to form one complete center.



Moreover many High-tech Corporations such as Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo will seek a sponsorship partnership, due to high public visibility, being too great to ignore. Even Taslr will achieve a piece of the pie. Delivering to the centers desalinizes water, purified freshly from the sea, with their new renewable, water truck vehicles will be a new rich enterprising industry.


The New USC, University Saves Country will be an enormous help, bringing the Nation back from the brick. And all Universities with the new revenue generated, the watchmen program will out earn all programs including all sports revenue combined. PS note to Mr. Noble Global, Verse 8 for the Nobel man makes Nobel plans, and by Nobel Deeds he stands. Isaiah 32 v 8 NIV

Chuck Thompson 626 243 8200

Proposal link



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UCLA research maps shows how tapping into solar potential can affect climate change

Think Progress:
While climate change will drive up temperatures in Los Angeles, a particular concern for at-risk communities already burdened by pollution, the analysis found major potential for solar and energy efficiency projects. Realizing just ten percent of the city’s untapped rooftop solar potential, for instance, would create 47,000 solar installation jobs and could reduce carbon pollution by nearly 2.5 million tons annually — the equivalent of taking more than half a million cars off the road every year.



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iPad App that instantly shows which valves to shut off in an emergency water mains break

My company, Nobel Systems, is a GIS company that has an App on the iPad that allows a water company to identify valves for a shut down in case of main breaks that you faced. It just takes a few seconds. It works out on the field both in the connected mode and also disconnected when there is no internet connection. Furthermore, it also identifies the subsequent valves to turn off, if any one of the valves are inoperable, and identifies all customers affected by the shut down. We are local in San Bernardino and our phone number is 909-890-5611

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I am a retired disabled veteran looking for assistance for homeless veterans

Can you please assist me to help other veterans like myself to find transitional housing and resources to get them back on their feet.


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DWP Response as 911 responders

We are hearing about major water main breaks daily.  I assume since most of the infrastructure is about the same age; we will have more breaks in the near future.  Given that we are in a drought emergency, why can't DWP get to a break as fast as a firefighter?  We need to create a sense of urgency to protect this valuable resource.  If our city won't take this serious, why would you expect a different behavior from the common citizen.

Please provide a short term fix ( ie police escort of DWP, DWP vehicle with sirens, DWP Firate Responders).   We can't watch thousands of gallons of water lost and not have the same emotions as someone in a major accident.

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Waterholes for Wildlife

wildlife encounters with humans become more frequent as the California drought gets worse

our beloved pets are frequently killed by wildlife in search of food..and water. its only a matter of time before human attacks occur.

senseless solutions such as coyote kil permits only increase the rat population

creating a self sustained waterholes miles away from civilization will create an ecosystem and redirect wildlife in search of water

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a YES send list like the already existing NO call list

each Los Angeles resident receives several lbs of unwanted 'Junk Mail' per month.

it is estimated that 1% of of people utilize these ads & coupons

in order to save millions of lbs of paper per year in turn saving trees and helping the enviornment all we have to do is have those that want coupons etc to sign up for a YES send list

a YES send list is more a effective than a NO send list

advertisers will reach their target market & those who dont want junk mail wont be burdoned with it & finally.. helping LA to be even more green


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Happiness & Wellbeing Index in Los Angeles

Dear Office of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti,

With your leadership along with the "Back to the Basics" agenda that emphasizes on performance metrics, it would be great to get your support to include the Happiness & Wellbeing Index in Los Angeles as part of the open data portal for the public's use (currently, the one missing category which addresses the "people" metric in performance).

The Happiness & Wellbeing Index measures ten (10) performance outcomes which includes: 1) Community Vitality, 2) Work, 3) Governance, 4) Health, 5) Material Wellbeing, 6) Social Support, 7) Access to Education, Culture & Arts, 8) Time Balance, 9) Environment, and 10) Psychological Wellbeing.

All data collected to date is available for the Office's use.  I hope to be able to strengthen DataLA by providing insight that focus on the data that matters most, the people.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.  I will be at the Mobile Help Desk in Del Rey this Friday to also show support on behalf of the Neighborhood Council.  Cheers!  



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In neighborhoods like Glassell Park and Mount Washington, there are far too many dog owners who allow their animals to bark outside consistently all day and night. The majority of these animals have never even seen the inside of a house and get little to no care. They are treated like lawn ornaments, neglected by their keepers and often left to suffer in rough weather. 

As a neighbor to these types of dog owners, we pay the price with noise pollution, never being able to even open a window without hearing dogs barking. This insanity has to stop. Unfortunately, local animal control has neither the time or resource to be able to deal with this cruelty and the process to make a complaint against an offender of this type is long, laborious and often yields no results. 

