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Time Warner and the City of Los Angeles

I just received a 11% increase for my internet connection with Time Warner.  We, the citizens of LA need better and cheaper internet access.  I think it is time for the City to respond to our place in the 21st Century and establish city wide hight speed optic cables, and offer cable access through a city owned company like DWP.  DWP owns the utility poles, has all the right of way it needs, Why must we suffer from low speeds and high prices?  A city wide effort to install optic cable could be done  and the city could charge  users which would pay for the whole system as the system is built out.  Our country seems to be the dark ages when it comes to internet.  South Korea, and a host of other countries have faster and cheaper internet than do, yet the City lets Time Warner gouge the public while taking billions out of the City's economy. 


Since we have the DWP, why not expand it into the modern era?

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Save money on sidewalks

 I noticed the city of Downey does not have sidewalks in the residential areas, maybe this option can be used in the rest of the city. Someone from the L.A. city could contact the City of Downey about this idea.

Another suggestion for the California drought. To help the drought, the state could build several desalination plants along the coast to supply the cities or farms, these plants can be powered by solar or wind energy. Australia built a big plant not long ago to supply a city in the middle of the desert. Funds could come from the fast train project using the same contractors, the train can wait for a better time.

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International Flights / Customs and TSA

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I am a longtime resident and homeowner in Hollywood. I walk to work every day down Hollywood Blvd. I am impressed with the many changes and new development that has been happening over the last twenty years, but Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame is still not the *destination* that tourists from around the world and residents of Los Angeles, too, could enjoy. 

Closing the BLVD from LaBrea to Vine and installing a trolley, perhaps - having street cafes, etc. turning the place into something quite like the 3rd St. promenade but longer would be a HUGE positive boon to Hollywood.

As it is, the street is closed half the time, traffic on it moves incredibly slowly, and it just isn't really that useful as an actual street for cars AND pedestrians. The volume of pedestrians just can't even fit on the sidewalks, especially between Highland and La Brea.


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Mayor Garcetti,

Here's hoping next weekend's Made in America Festival goes well.  Grand Park may be the premiere location for a City of Los Angeles associated Los Angeles Music Festival® and presents a good learning opportunity.

LA is the ultimate music festival destination, a claim well supported by the global city brand barometer you shared on social media recently.   

One model to contemplate for a City of Los Angeles associated Los Angeles Music Festival® is the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.  A non-profit owns the festival which is co-produced by AEG Live.  Establishing such a festival in Los Angeles is possible and should be done. 

I am the registrant of Los Angeles Music Festival® (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office #2631742) and seek to harness the trademark in support of community based arts organizations and public education.

For example, the City of Los Angeles and jurisdictional partners issue an RFP in conjunction with a non-profit foundation holding the trademark for the right to present Los Angeles Music Festival® at Grand Park.  Proceeds could be distributed through the foundation to new and existing non-profits serving the arts and public education. 

Let's explore the possibilities.  Hope to hear from you or a member of your team.  Would like to hear from anyone with interest, insights, ideas, etc.


Floyd E. Vasquez ep[at] 


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Ending The Car-Bike War

As a student, artist, worker, and family member, I would like to make a comment about how often I feel threatened to ride my bike. I am often harassed by people throwing offensive hand signals out the window along with heads peaking out yelling at me. I am unnecessarily startled by horns needlessly honking at me with light traffic. I am being cut of by motorized drivers as if I were some kind of jerk trying to race them or as if my needs of getting where I need to go are insignificant to their typical Sunday Drive. I am only trying to implicate that most drivers are not educated enough of their own simple DMV  law and such other knowledge for motorized vehicles and know even less of the laws and rights of bicyclists.  Motorized drivers treat other motorized drivers with car drivers with distracted driving and selfish driving intentions which lead to accidents that never needed to happen.  I wish the road rage and reckless driving that people have can steer away from bikers (by having more educated drivers and more bike routes, preferably segregated between bike and car), and I hope not to be remembered as a dismembered white bike on a street corner.

