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Company Volunteer to assist in Planning and Collaborating on Homelessness Solutions

Hello Mayor Garcetti,

I am a Health Program Manager for a national health care insurer who serve members in the city of Los Angeles.

As part of our direct in-home service to members to assess health care needs we have members who are "homeless", we see first hand some of the challenges homelessness presents to the health of individuals who do have covered health insurance through MediCAL and/or Medicare. Our impact is limited but believe that collaboration and innovation is a good place to start.

In light of your recent announcement regarding collaborating with private and public entities and community residents to innovate solutions for some or all of the problems associated with homelessness, I would like to volunteer my time contribute my time and ideas as an employee of United Health Group/Optum Division.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any upcoming planning endeavors associated with the Mayor's initiative.

Thank you.

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i wish to talk about injuerys

i wish to know why after sending 2 letters to mayor office i am unable to get the answers as i was told to contact la mayors office about my injueys from caltrans crew and why cant the city help a person with disabilities find a job will some one from the office make contact so i can come in to talk thank you jay stammerjohan

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I American citizen Matthew Preston Schubert have the right to talk:

I Matthew Preston Schubert do not want help from a dishonest human being or living thing. I Matthew Preston Schubert do not want help from a human being or living thing that has done me wrong. I Matthew Preston Schubert do not want help from someone who disrespects my body parts like my right to speck with my mouth which were giving to me by my real mommy and daddy. It is I Matthew Preston Schubert's choice who I get help from because it is my life. There is no good reason for anyone to enforce help onto me when I don't want that persons help. I Matthew Preston Schubert to not want help from anyone that I Matthew Preston Schubert have filed a complaints on. These people that have gotten a complaint from me Matthew Preston Schubert do deserve discipline to the full extent without any remorse being shown. I Matthew Preston Schubert will run my mouth, speck, talk and communicate all about it all day long everyday because that is my given right to do so. I Matthew Preston Schubert will win round two with the supportive assistance from those who have not gotten a complaint from me Matthew Preston Schubert. I Matthew Preston Schubert am firm, strong, and mean this from my heart which has true maroon colored blood running through my body that tastes like red rich wine from real grapes of the true growing vine. I Matthew Preston Schubert am real and will get what I Matthew Preston Schubert need and want.

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The city of Los Angeles fines and money issues explained.

I Matthew Preston Schubert know that the city of Los Angeles needs money to pay for the law suits filed by citizens against our Law Enforcement. The city of Los Angeles needs money to pay there own bills and to live happy lives with enjoyment such as having wine, nice dinners, private parties, nice cars, gifts for there relationships and a nice house to live in too. The city of Los Angeles needs money towards our education for all persons to be extra smart at what they can do and will get done in the future. Think about it this way when you and I get to the point of leadership than we can put our two cents in. However, if me or you are determined enough than things can and will be done in good time.

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What I understand about home less after I have been home less for more than fives years.

I Matthew Preston Schubert have been on the street staying in home less places for more than three years. During this time I was offered drugs and stated no thank you many times. My response was respected by the person offering me Matthew Preston Schubert drugs. I Matthew Preston Schubert noticed that the home less look for compassion from others, The home les people want to hear kind words like excuse me, I am sorry, Thank you, Please, and Have a nice day or and a simple response like No I am sorry I have no money when a home less person asks for money. Home less people are tried, with some anger, and some are sick in need of support which is one of the many reasons why the home less persons act in the way that they have been acting in the community. I Matthew Preston Schubert have noticed that health services are being offered to the home less as well as food donations and other supportive things that have been of help and aid to our home less people. I Matthew Preston Schubert have seen many home less people standing in line for a long time to get these reported services many times. I Matthew Preston Schubert have also seen a lot of home less persons in the social services as well as in the SSI buildings to get services to help them live a better and more healthy life. I Matthew Preston Schubert know that things are being done to help the home less out in a slow way and the home less are getting such offered services in there own time based upon there confront level.

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The city of Los Angeles needs to get real and stop wasting time!

I Matthew Preston Schubert know that when the city of Los Angeles get honest about what is going within the city than growth will be allowed to happen for all. I Matthew Preston Schubert also know that when the city of Los Angeles stops allowing waste to happen than the city would be more rich and be allowed to keep what riches they have stored up for educational reasons, hiring of better law enforcement, and building more housing for the home less persons and also more things that the city of Los Angeles has been in need for years.

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DWP outrageous plans to increase fees and tax solar panels.

Mayor Garcetti made specific promises about curtailing DWP's power, control and rates.  What is he doing to fulfill these promises - about DWP's plan to increase rates, to tax solar panels - these are the city services he promised to improve, not to assist them in their price hikes and control.  What is he doing about DWP, about the promises he made

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Parking fines commonly know as parking tickets

Hello Mr. Mayor

City Los Angeles or Los Angeles County should stop ripping off  harding people with parking fines for example expired meters,they charge $68 plus processing fee of $2 total $70 and if you do the math,u need $2 to park for I hour. Let us say you parked there from 8am to 8pm total 12hours,12*2=24 which means u will pay $24 But the city gives a ticket for an expired meter which is $68 it's like they are charging u for parking there for over 2 and half days.

