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We're looking to identify new ideas to help create jobs and deliver better city services to all Angelenos. If you have an idea about how we can better serve you, please submit it here and our office will review it closely. We appreciate your comments.

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Fighting the problem

  • The battlefield is not in the gentrifying neighborhoods.  It is in the more wealthy neighborhoods where empowered residents fight to keep new people out.
  • The enemy is not the gentrifiers or developers trying to serve them.  It is the rich people who use their influence to thwart development in their neighborhoods.  The more they fight to depopulate desirable neighborhoods, the more people are left seeking alternative neighborhoods.
  • The mechanism of gentrification is not development.   It is zoning, and other regulations that thwart development in currently desirable areas.
  • The solution is not to fight development in currently gentrifying areas.  It’s to call for radical liberalization of zoning in already wealthy areas, and to stand up to neighborhood groups who try to abuse zoning to prevent that.
  • The reason people gentrify is not to disrupt ethnic or economically-challenged neighborhoods.  It is likely because they have been priced out of the neighborhood they desire.

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Vin Scully

Looks like the city council took the initiative I was thinking of to honor Vinny.I'm sure you will agree Mr Mayor, that Vin is and has been a huge part of life in Los Angeles.I,like many my age feel a special bond with him.Grew up with a transistor radio listening to Vin.Anything the city can do to honor Vin in his last season with the Dodgers will be greatly appreciated.Vin Scully is simply irreplacable and he will truly missed by Dodger fans after 2016.Thank you,Michael

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Construction in Hollywood is a traffic nightmare for residents!

Dear Mr. Mayor,

Regardless of the controversy surrounding the long term impact of overdevelopment in Hollywood, I am curious to know who approved for it all to happen at the same time. We live in the Hollywood Hills north of Franklin and it is impossible to drive anywhere there isn't a street closure, reduced lanes, long lines of huge construction trucks, street repair, or DWP repairs. What once took us 7 minutes to drive our children to school now takes 22--45 minutes round trip to travel less than two miles. People are angry and impatient and it only seems to be getting worse the further south you go. I am happy the economy is thriving, but this is poor planning and I would like to know the process involved. These projects need to be staggered based on priority. This is a mess. Please consider the impact you are having on the tax paying resident. Driving anywhere is like being in a frustrating video game with lots of other angry players. 

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Do we have this problem? Students vs. Seniors - TK


TK Nagano

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Immigration and the Metro Bus system- 2 plans

There is a way to give thanks to these immigrants who are basically running many industries here in L.A. They deserve our respect and our gratitude. I believe I've figured out a way to legalize all of them- without stepping on the toes of all the Naysaysers.

As well there is a simple plan to eliminate the dangers on the Metro Bus system. We have to get rid of the CurtesyRide plan which is attracting some very deranged lowlife onto the buses and endangering every one who uses these buses (Most of all the drivers-who are at risk every day.) There is a simple way to do it .So that Metro could maintain its Public Transit status and still receive those subsidies attached to it's Public status.With this plan I'm thinking of-  we would no longer have this Curtesy ride stigma attached to Metro's Public Transit status. Should I go on? JM

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A better bus stop for students and senior people

I wonder if we can upgrade the bus stop between Cesar Chavez and Atlantic station for rapid bus 770 and metro bus 68 with a top or shelter.   It was raining and cold last couple days. I saw senior people and young kids shaking in in cold rain.  Would be nice if the city can keep them warm and healthy.  Thank you.  Jason

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Expand the 218 Bus line's hours.

Hello, I am a regular user of the public transit system. Buses, train and subway. Please consider expanding the hours of the 218 Line. It runs around the Cedars Sinai Hospital in West Hollywood, then around the Grove, north on Crescent Heights/Laurel Canyon, where it finishes its run at Ventura Blvd., then  it repeats. The problem is, it only runs till 9:30 pm. Consider all the residents and workers who must go all the way around onto the subway after 9:30 pm. It doesn't make sense that the workers on Ventura Bl. take the bus to the subway, then must go around to Hollywood/Highland to catch the next line to get into WeHo. Making the 218 Line 24/7 would only make sense and be advantageous to the city. Thank you.