Thank you for your time,

Ilias Brunson

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Ports O'Call

Just a reminder - I hope you have a chance to look at what the McArthur Glen Corp is and what they have done around the world.

Something is really wrong with the present award.

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Racially offensive billboard for new TV series

There is a new TV series from Channel 4 NBC called the Adventures of Laura about a white mom who is a cop.  The tagline on the billboard promoting the series (seem all over LA) is "catching bad guy, raising naughty ones"  There are several males depicted on the billboard, some African American and some white.  The viewer is invited to guess which ones are bad and which merely naughty.  People driving by this billboard are teachers, police, social workers, judges, managers, employers and customer service representatives - all with discretionary power in their work to decide who is bad and who is merely naughty.  Their decisions will be informed, at least in part, by the subliminal message in this billboard.  Please urge this corporation to remove the billboard.  It is woefully unhelpful in our diverse city.  The vast majority of cops are trying not to make decisions based on race, and the vast majority of people of color are trying to be good citizens.  It is amazing to me that in 2014 a large media corporation would show the bad judgment to promote such an old fashioned, inaccurate view of the world.

I realize as the City you have to allow free speech, but you can certainly point out how damaging this billboard is to all of us, and to Channel 4 who will lose viewers except for those on the extreme right wing (who generally are not a great demographic for advertisers).

Thank you for using your influence to have this example of urban blight removed.

Very truly yours

Elizabeth Botsford



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Public Transportation Idea/ Los Angeles Department of Transportation

Public Transportation Idea.  To improve traffic and air quality, especially on the Westside, please direct the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to add one or two more buses in the early evening to its Commuter Express Bus No. 534 that would leave Century City at 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Right now, the bus leaves Century City at 5:15 p.m., which is too early for those of us who work on the Westside and can't leave until 6 p.m. Also you need to advertise the Commuter Express No. 534 to UCLA students. Hand out free tickets to UCLA students during the first two weeks of school.  

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Here's a suggestion: don't give visitors to your city, already spending thousands of dollars on vacation, traffic tickets for your ridiculous highway system!  I just paid over $500 for a ticket on an 8-line freeway with dozens of signs everywhere, nearly impossible to read them all, because supposedly I was in the "wrong" lane, one you had to pay to drive in?!  I had 2 other people with me, and thought it was the HOV car-pool/type lane.  The officer wouldn't listen to that, even though she was well aware I was a visitor from Ohio.  Surely your officers have bigger things to worry about than giving visitors tickets.  

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Police Brutality and a way to end it

Dear Mayor,

With all the news lately of the ongoing problems of police brutality in Ferguson, Missouri let us not forget about the police brutality that exists within our own city of Los Angeles. Every Angeleno is aware that the LAPD has had a brutality problem for decades. With that being said I have an idea that would solve a great deal of this deadly use of force and brutality. It is very simple. Require all LAPD officers to wear cameras on there person at all times when on the job. This not only protects citizens from police brutality by making officers accountable as they know they are being filmed but this also protects officers when deadly force is used. The reason why is if someone tries to physically harm a police officer and he is wearing a camera that is all the evidence the officer needs to justify deadly force. While I understand not all police officers are bad apples it is quite obvious that there are those out there that are. Please consider my idea when thinking of ways to end police militarization and brutality. I don't want to live in a police state and for many minorities in this city that is exactly the way they feel as well. Rialto, CA has done this as well and use of force has dropped 60% in the first year. Here is the video link for it.

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Love the LA River Project- Let's Clean Up the Arroyo!

I love the Mayor's commitment to the LA River, I ride the Metro to DTLA every work day and enjoy the Arroyo Seco bikeway on weekends...the homeless encampments along the Arroyo Seco are unsafe, non-hygenic and should not be allowed to proliferate- I feel for homeless folks and will support development of public housing with my tax dollars, but really, the Arroyo Seco belongs to all of LA, not just the disenfranchised!