While it's my opinion that the police should be involved with this, I also believe too that education is the long-term solution. Let's work to get signage up in these neighborhoods in both English and Spanish helping dog owners to be better caretakers for their animals. We know there's a huge push by the city and local authorities to adopt animals so it only makes sense to also use that same push to teach people the merits of being responsible animal caretakers. And that means learning how to be considerate of neighbors so that we can all live harmoniously. 

It's my opinion as well that this kind of animal noise and negligence justifies other criminal behavior like littering, tagging and gangs. 

Help them help their animals! Let's get the word out!

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Expand recycling

Expand the recycling program citywide by putting recycle bins in public places like parks and libraries and     outside large markets or thoroughfares.

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Diversity, Technology and Los Angeles

Mr. Mayor,

I have been born, raised and lived in Los Angeles for 29 years.  Recently I have been traveling to other metropolitans around the country and noticed something that is missing in Los Angeles' technology hub: Diversity.

Everywhere I have worked, white men have outnumbered women & minorities and it is time for us Angelenos to set an example to other Cities who have diversity issues like us.

Our world is changing, new challenges are rising and all the white men in world can't fix it themselves.  We need the BEST PEOPLE to solve these hard problems to help sustain our local economy as well as set a GREAT example for other metropolitans. 

Bottom line: I want to spend my life in LA, this is my home.  But if it means moving to a city (or state) that has the same values, then I guess we have failed to embrace diversity in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

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 Dear Mayor Garcetti:  This is a copy of a letter to TSA.

This letter is to serve just how stupid we have become with yet another government agency.

It is the TSA, or a group of people trained to acknowledge, well, nothing.  The purpose of this agency is to protect us all from, well, terrorists.  But you can’t say terrorist to any of these people, it is, and I quote, from Alex Arroyo, one of the TSA’s upper echelon at the LAX airport in Los Angeles, a “buzz” word.  But I digress somewhat because we are talking about an agency that was formed as a result of 9/11 where a group of Muslim radicals used “box cutters,” to not only kill almost three thousand people, but actually bring a whole country to its knees and change how we live, forever.  Since then the TSA has actually accomplished, well, nothing.  A real terrorist Richard Reid (Muslim) was only caught when his shoe bomb refused to go off and was noticed by a stewardess.  But he wasn’t caught by the TSA.  A real terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (Muslim) was also caught when his underpants caught fire, but he wasn’t caught by the TSA.  Both were caught while the airplane they boarded was in the air.


Neither of these individuals were singled out because they were carrying “bottles of water.”  There, I said it, water, a substance that can only be singled out as, well, water (a substance the TSA has the means to determine what it is, on the spot).  So the TSA goes after abstract issues, but not the real problem, Muslims (most time distinguishable by the amount of laundry they wear).  Oh the real Muslims say they are a peaceful religion and its a few radicals that are dedicated to destroying our lives.  Well by their own admission they are one point five billion strong throughout the world and only ten to seventeen percent are militant, (well do the math, better yet, read the Quran, it spells it out)

but I’m writing to the TSA, so I’ll do it for you, that’s pushing two million people.  So the TSA, if they were to really do their job, should be singling out Muslims.  Kind of simple really in the scheme of things, if you’re a Muslim, you get in a different line and are subject to a whole different kind of scrutiny.  Just like if you’re an American in their country.  But that would be too simple and  way too effective.  But with Al Qaeda or/and Hamas thinking up new ways to attack us, it makes sense to single out Muslims.


So to the issue at hand and why I’m writing this letter.  My wife and I, plus our two grandchildren (both autistic) flew from New Orleans to LAX to catch a plane to our ultimate destination, San Jose. Simple trip really as we were on vacation.  Now for the last leg and some unknown reason, unlike most airports, we had to deplane and actually leave the airport, go outside and walk to a different terminal. (You say...What?  I know, I know, but that’s LAX an international airport, who knew.)  Then go through the whole process all over again by checking in.  By checking in, I’m elating to the whole TSA thing, as we already had our tickets and boarding passes.  OK, OK I get that if I’m walking in off the street I need to go through the procedure and that TSA has a job to do.  I get all of that.  But in this instance, we had already passed all of the procedures and you need to “get that.”  We had already been in an airport, ate and bought water for the rest of the trip, in a secure part of an airport (you know, the one we had just come from, easily ascertained by looking at the ticket).  My wife is diabetic (carrying documents and medication proving that fact) and needs water to survive, well we all need water to survive, but in this instance, it’s a little more critical.  Of course when you’re looking for everything when you should be looking for something else, that’s very difficult for the TSA.  But isn’t that your job?  Clearly, or maybe unclearly for you, we had already been traveling all day and part of the night and in this instance my wife should have already taken her meds, but due to whatever, didn’t, or was waiting to when it was more convenient.  She was tired, as we all were.  In reality for us, it was a short hop to home and an inconvenient plane change, but necessary.  I use the word necessary “tongue in cheek” because with a little planning, the same bus (you say, bus?  Yes bus, located on the tarmac, that we had to catch at a gate (not the ultimate gate), down two stories of stairs and ramps, to take us to another gate, but still on the tarmac) that we ultimately had to go to, to catch our plane.  This could have been made available when we landed and moved us to the terminal we needed to be, totally averting the nonsense with TSA and staff.  But God forbid you be efficient, you’re after old ladies with knee problems and diabetes, carrying water, I mean terrorists, or is it bombs, or explosives, what is it you guys do again?  Who developed your procedures?  Is that the same people that let a guy like Snowden walk away with every “secret” document our government has/had? 