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High Speed Internet for Small Businesses in Los Angeles (GIGAPOWER4ALL)

Hello Mayor's Office,

 My name is Michael Morgan and I am an AT&T Business Solutions provider who has worked to provide over 100 small businesses high speed internet in the city of Los Angeles. 
I have been recently working in Downtown to bring fiber internet options to the Produce Center on Market Court. 
This experience was humbling and very eye-opening for me. When speaking to produce sellers about internet, many of them were excited at the option of using high speed internet to improve their businesses and help be more effective at bringing high quality fresh fruits and vegetables to Angelenos, but unwilling (or unable) to make the financial investment required. 
 I have a passion to help small businesses, especially those traditionally without access to high quality telecommunication services, and would like to team up with those in the Mayor's Office who have a similar vision. My company has a team of over 50 people who have already brought high speed internet to thousands of small businesses on behalf of AT&T. 
Is there an opportunity to meet with someone from your office about how we can work more closely on our GigaPower campaign? This would include a potential small subsidy from the city for small businesses that cannot afford internet, but could drastically benefit from such services. 
We would sign-up and process all the orders and work with you to help identify key aspects of eligibility for such a support specifically aimed at boosting internet access and use for the most "salt of the earth" industries in Los Angeles. 
Sincerely Yours,
 Michael Morgan 
 AT&T Business Solutions 
(310) 462-3902 

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1/30/2016 broadway festival BETTER IDEA for you, LA mayor.

hi LA mayor and staff, 

I want to take this time to discuss with you about the issue of your broadway festival that is happening tonight 1/30/2016 and streets of 2nd to 7th are closed this morning to prep for tonight's events. 

As a dtla veteran jeweler and former resident, i feel it would be more wise and better to have your Broadway festival happening on a Sunday instead. Not on a Saturday because it literally took me 2 hours stuck in traffic just to get to my monthly parking and has caused me to be late to my work to open my shop very late causing me to lose early businesses. the traffic is so congested that cars are packed as sardines and all this can be prevented if only you would move to a Sunday the Broadway festival instead. definitely please keep that in mind for next year and the years to come. because this year today has been a nightmare. 

Please be mindful of dtla veterans as myself who need not have to be in this kind of unnecessary traffic especially for 2 hours long. that is why it would be best to have your broadway festival on a Sunday instead. that way, you can close all the streets you want on a Sunday whereas we dtla jewelers don't need to come to dtla to work and let this festival prepping be a huge inconvenience to us especially to me. 


thank you, 

HIH/HRH Jenny 


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Now that Vin Scully and Chick Hearn have streets, it's time for Bob Miller to get his own

My proposal:


Georgia St. which runs north and south and is located just northwest of Staples Center should be renamed Bob Miller Way.


It intersects with Chick Hearn Ct, which is significant since they are both legendary broadcasters from teams that have shared an arena for years.


Also, Georgia is named after an English king we REBELLED against. Why does he get a street, let alone a state,  named after him?


I see no reason why this shouldn't happen within the next 5 years. Since it looks like Bob might be retiring soon (get well soon, by the way!) now is the perfect time to get the ball (puck?) rolling!

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Buy the domain name

L.A. will have the best chance to win the 2018 Olympics when will belong to the city.

Buy the domain name now

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I have a single option for high speed internet service and I can no longer tolerate doing business with a company I loathe with every fiber of my being.

Please do whatever is in your power to offer a choice of internet service providers to consumers in Los Angeles.

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In a recent conversation with a business owner in the city of Los Angeles, the discussion came up about making application processes easier for owners.  The suggestion is to make all forms required by the City of Los Angeles to be fillable pdf forms with signatures. 


If our city is really going to be a leader in the digital age (or at least competitive) maximize the use of existing software to make interaction with government offices easier. An added benefit of implementing this request is that information may be stored in a database that can easily convert information into reports or other the end this may expedite our ability to process applications/information and better serve the customer. 

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Creating Opportunities for Pan handlers

Just saw a story from UpWorthy on Facebook. The Mayor of Albuquerque (Mayor Richard Berry)  has adopted a new program.  Someone from the city picks up individuals that are pan handling to do a days work for 3 to 5 hours for $9.00. Also helps to connect them to services to get them off the streets.
Check it out... maybe this is something we can do in our communities in Los Angeles...  I don't even live in LA, but it seems like a good idea to me. 

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International City Folk Festival LA.folklorama2016




for your Consideration



Mayor Eric Garcetti :


MGM. Branch Production is sharing and Building Ideas for Los Angeles.

As per your promise to Gaston Mantero participate and promote up on your running for office. Now is the time to act.

MGM. Branch Productions is the only corporation in California that promotes International cultural folk arts. We incorporate international talent with product placement .Our primary purpose is to bring back what was lost, the International Folk Art Festival . 


