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Politics and Green Energy

Everyone talks a big game when it comes to green energy but when it comes to the LADWP following through with metering existing and ready systems there is months of waiting.  How much energy has been wasted during this heatwave by solar systems just waiting for a meter and to turn it on after months of waiting???

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More Water Saving Rebates

I'm shocked that more isn't being done about the drought. A VERY easy start would be to offer free water saving products or at least - Big Rebates! I know there is a rebate for rain barrels, but it isn't enough. We need free rain barrels, rebates off of water walls, rebates off installation of grey water systems. Let's go!

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Fair Hourly Work Schedules for Workers Employed at LA Businesses

I applaud Mayor Garcetti's support to increase the minimum wage here in LA. What is equally critical is for Mayor Garcetti and the City of LA to advocate municipal legislation which limits the ability of businesses to distribute only temporary employment to its employees, where employees are required to work six days a week at 4-6 hour shifts.  A business should be required to have a minimum of 50% full time employees as well.

It will be more productive and equitable for workers to work 3 - 8 hour shifts.  Many part-time working mothers are penalized because they are required to work more days and have less time to spend with their families. Students have less flexibility to attend classes and workers who need additional employment to supplement their part-time job have great difficulty architecting their schedule because employers frequently require 4 hours shifts six days a week.  Reducing 4 and 6 hour shifts will help mitigate traffic as employees will be less likely to work two jobs per day and therefore require less personal or city transportation to and from a second part-time job.

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los angeles should build a desalination plant

why hasnt la built a desalination plant for fresh water ?? a desalination plant would supply la with alot of fresh water no matter how much of a drought california is in just sayin la is so close to the ocean why not do it ??

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Improve the 405

Please help Los Angeles drivers on the 405 freeway.

Thank you.

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New Years Celebration

I have a suggestion for the City of Los Angeles.  We are the city of Angels and I don’t know about anyone else but I'm tired of NYC having all the attention for New Years.  My idea is for a beautiful or multiple Angels in major areas placed for displays.

my idea is instead of the NY apple dropping down for the countdown Los Angeles can beat them by having a large Angel anywhere in the City that you would like and this angel would rise to the sky and once the countdown hits 1 for a new year the Angel has pyrotechnics, color laser beams or she lights up in gorgeous colors.  A cluster of Angels showing LA's diversity.  If Made in America Worked out this can be used throughout the year for different occasions such as Valentines a picnic at the park and heart confetti or let balloons fly free in to the sky.  4th of July she can begin the firework show with huge blast music anything is possible.  Los Angeles is a melting pot of diversity you can make a contest to the best design or idea to get the community involved but it should be a way to people who have these talents be discovered LA Art Walk; some of the local schools u can use a design from a formal company or artist to do this but I really believe letting some new talent being exposed to a new tomorrow would bring the much needed attention Los Angeles needs and its positive message for all of the Angelino’s.

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When someone "guns" their ultra-loud car or motorcycle engine in a dense urban district like Westwood, it's an assault on everyone living within earshot. Our neighborhood (Midvale and Rochester Aves.) is assaulted dozens of times a day and night by rat-running drivers. PLEASE GIVE US SPEED-BUMPS to discourage high-speeds and "gunning" the engines. The noise/intrusion has a serious impact on our quality of life and health.

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Mike Bonin and the L.A. City Council criminalize local artisans during soaring unemployment.

I'd like to bring to your attention why the Venice Boardwalk will no longer have handcrafted local artist setting up. It has been decided for you what you can buy along the boardwalk. MIKE BONIN and the city council would rather you purchase IMPORTED MASS REPRODUCTION SLAVE LABOR tshirts, jewelry, coffee mugs, etc.. from the stores in Venice. You no longer have the choice to purchase quality, locally made, handcrafted work. It is illegal to even display handcrafted jewelry along the boardwalk. Single moms, native americans, low income families and just plain traveling artisans will no longer be allowed to set up with their original handcrafted work. The L.A. City Council is more concerned about a few real estate developers and store owners who want to dictate what millions of Los Angeleno's can buy.

If the L.A. City Council truly cared about creating jobs, they would create a permit process for local artists to vend their work in Venice and in safe zones across the city. Instead our L.A. City Council has chosen to criminalize artisans who are creating their own work.

310-568-8772 Cecilia @ Mike Bonin's office
310-482-6334 Captain Brian Johnson @ LAPD

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Los Angeles River Water

We should look into collecting the Los Angeles River water, just before it is dumped into the ocean.  Not too far up the City to have any effect on the wildlife. (33.752196, -118.060744)

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Wage increase - Employees and Employers need a Win Win situation

Increasing employee wages directly affects the employer’s budgets which poses a problem for businesses and job growth.

A thought was to focus more on job creation with higher pay and lessen unemployment payments. If the money saved in paying out umemployment benefits could be used to help employers subsidize paying the higher wages, then it would be a win win situation.


Gail Lara


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Fiber Optic Networks in Los Angeles

Mayor Garcetti,

I'd like to encourage you to consider the possibility of a publicly-owned fiber-optic network for the City of Los Angeles.

There are many advantages to this, but briefly:

(1) Communities that have made this change (Chattanooga, TN or Rockport, ME, for example) have seen new orders of magnitude in internet speeds while service rates have dropped. This in turn has attracted new tech businesses to those cities, added jobs, stimulated the local economy, and brought attention to those cities in national media. The return on investment is magnificent.