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civilian training

I want to suggest a training video or class to teach civilians how to interact/respond when approached by the police. We need to make both parties comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. As a child my dad taught me what to do when pulled over because I am an african american female. It was simple by helpful. I have since taught my son the same techniques. Could help to inform people what is expected of them and how officers will respond in certain situations.

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What a Racket! How LA parking enforcement is the biggest scam going.

I am a 34 yr. old musician from Greenwich, CT. , A UCONN grad, and have been an L.A. resident for ten years. 

Over the years, I have begun to notice a disturbing trend in the L.A. police and traffic departments.  In plain English, the system is predatory and the prey, unfortunately, are innocent drivers.

It seems that the common rule in this town is "Ticket now, ask questions later."  From personal experience and testimonials from friends, I have come to realize that the system is stacked heavily in the County's favor.

Considering that California's financial troubles are widely broadcast it is no surprise that drivers are the perfect target for profits.  With so many drivers in this town we have come to represent a collective cash cow for the government.  This is not speculation. 

Here's what I have found:

1.  Most major, and smaller cities do make a decent amount of money off of parking meters.  As an erstwhile New Yorker I understand that parking is at a premium and why not charge citizens a few bucks to use the city streets?  This makes perfect sense.  However, Los Angeles' major metropolitan areas have one thing that the other major cities dont share - Suburban and neighborhood streets interspersed with city infrastructure.  The preponderance of perfectly good parking real estate on these suburban side streets has become off limits due to red curb paint, or purposely confusing parking signs.  Of course, if you buy a permit you can park on the streets. But if you are not a resident of that block where do you go? Meters: .25$ per 15minutes.  Forcing drivers to meters is a blatant abuse of city power.  But this, admittedly, is rather minor.  Other cities do this, not as egregiously, but they do it.  And if nothing, I am fair.

2.  The beauty of such a plan is at the core of what giant, faceless corporations have been doing for years.  Milking money from consumers/constituents while remaining faceless and nameless.  The ability to levy taxes, collect and impose fines, and issue citations from behind a curtain is quite convenient.  A driver is targeted personally, usually for an infraction that does zero worldly harm to anybody (i.e. parking on a street on a street sweeping day after that street has already been swept and still get a ticket) by someone who the driver then, in turn, has zero access to.  Again, I am not saying that L.A. is the only guilty party, but it is certainly the Crown Prince.

3. Here are some recent tickets that my friends and I have received.

a) I have a ticket in dispute currently for not having registration tags displayed.  Not only did I have my tags but I had my temporary tags in back right window as well.  Wouldnt there be record of my having paid my new registration months earlier? The ticket was given obviously by a blind meter maid.

b) On melrose, at a fully paid meter, for being too far from curb.  I believe 18 inches to be the maximum distance from curb.  I happened to be returning to car immediately after attendant had written ticket for being too far from curb.  I asked attendant if they had meausured? They said yes. I said do you mind if we measure again? She said nothing. I asked her to produce the ruler or tape measurer she used- she would not reply.  Obvioulsy she did not have one, because I happened upon her immediately after she was done writing ticket. Luckily, I had a tape measurer in my trunk.  The wheel base was a mere 13 inches from curb.  I followed the woman telling her to come look but she had just ignored me and got back in to her car and drove away. I found a police officer walking street and asked why I was given a ticket. He replied "Wow. She really gave you a ticket for that????"  I was forced to pay ticket upon contesting weeks later.

3) I once recieved 3 tickets on consecutive days for one single correctible violation.  Obviously there is no communication between ticketing agents.

4) Myth: Parking attendants constantly tell victimized drivers that once the ticket is put into system it cant be erased.  The Saturday before Easter Sunday last year proved this wrong: I had gone outside to move my car when I noticed an agent giving me a ticket. A ticket that was warranted, as I had been parked in a 1 hr. zone for about 70 mins.  The officer, being a fellow christian said he would erase the ticket because of the holiday. I had mentioned that Id heard such a thing was impossible.  I watched in amazement and gratitude as the officer let me see the image of my car and accompanying ticket vanish from the hand held device's screen. "Simple as that?" I asked. "Simple as that!" he replied.