 MGM’S Mission is to promote and produce awareness to folklore programs for the Los Angeles County Communities while educating empowering our youth with job opportunity.


What is the need? There is no international festival or Folklore opportunity of music and art in the City of Los Angeles such as LA.Folklorama

 Without question Los Angeles is an international marketplace for entertainment which includes music, dance and fashion. MGM’s Folk Art programs are devoted to educating the public on the importance of cultural diversity through a United Nations of Culture and the arts.

Our plans for the Los Angelinos community are as plan to operate and produce the first a Tradition Showa Tribute to America  July 4 2016, this event celebrate ten different countries with attendance of Ambassador consulate and city consul men ,Mitch O’Farrell ,Price ,Paul Kervokian are on the list of interested support, We have been un able to reach your interest in 3 years , a program venue at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on a semi-annual basis.

 MGM Branch production's second annual International city wide reach out program LA Folklorama  is on its way in October 17-25 2016 open house ethnic centers collaboration fund razing with interest distribution with Metro rail support.

LA. Folklorama Open house welcoming the public to a viewing of their culture and traditions with performing local talent of folk music art dance Culture throughout the city similar project in Philadelphia made 36 million in revenue Winnipeg Canada 27 million Chicago 17 million what is our possibility ? .

Branch Production commitment will manage the event in continuance to promote the art of the world. WE URGE A DIRECT PERSONAL MEETING SAP 

Involvement the City officials and Mayor as well as police and Fire department is required  


CEO. Founder            Mikel Gaston Mantero_________________________DIRECT; 818-795-0400

Marketing .               Mr. Stuart Rosman

Chairman LA. Folklorama. Mr. Williams R. Morrison

Artist advisor              Mrs. Mia Maria Simion Email:


MGM. Branch Prod. P.O. Box 3306 Hollywood California 90078 office: 323-317-3354

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Homeless Article in Sunday Paper about Oregon Homeless Community

There is an article in today's (Sunday) LA Times about an idea for a homeless community which charges about $35 monthly for a spot to camp and is self-policing.  Would this idea work in Los Angeles to relieve us of the overcrowding and encampments?

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Water shortage

What exactly is being done about out water shortage due to overbuilding and overpopulation without infrastructure?

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Street Closures and Special Events

Please develop a special website so that major street closures and special events can be identified in advance.  Today's snarled traffic caused by the "Run to Remember" through mid Wilshire and Hollywood is a prime example. 

There used to be a regularly updated site where one could find out about such events and avoid them but Google street closures and special events and all you come up with is an incomplete list of out-of-date events (e.g.,

If you care about reducing congestion and time spent in the automobile, this would be a major help to ordinary citizens.

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Grid lock

Eric Garcetti

first I want to say what a great job you're doing! We have an awesome city in which I've lived since 1974.  I did live a short 8 months in San Francisco but LA is the center of the universe. 

As we all are well aware, out sprawling metropolis requires a good infrastructure of transit routes and modes. I, because of work necessity , drive a pickup truck. Most days I travel the freeways from my home in Santa Monica to Sylmar and, often to studios and locations for the film career I enjoy. 

As in other cities, the smooth flow of traffic is a priority. Some cities have painted grids in the intersections. Some are hanging signs saying the like- don't block the grid. 

 my sister in Houston told me about their officers walking out into grid lock and handing tickets to offending drivers. Much of the fine going to ambulance and fire departments. Good for them!!

i remember a code in the DMV rule book saying something to the effect: a vehicle may NOT enter into an intersection unless it can safely exit that intersection. And I haven't read that book since 1975. 

It seems many drivers here need refresher courses on our smart road rules. That alone would make an improvement to our rush hours gridlock. Retest drivers every 5 years. Seems fair.

But many of out drivers seem to work really, really hard at being below average. 

Friday evening I was stuck, staring at the side of cars as they sat in the intersection, blocking me, the car next to me and a whole line of traffic behind us.  Once in a while is understandable but, but, this happened to me four intersections in a row!  It took me 28 minutes to go from Red Studios (melrose and Cahuenga) south to the 10 freeway. That's a lot of idling wasted petrol and pollution all because of some selfish drivers driving into inescapable intersections.

Lets station some of our fine officers at intersections or on bikes and hand out $200 gridlock tickets. The proceeds can help our wonderful and probably underfunded fire and ambulance services. Or programs to our less fortunate kids. After all, this isn't just my, no, our city, it's also our youngest citizens city too. 

Well thank you for your time and keep up the great work!!

Michael Thomas


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