Someone goes to coffee bean or Starbuck to grab a cup of coffee and when they come out,the find a ticket of over $50 waiting for them to pay,to me this is a rip off. Please sir do something about it.

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traffic in LA- solutions

- mandate deploying school buses to cut parent cars rush, congestion and stress to drop each kids in different schools.

-mandate living quarters near schools for school going kids&parents, [ eg- colleges/universities] , so that kids can walk to school and parents can go to work in peace instead of rushing to drop kids off to make it to work on time

- mandate scheduled travel time for big rigs/transport trucks after the office rush hours [ eg- after 10 am till 2 pm , then after 7pm till 5am] 

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Low income housing and health services are all great and essential, but these must be coupled with enforcing street-living rules and regulations.

I know we need to be compassionate and humane, but we need to stop allowing street-living to be such an easy and convenient option, especially not in the price of turning our city into a trash zone campground.

Here are my rules recommendations:

  3. NO SUPER-MARKET SHOPPING CARTS! These carts should be returned to the stores

As hard as it may be, we need to find ways to dis-encourage street-living. Let’s stop street-living being such a comfortable choice.

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CicLAVia should be Weekly

Dear Mayor

After reading about how in Mexico City on Sunday mornings they shut down all the major streets for bicycles. It donned on me why doesn't Los Angeles have something similar? Maybe rotate the route between a dozen or two locations or maybe switch the location monthly but it should be every week not just like once a month or every other whatever it is now. This would be a great way to highlight the greater need for people to get out of their cars more and have a fun outdoor adventure with their neighbors and others around LA.

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Ready to do my service for the homeless - will commit min 4 years

Dear Mr. Mayor,

In light of the emergency declared with homelessness.  I am ready to serve.  Ready to leave my current job in Irvine, CA to give my knowledge and experiences to help. I am not rich nor have much money.  But in consideration that at 56 years old, my youngest child less than one year from graduating college, I must give myself to do what ever is needed while I am strong and in good working condition to help plan strategies for 1. getting people off streets into some form for recovery, sustained work or workshops for daily living 2. adequate clothing and food, 3 plans for future for all homeless, 4. getting neighboring towns and communities.  i.e. Irvine to do their part to help. 5.  get legislation to encourage and make it mandatory to return profits back to the local communities to help sustain and minimize or eradicate the problem of homelessness and poverty.  5. add a poverty tax if necessary to help get the homeless to work for themselves to create the essentials for living a meaningful way that is happy 6. that tax will include medical treatment for those with chronic mental illness, substance disease, physical illness and so on. 7. maybe ther most important, I will go and live near in the streets to know the culture and report back or do the leg work necessary to work on a one to one to get one at a time as I am ably off the streets and into sustained process, and 7 oversight and weekly, monthly reporting to legislators and communities as to how it is working.    Sorry, but this is something I need to do, as I am a product of the foster care system from the San Francisco Bay Area, which gave me the opportunity to go to college, I am and accountant but I am not asking for pay, no more than minimum wage that will allow me to have a room and food so I can go out everyday and do my duty to help.  In addition, as I often take the public transportation in the LA Metro and Orang County areas I see homelessness quite often.  Unfortunately I need to be in a planned system of help to be able to help them.  My only full blood brother, Federico Giolli was mentally ill and often homeless until he finally succumbed at the age of 43.  I know there are a very small number of people, from the news, that work as outreach people to help the 26 thousand homeless in Los Angeles.  Our entire California and America needs to help in this cause.  As I believe that most people have one or more family or friends who have lived homeless or are living in dire poverty right now.

I am ready to start working tomorrow, well if you could give me one month as a courtesy to the company I work for, Vinculums Services, Inc. so I do not leave them without an accountant.  That would be best.   

Very sincerely yours, Attilio Giolli. My cell #949-293-8463

P.S  I am ready to relocate.  I do have a friend whom I could stay with in Santa Monica in the meantime so that I am closer to Los Angeles.  I will refuse any form of gifts, any wages that are more than minimum living wages.  And I will commit four years if you will accept me.



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Muslim Rights in LA

Dear Mayor of Los Angeles

Eric Garcetti,



Hello my name is Sheikh Mohammed Jibran and I am a 15 year old attending Oakwood High School. I am the President and Founder of the Global Youth Leadership Organization, President of The Little Bangladesh Youth Division, and also a Los Angeles City Youth. We have met several times before, not only because of LAYC but also because through the Little Bangladesh programs. This letter is regarding my concern about the respect we Muslims deserve and the respect we receive.


I am sure you know about the City of New York and its schools observing Eid-Ul Adha, and I think we Muslims in Los Angeles deserve the same respect. We are a very hardworking group of people and we want our fair share. We also take up almost more than twenty percent of California's total population, and Los Angeles holds the second largest Muslim Population in the Nation. Eid-Ul Fitr and Eid-Ul Adha are both very religious holidays just like Rosh Hashana, Christmas, and Yom Kippur. We Muslims would like to have a day off to continue our rituals and pass on knowledge to the new generations.


