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Tenant Water Sub Meters Saves Millions of Gallons

Hello Mayor Garcetti:

 Creating a motion with the help of DWP for saving millions of gallons water from tenants in apartments, homes and commercial properties.  This can be established by water sub metering to these individual tenants.  Billing to be done by DWP with their current electric bill.   Consideration and okay must come through City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.  Using 64.4 LAMC as an example.  Create rebates for water line re-piping to property owners.  This is the only option to save millions of gallons of water.  Will you help make this happen?


Leonard Horowitz

California Utility Services

14421 Sylvan St Van Nuys, CA 91401

Cell 213-200-1324

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Upcoming Company with Revolutionary Idea


My name is Travis Loudermilk and I currently live in San Francisco California. At the moment I am working on a start up company that will go up November 1. I believe me and my business partner, Hunter Hemingway, have found the way to achieve public donations that are directed towards city projects better than the mayors current strategy. Please contact me at for more information. The idea we have will not only bridge the gap between local government and the public, but will also allow the people to feel as tho they have the power to affect change in their community. Respond as soon as possible. You wanna hear what we have to say.

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Saving Water

First, make sure the city's parks have sprinkler systems that are properly running. It is very upsetting to drive by Lincoln Park and see the sidewalk and street being watered instead of the plants.

Second, landscaping projects need to be water friendly. New grass has been planted at Cesar Chavez and Vignes...what a waste of water. 

Third, new sidewalks need to be done using pervious concrete. We need the little water we have to go back into the ground, not running down the streets.

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Saving energy is saving Water -- 20% of our electricity is generated by hydro-electric power

Dear Mayor Garcetti,


I would like to propose a couple of items to our fine City of LA re: water saving.  Require:

1. Retailers to keep their doors closed excepting for immediate ingress and egress. Retailers rountinely leave their doors wide open even on 100 degree days so the outflowing cool air will draw in customers and to show they are open. That is like leaving one's front door open all day while running the air conditioning. 20% of our electricity is generated by hydro-electric power -- that means releasing water to generate electricity -- that water eventually ending up in the sea.

2. Retailers with open refrigeration (ie., dairy and meat) and open freezers (frozen turkeys! meats and ice cream) to place them in a cold room or outfitted with doors or curtains.  As it is, it is like leaving one's refrigerator and freezer door open all day long. As cold goes toward heat, the refigerators and freezers run non-stop to stay cold.

20% of our electricity is generated by hydro-electric power -- that means releasing water to generate electricity -- that water eventually ending up in the sea.

If businesses comply by your proposed timeline for saving 20% in water usuage, it will save a great deal of water, and if other cities do it as well, the savings will be tremendous.  

All of this can be validated by an energy consultant -- who better than DWP or Southern California Edison?


Best regards,

Wei C. Wong


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Control the Flow in Sinks and Showers

Check out Watermiser's Flow Control Valves - large consumers of water (apartment complexes, hotels and restaurants) have reduced water consumption more than 10% and in many cases, more then 20% without changing habits.  These are sustainable savings and most of So Cal is covered through a Rebate process.  This is a great solution for large consumers of water to get on board the Mayor's latest call for 20% reduction in consumption.

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saving water

To save more water. Change the urinals over to waterless ones. Just look at Regal theater's. They work great.

Tim Festa

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Regarding repairing of water pipes. Can 3D printers be used?

I have seen shows where completed models can be created to layout the project to better know what to expect.  Also, concrete can be used with polymer blend to strengthen and prolong the product. 

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to save water, apartment tenants need to pay for water

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Artifical Steelhead stream

Steelhead are native to the Los Angeles river most likely in large runs.  By settling Big Tujunga into the ground, maybe we could make a small artifical stream of about 5 miles with a hatchery to at least provide some recreation as a catch and release fishery with glass viewing stations along the way.  Unlike Salmon steelhead return to the sea and actually bite when they are in the river.

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Double the price of water.

The only solution to make people conserve water is to double the price or even treble it.  We should have a automatic system to do this when there is a drought.

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end prop 13, end private ownership of land.