5) What follows is what I consider to be the biggest problem with the system:  What happens once an erroneous ticket is issued.  I will use the timeline of my recent "no tags" ticket as an example.

After fuming for getting a ticket for a violation that was drummed up out of mid air (Once again my tags were clearly displayed) I looked as to how to contest such a ticket. I called the proper office.  Here's what I found:

In the the year 2014 where cars park themselves, planes fly themselves, people surf the web through a pair of digital sunglasses and everything is done by computer, the city of los angeles still decides to use polaroids and written US mail to contest a ticket.  Why would this be? Because such a task is so antiquated and annoying, making the driver just shrug  his shoulders and pay the fine. Not wanting to deal with the hassle. This is exactly what the city wants! Free Money!!!

6)I can also request a hearing where I have to prove  that a city worker was in the wrong. Who is the adjudicator? Another city worker.  Now, It is not out of the realm of possibility that I will win this case.  However, that is not the issue.  The 25$ ticket is a small amount to most drivers.  And most would pay rather go through the hassle.  We consider the city to be most kind in issuing  a ticket in such a small amt.  But therein lies the trick: If the ticket were in the sum of 150$ then most people would fight them tooth and nail and in most cases win.  But with a lesser amt.  we are more apt to pay just to avoid hassle. Multiply 25$ by a few million people...

7) The most frustrating part of this is trying to break into the old boys club and get some real answers.  The city needs this money, and they love this money, and they depend on this money.  It is easy on the conscience for the violation to be "laundered" through so much bureaucracy that it falls on nobody's conscience. When calling the city to find answers it is never the person who issued the ticket who answers the query., it is a clerk who probably has never met the ticketing agent in his/her life. In that single step alone  the onus is lifted from the initial ticketing agent. This is what the credit card companies do.  But at least they do not claim to "protect and serve".

8) Lastly, it is naive of me to believe that tickets will ever stop being used for city profits.  I am resigned to the fact that this will continue to be a significant revenue stream.  I am simply asking for some equity.  Human culpability and equity.  For any ticket that is issued in deliberate error, or in careless error by an attendant, it should fall on that attendant's shoulders to clean up the mess.  I should have been able to email a letter to the city with an accompanying picture of my up to date tags and been cleared.  But this leaves the offending ticket officer.  Please kindly explain this system to me: If  I violate a traffic law I pay.  If I am late on a ticket, I pay.  If a ticket is unaffordable I have to show records of delinquent bills to prove my destitution. If I contest a ticket, I spend unpaid hours clearing up someone else's mistake, while they are on the clock in the court or municipal building.  Where is their culpability? Shouldnt they pay a fine for making a mistake that costs the innocent driver time and money? Nope. All I get is a sorry.  "Sorry" seems to serve as currency for the govt in restitution, but somehow our currency as the victim only exists in the form of dollars and time.  This is the equivalent of smashing your friends window with a hammer and telling him to clean it up, all with supposed legitimacy. 

I just want to be able to drive and park without being constantly on the lookout for these ticket ninjas, who are constantly on the prowl! Looking for one little slip up.  Thank you so much City of Los Angeles for sending your brigade out to protect our streets from the Rogue Parkers.

Jason Dmuchowski



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De-humidifier, Extracting Water from the Air – Unique Water Source for LA

Dear Mayor Garcetti: 

Extracted water from our home dehumidifiers revealed itself to be a real and tangible water source. I would like to share the dehumidifier principle with others.  This summer we have witnessed our home dehumidifiers faithfulness to extract water from the air; did so regardless of the type of day i.e. humid, cloudy, foggy, cloudless.  My household watches in amazement as water appears daily in the dehumidifier water chamber. We responsibly use and recycle this extracted water; to water our outdoor mini garden.  Please consider implementing dehumidifying on an industrial scale for the city of Los Angeles; to help supplement our water needs during extreme drought. This method has the potential to create new jobs and/or ramp up the already existing de-humidifier industry in the Los Angeles area; and especially so if adapted for green, solar power implementation.  This idea could potentially increase our aquaduct and help farmers with their dire need for a creative water source.  L’chaim, to life.