Perhaps a little history learning lesson for you.  After Lockerbie, we had to fly out of Heathrow airport and go through their security.  Now that was security.  Not only did they check our bags, but had agents throughout the airport that stopped you, profiled you and checked your ticketing.  Too me, that was security and I felt secure that that was the steps that were being taken.  And that was before 9/11.  And it was good and I could understand it.  Your system is right for all the wrong reasons and unlike the Israelis, after all the wrong people.  Until you grasp that undeniable concept, you’re just another agency like the IRS. 


You know the IRS and its leader who takes the fifth when questioned, the ones with the faulty hard drives?  One hard drive failing in any given month are one in 36.  The odds of two different drives failing in the same month are roughly one in 36 squared, or 1 in about 1,300.  The odds of three drives failing in the month is 36 cubed or 1 in 46,656.  The odds of seven different drives failing in the same month (like what happened at the IRS when they received a letter asking about emails targeting conservative and pro-Israeli groups) is 37 to the 7th power = 1 in 78,664,164,096. (That’s over 78 billion for the benefit of you guys)  In other words, the odds are greater that you will win the Florida lottery 342 times than having those seven IRS hard drives crashing in the same month.  Kind of like the same odds of a 69 year old diabetic grandmother carrying water she purchased in the airport, with surgery on both knees, a back operation causing the use of a cane, late taking her medication because of flying all day and managing her twin autistic grandsons and trying to change planes in the airport she is already in, being targeted as a………… terrorist.


The only good thing out of all this, and in your favor, is I didn’t take a video and put it on YouTube having one of your cronies feeling my wife up, calling the police and threating to call a doctor to see if she actually has diabetes (her medicine and kit were in the bag you were looking into.)  Of course, then it would be a drug smuggling thing and paraphernalia possession, “oh God, does it ever end?”  But then on the good side, Alex would have got employee of the month, a possible Nobel peace prize nomination (well Obama got one and actually won it, for doing……..nothing) and his staff would have got little gold stars to wear.   Oh, I forgot, you did let my wife keep her water and luckily we made our flight.  Isn’t that special…………..and the Muslims are safe once more.


P.S.  Hitler would be very proud of Alex Arroyo after making a spectacle of a family traveling legally in their own country.  Two autistic boys and a woman, clearly with medical issues made laughable by Mr. Arroyo.  His power stance in front of other travelers was beyond stupid and proves just how inept the system really is.   Alex and his staff ran our luggage through the scanner and openly searched it there times.  Then did the full body search of my wife, after my wife had already been through the full body scan. Perhaps a bill for the massage will be coming soon.  All for a sealed bottle of water, purchased in the airport we had just come from.  I have the receipt.  This my last parting shot.  Why would a grandmother get in a plane and blow up her grandsons, much less putting the other passengers in jeopardy.   Just let that sink in.  Americans are typically not in or do they have that type of mindset, where a Muslim is taught Jihad from birth. 

Bob Martin

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Encourage American Airlines to remove erroneous signage at LAX

American Airlines refuses to remove International Arrivals signage at their terminal 7 in LAX. This is despite the fact that Terminal 7 hasn't had international arrivals for years. Because of the signage, hundreds of friends and family members of international passengers wait in the wrong area. This needlessly causes stress and miss-connects, especially when passengers have limited English-language skills. The airport is spending billions of dollars to upgrade LAX but little problems that can be easily fixed continue to be ignored. 

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12 ways to REDUCE TRAFFIC at little or not cost.