I live in a $800,000 home and pay $1,600 a year in property taxes.  It is not fair everyone should have free equal access to the land.  Everyone should be given a free 10,000 square foot lot and each pay $1000 a year to the city or donate 100 hours of community service.  The reason their is homelessness is that people are denied their right to land.  It is a no worse injustice than slavery.

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Free donated power

The city only lets you install 90% of your electric bill.  Allow citizens if they want to install all they want and allow city to have the free electricity as a donation.

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Mobile Payment Abilities for LA Parking

How about installing mobile payment systems for street and Lot parking across LA. Making parking easier for the public, and collection easier for the city.

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Los Angeles can be like Berlin #climate

Let's get off fossil fuels and move to 100% renewable energy to mitigate climate change. Solar panels on every rooftop subsidized (if necessary) then we can trade excess energy harvested from sun for much needed water. Read this PDF for details on what the issues are and how we can resolve them.

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Edgar Allan Poets and The Midnight Mission: Shedding Light on Homelessness

I hope you will consider this project to help the Homeless of the Skid Row

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for water shortage - a lesson from Sinagpore

Good article - LA would do well do to similarly institute a long range plan for water self-sufficiency. It would also benefit the economy with creation of jobs. Win -win.


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minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage does more harm than good.  Just like manufacturing jobs that are now offshore due to high labor costs businesses, like garment industry,  with minimum wage positions will be forced to relocate. Other business types will hire less people.  Raising the wage removes an important competition variable. Many people are more than willing to work at lower rate.  Raising the wage will attract more people to fill the jobs.  More people less jobs = more harm than good.


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I can't foresee or imagine what it would take to get most Angelenos and Americans voting and being informed citizens again until that is until we are economically on our own two feet, and not running to two or three jobs to pay the rent or mortgage and spending five hours a day on tv to numb our pain of an unfulfilled life. That has to end! What has to start is a process of building communities up together and creating lives that go beyond jobs and worry to let us really live and create things again. We are a creative nation of people. We brought the world Jazz, Baseball and the Airplane. We can transform into a force for real progress and prosperity if we come together and put aside labels. Let's build communities again, together!~ Joseph Segal

  1. We need a real living wage for all workers! The minimum wage is now lower than it was in real dollars adjusted for inflation in 1968 when Dr. King was fighting with us for a living wage!
  2. We need to return to when college was not as expensive as a downpayment on a big house mortgage!
  3. We need to let all students refinance their loans at the lowest available rate.
  4. We need to stop subsidizing big oil and other corporations and use that money more wisely to rebuild America.
  5. We need to reinstate civics classes as a mandate in every K-12 school in the nation.
  6. We need to rebuild community organizations that bring neighbors together be they the YMCA or Rotary Clubs, Veterans Organizations or anything that brings people out of their homes to meet and work together for the good of all our families.
  7. We need a new Voting Rights Act that makes national elections a 3 day paid national holiday so working people can have a chance to vote without losing pay.
  8. We need more walkable and bikeable streets where people can stroll down the sidewalks, eat at outdoor cafes and take pride in a green growing healthy community where we get to meet our neighbors.
  9. We need to set huge imaginative goals as a nation! The same nation that found a cure for Polio and had us knocking doors for the March of Dimes as kids, and the same one that sent Neil Armstrong to the moon and had me and you watching it glued to the black n' white tv sets as kids and thinking about science as we played with models of spaceships. We need to inspire the imagination in this and the next generation to create and invent the next great thing not just to make a fortune but to share our good fortune with each other and the world!
  10. We need to know who are elected representatives are and our kids teachers and our local reporters and clergy so we can work together for a better tomorrow.

    Ok maybe I have a few ideas. 
    The opinions and ideas expressed above are my own. If you have ideas to move us all forward together I'd love to hear and support them.
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I'd like to start a business: affordable creative artificial landscaping and gardening!

Maybe the idea is a bit rough, but it's worth a shot!

Providing information using illustrations on various ways to help conserve water.

The focus would be producing a variety of faux plants, realistic and custom designs all made from recycled materials, concrete, moldings small and large. Development of projects and events with the participation of creative crafty thinkers! 

A guide to California native plants, decorative ideas, thrifty beautification, DIY and affordable hired help. 

Hopeful and thirsty-



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Might be a good idea for welders to have a fire extinguisher near by when they are working!


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