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Install Traffic Spikes on Exit Ramps to Stop “Wrong Way Drivers” on LA Freeways

Dear Mayor Garcetti:

Please consider installing traffic spikes on all Los Angeles freeway exit (not entrance) ramps to eradicate “freeway, wrong way driving”.  Many lives are being needlessly lost as a result of reckless/careless or “under the influence” drivers entering the freeway wrongly.  Please implement this strategy before any more lives are lost as a result of drivers entering our freeways the “wrong way”. Drivers (usually under the influence of drugs or alcohol) who enter the freeway through the exit ramp instead of the entrance ramp; continue to cause bodily injury, harm, heartbreak, and loss of life.  This loss of life issue must be addressed.

The incapacitation of a vehicle by traffic spikes is a preventative traffic measure that can save innocent lives.  Loss of life suffering continues in our city as a result of poor choices by those who disrespect our traffic laws. Please consider implementing this traffic spike solution. Preliminary research has revealed that traffic spike installation can be easy to install with no major road manipulation, traffic spikes come in varying sizes, and require only road glue and bolts to be attached to the roadway.  Traffic spikes is also purported to accommodate low profile vehicles.  I am not a traffic road engineer only a concerned citizen.

Perhaps other cities around America will adopt this preventative as they follow your Los Angeles mayoral leadership.  Thank you for your kind and proactive willingness to eliminate “wrong way driving”.  Please help to alleviate this type of freeway civil disobedience.  Please use your Mayoral platform to save us on our freeways; through the power of traffic spike implementation.  Thank you in advance for your kind consideration to save lives.  L’chaim, to life.



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Venice is indeed a colorful place, full of life, art, and eccentricity--not to mention it's a magnet for 1,000's of visitors from around the world every day of the week!

The one complaint I hear the most often (as a resident) is "why is this place so dirty?"  "Don't they ever clean the streets or the boardwalk?"  "The smell here is bad--very bad!" (referring to the urine smells).  

I have been to cities where a large steam/water/brush cleaners are used to clean streets (sometimes daily!) to remove the globs of spilled ice-cream, spilled drinks, food, dog excrement and urine, etc.  


Considering Los Angeles makes MILLIONS off the thousands of tourists that come seems sensible that the city would want these tourists to take back with them only the best impression possible of one of the most visited areas in the world--not the worst!   

Unfortunately the daily presence of the so-called "art" vendors hamper any thorough cleaning efforts.  By limiting vendors to a few days a week, better cleaning could take place (along with better, larger cleaning equipment) and also break the cycle of having vendors "camp" daily on a chosen spot.  This would also give the residents and tourists a break--to allow for a few days of peaceful serenity for all to enjoy the natural beauty of this coastal park, instead of having the views daily obscured by the long row of tents and piles of suitcases and camping equipment that clutter the edge of the boardwalk.

I would also suggest that dogs are not permitted on the boardwalk or anywhere on the beach at anytime, because I daily see dog walkers NOT clean up after their dogs --leaving dog droppings right on the boardwalk. In addition, dog droppings attract flies, which in turn land on food at the sidewalk cafe's and kitchens.  I have stopped dining out on the Boardwalk for this reason.  

Bottom line, a tourist area should be maintained at the highest city standard--incomes and tax revenues depend on it tourist returning and now in the age of instant internet reviews--well, suffice to say, tourist area needs to be kept extra clean, with plenty of clean and sanitary bathrooms (available at all times),  kept litter free, and attractive everywhere you look and not smell like urine or dog droppings. 

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Resources for Children & Families on Your "Get Help" Tab

Similar to, which was a website put together and launched by Mayor Villaraigosa to assist businesses; your administration should develop a website that centralizes resources for families and children. Families are the building blocks of our City, and Children are its future.

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