          Even though Eid-Ul Fitr, for the past few years, have been falling under summer vacation, Muslim employees have been working hard through the largest celebration in Islam religion. Even tomorrow, my aunt has to go to work instead of being able to pray special Eid prayers. And we Students are forced to go to school with the fear of falling behind if we take the day off. This is an outrage because we want everyone else to understand that our religion is important to us and we want the same respect as other religious groups.


I want to take a much larger step than New York City, My plan is to make a change for Los Angeles, next California and then for the Nation. We have stood with you and now please stand with us Muslims. Please as our Mayor, this is our special request for you from all Muslims and many non-Muslims. We are all on board you should be too.

With Warm Regards,                                                Date: 9-23-2015

Sheikh Mohammed Jibran


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Hygiene and Dignity... Another step in helping the homeless.

Today I saw a posting on Facebook about using retired  buses which can be converted to be used for mobil showers and bathrooms. These buses can be moved to wherever there is a need by the homeless to help bring more dignity into their lives. We need to do this as a city and with the help of charitable organizations and businesses.

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Property Tax Surcharge on Foreigners Buying Real Estate

I just read in LA times about wealthy Saudi Arabians buying real estate in LA area, and also the article about funding for dealing with homeless issues.  Why not have a surcharge tax on real estate purchases by foreigners (non-US citizens and non- Green card holders) to help raise additional cash for LA.  Clearly they can afford it.  Also, while their purchases stimulate portions of the economy, for real estate, it makes purchasing increasingly difficult for Angelenos of more moderate means. I think it might be legal given that the IRS has different tax rules for foreigners.

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Solar Energy Flashlights and lanterns.

Hello Sir,
My name is, Alan JepsonTo get right to the point, the City and County of Los Angeles is spending millions of dollars on flashlight batteries and the recycling of them. With our Solar lighting line we will save Millions for our city. Please let me come and show them to you. They are water proof, will charge cell phones/devices and are Guaranteed for life. They will hold a charge for 7 years. No Batteries to EVER replace.  US & International Patents. I am already a vendor for L A County. Please let me help convert our city to Solar Power, and the future in energy saving tools and charging devices. Please let Green Science get on board with the city and we will save Millions of dollars for Los Angeles.

 Respectfully yours,  Alan Jepson

Green Science / Hybridlight / 818-634-7948 /

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Homeless issure

It is good that the people of Los Angeles are becoming more interested in this problem but spending 100 million dollars on housing for the homeless is sadly NOT going to solve the homeless issue. The main issue is JOBS, instead of wasting money on housing, LA should give some money to private charities that provide job training for these people and if/when they have a job they will be able to work their way out of homelessness, along with providing job training LA need to deregulate a little bit by making it easier to start a business and have less building codes so more apartments can be built so people will have a place to live.


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homeless problem

I know that the mayors office is working on helping the homeless, but some very simple things could help in the interm. On Ohio Ave just west of Sepulveda,  under the freeway, there is a tent city.  Also along the east side of the  405 on Cotner. Just putting some rubbish cans over there with weekly pickups would help keep it from becoming a garbage dump and attracting bugs and rats. Until they can be relocated. Not only is it a garbage dump, but there is drinking and drug use by some of the residence. In addition Aydins Park has been attracting more and more homeless.  I would think that these parks should be a safe place for kids and their families to go without dealing with the garbage collections that are also attracting rodents.

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Dear Mr. Mayor Garcetti,

I was pleased to read about the plan to end homelessness in Los Angeles.

I believe that L.A. deserve better ethic and we cannot see a homeless veteran in our city without doing anything to solve the problem.

My idea consist of funding an organization managed by previous homeless and employing homeless citizens.

The new organization will supervise the construction of housing using containers.

The new organization will provide training and 3 months experience and housing and medical and mental attention to all candidates. This road to end homelessness will need the participation of local sponsors such as Homedepot, lowes...etc and local companies who will participate in a recruitment day every 3 months to hire the newly trained candidates.

I understand that buying the containers, the land , the human resources and clinics requires funding. In order to pay for all these expenses I believe we can set EB-5 (investors visa) for that purpose. Also the new organization can export these new housing for students and elsewhere in the USA and outside.

I hope this plan will find an echo and can help solve the homelessness issue in Los Angeles. We can bring to the table the solution that every other city in America envy us!. 

Thank you

Best Regards,

Hafed Ikhlef



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Goodmorning Mayor Garcetti,

Hello, Mr. Garcetti I am a citizen in the city of  Pacoima it has been my hometown for over 15 year. My issue in my community is the amount of trash that its in the streets. I have notice the issue is getting worse and worse and nobody seems to put a stop. Its a shame that there hasn't been a law made for our city to change that. Sun Valley, San Fernando our neighbors have the privilege to have street cleaning at least once a week. I feel that we also deserve to live in a clean environment and to be able to walk to children to school with out looking at all the trash around us. There should be a law that fines the citizens for having trash in there homes and not taking care of our city just like the city of san Fernando does. I hope you read this and take it into consideration and help us have a clean city.

                                                                 Thank You,

                                                                    Maria Ramirez.

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