  1. Stop 16-20 year-old's from driving. This age group is involved more collisions than any other age group-they lack the cognitive ability to make quick decisions needed for driving--UCLA studies support this fact. 
  2. Stagger the start time for each grade in schools/colleges.  Studies prove that high school students need to sleep later and get up later during their physical growing time, and optimum learning depends on adequate rest. 
  3. Introduce black and white license plates (city, state or nationwide) - alternate the days and weekends each plate may be allowed on road or freeway--w/cheaters heavily fined. Emergency vehicles exempted.
  4. Stop older folks (e.g. 65+) from driving if they can’t pass a rigorous driving competency test.
  5. Bring back buses for transporting students of all ages to school, including to colleges. 
  6. Stagger or allow start and ending times for business work schedules to be self-selected.
  7. Eliminate “weekends” – days off from work should be self-selected.
  8. Eliminate single day “holidays" – instead, declare “Thanksgiving Week,” “Christmas Week,” "Easter Week," etc. so that everyone is not on the road on the same day. 
  9. Build a mono-rail right smack in the middle of all California highways.  Vehicle drivers will see a high-speed mono-rail whiz past the grid-locked freeway and be highly motivated to use this mode of transportation.
  10. Establish an EQUIVALENT JOB TRADING website so workers can shuffle papers nearer their home, instead of driving 10-15 miles to work twice each day.  These commuters can find equal or similar jobs closer to home. The fact is many jobs have very similar characteristics/qualifications. 
  11. Create more one way streets.  On these one way streets add a dedicated lane for buses on one side and a bicycle path on the other with no parking allowed (parking takes up too much room, puts bikes at risk and slows down the movement of traffic and buses). 
  12. Eliminate left-hand turns.  This simple change will increase the speed and efficient flow of traffic more than any other change you can make to traffic improvement.  In addition, this one change will also prevent many accidents that occur as a result of allowing left-hand turns. 
The above ideas are not only do-able and practical, most do not cost much money to implement--they just require political will.  I hope that you seriously consider these ideas to help improve the traffic problems that plague our otherwise wonderful city.  Note:  Correct title: 12 Ways to Reduce Traffic at Little or NO Cost" 
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Freeway Beautification

I am a native Angeleno and currently visiting Melbourne, AUS. They do a really nice job of beautifying their freeways with art and structures only appropriate for multi lane highways. Since freeways are uniquely branded "LA", we should own it and make it a thing of beauty. Raise funds privately. Take a page from the Aussies. 

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Embrace L.A.'s natural beauty and create an LA Atave

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Change Courthouse radius for Jury Duty to account for traffic.

Currently, Jury Duty assignments allows courthouses to schedule citizen within 20 miles of their home.  A quick check on Google Maps shows that a 20-mile commute with traffic in LA will take 1 hour and 20 minutes each way (if you're lucky).  That's about 3 hours in the car, roundtrip, added onto an already painfully archaic and wasteful system that forces thousands of otherwise productive workers to "show-up-and-wait" for days at a time.

Please put pressure on the courthouses to change this to a slightly less oppressive 10-mile radius.

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Legal Graffiti Project

Dear Mayor Garcetti,

We should consecrate some areas of the city for "Legal" Graffiti; there are many empty walls (along the LA river for example). Graffiti Artist can be invited to participate and their work can be displayed to the public. Social media can be used for people to vote for the best artworks, which can be the base for "artwork space rights"; the artist can be recognized and maybe even find financial opportunities. This can be a real option for many kids not to get involve in illegal activities, which are costing us enormous amounts of money for clean-up, law enforcement, etc.

Let's give them another option!

I sincerely believe that you are the one mayor who can make a difference!

Thank you in advance for your consideration,


Martin S. King

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Mr. Garcetti,

Recently you stated that you want to shelter illegal immigrant children in Los Angeles. I applaud your decision, not only we should take these children, but all the poor children of the world. I am committed to help you if you truly mean what you say in public. I will take into my house one children for every two you shelter. These children will live in your house and mine, and we will take them to school with our children. I encourage you to share this idea with the Obamas in the white house. I do believe they would be more than willing to shelter these children in The White House. The presidential mansion is huge, with big gardens and plenty of security for these children. I believe once the President of the US, and the Mayor of Los Angeles demonstrate their good will with actions, the problem will be solved.

Please contact me as soon as possible with your response. I believe you can find ways to overcome the legal obstacles we may encounter, to obtain custody of these poor children.

Respectfully submitted.

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Dear mayor,

I have a suggestion for water conservation. In womens public bathrooms many times the automatic toilets flush at the wrong time. The other day I was in Target and it flushed 3 times when I was in there. I think they should hold off on the auto. Everyone can flush for themselves.

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