(2) Los Angeles could become a breakout tech city on the world stage. What better way to prove that Los Angeles really is "ahead of the curve", attract new businesses, and foster growth than by making infrastructural investments in a technology that will raise the standard of living for everyone in the information age?

(3) Current broadband internet providers have no incentive to improve their level of service or innovate. They have agreed not to compete with each other, and therefore feel no market pressure. As you may already know, Comcast and Time Warner regularly score at the bottom of customer satisfaction surveys and continue to increase prices while service remains stagnant due to the regional monopolies they enjoy. Municipal broadband addresses this by offering an alternative that can serve as the competition needed to ignite these broadband providers to improve their services while reducing prices.

The City of Los Angeles has the potential to become the next San Francisco, the next Cupertino, the next area that innovative tech companies choose first as their headquarters -- Silicon Beach would experience unprecedented growth as a tech hub.

In order for us to realize the above benefits, we have to take steps to free our city from the stranglehold of Comcast and Time Warner, and take matters into our own hands.

If you are interested in being the Mayor that brings LA's telecom infrastructure into the 21st century, leap-frogging surrounding areas, consider taking steps in this direction.

I will support you in every way possible to make this happen. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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Bus stops in the city

Dear Mr Mayor currently all the bus stops in the of Los Angeles are right at the corner of each major inter section of all the strrets if stop is moved back at least 200 feet from the inter section it will allow the traffic move much better.

For example traffic going west on Pico and Westwood Bl the city bus blocks the lane for a minimum of 2 to 3 minutes picking and dropping off the passengers this change will help motorists


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PEACE WALK WAY for Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles

Proposed 'PEACE WALK WAY" Hollywood walk of fame style, in white, from LaBrea ave. to Fairfax inlaid in sidewalk for world, national, local Peace Makers. A miracle mile inspiring a powerful "Life miracle and value". Great cities live great ideals. This would be just another ""city global banding opportunity, and community city unity project joining the Mayor's great streets program. Much More info at:

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Since we are in the worse recorded draught in history and it will continue, my question is "Is the city of LA looking into building a desalination plant?"  I think SANTA BARBARA has one.

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$13.25 min wage for those w high school diploma

To encourage high school completion by LA youths, higher min wage of $13.25 for workers w high school diploma. $12.25 without. 

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My young teenage daughter just started school at DTLA Grand Arts H.S. (Cortines) as a freshmen and has been taking the Red line to school. Entering the station at 7 AM, she's confronted with homeless, drunk people and people with schizophrenia camped out in the station. They sexually harass her or otherwise scare her. So...I guess we, like lots of other people, aren't going to ride the Metro anymore.

LASD is not getting the job done, and deputies don't want to be assigned to the detail. The unit is ridiculously small to begin with. Perhaps a separate agency should be considered that is focused on the Metro? Somebody should be able to roust the vagrants out of the stations before the morning rush hour begins!

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L.A.'s Trees, Broken Sidewalks, Streets, Litter, Bike Lanes, & Off-leash Dogs

As an L.A. City resident, I've seen a lot of things that could use some fixing in L.A. My suggestions are below:

I'd like to see the Bureau of Street Services trim trees (some trees run to eye-level). I'd also like to see the B.S.S. fix broken sidewalks (some trees should be eradicated and replaced with tree species that don't ruin sidewalks). I'd also like to see the B.S.S. pave streets with major potholes (they cause a bumpy ride, whether in a private car or public bus). I'd also like the B.S.S. to conduct regular sweeps of littered areas/dumping grounds (I often see cigarette butts, broken glass, and used furniture lying on the curbs/sidewalks/streets where I live).

The Bureau of Street Lighting needs to change the lighting on some streets (it's too dark at night on some streets).

L.A.'s Department of Transportation needs to consider adding more bike lanes on major streets (as a pedestrian, it's not safe to share sidewalks with cyclists).

L.A.'s Animal Control should patrol public spaces to cite people with off-leash dogs (some dogs aren't friendly and could pose a threat to the safety of people and animals).


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Time Warner and the City of Los Angeles

I just received a 11% increase for my internet connection with Time Warner.  We, the citizens of LA need better and cheaper internet access.  I think it is time for the City to respond to our place in the 21st Century and establish city wide hight speed optic cables, and offer cable access through a city owned company like DWP.  DWP owns the utility poles, has all the right of way it needs, Why must we suffer from low speeds and high prices?  A city wide effort to install optic cable could be done  and the city could charge  users which would pay for the whole system as the system is built out.  Our country seems to be the dark ages when it comes to internet.  South Korea, and a host of other countries have faster and cheaper internet than do, yet the City lets Time Warner gouge the public while taking billions out of the City's economy. 


Since we have the DWP, why not expand it into the modern era?

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Save money on sidewalks

 I noticed the city of Downey does not have sidewalks in the residential areas, maybe this option can be used in the rest of the city. Someone from the L.A. city could contact the City of Downey about this idea.

Another suggestion for the California drought. To help the drought, the state could build several desalination plants along the coast to supply the cities or farms, these plants can be powered by solar or wind energy. Australia built a big plant not long ago to supply a city in the middle of the desert. Funds could come from the fast train project using the same contractors, the train can wait for a better time.

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International Flights / Customs and TSA

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