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How to answer calls more efficiently for sanitation dept.

On Friday, Nov 20th around 3:30 I called the Los Angeles Sanitation phone number for the bulky item pick up.  I wanted to request a pick up for a dishwasher that had been dumped in our neighborhood two weeks earlier.  I waited on the phone 1 hour and 10 minutes!!!!!---and no one picked up!!!! This was maddening to say the least.  My suggestion is to implement a call back system such as the USPS has.  People can leave his/her phone number and they will receive a call back in the order the call was received.

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Helping the Homeless is an Emergency

We are very disappointed that homelessness has not been treated as an emergency project, and anyone who cannot understand that homelessness in Los Angeles deserves emergency attention, lacks compassion and is not qualified to serve in an office in which he is responsible for the well being of people.  Perhaps spending a few nights out on the street, with little to nothing, might create what is lacking here. 

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. How about an idea/program that will help people not temporality but for life?

How about an idea/program that will help people not temporality but for life? about a program that after is taking creates a possitive change within you and that change stays with you for the rest of your life? And the program is so simple tha can be thought to people of all ages and all walks of life? No matter who you are, you could be rich or poor, a Doctor, policeman, student, politician, CEO, a janitor, or a homeless person. Does such a program exist? The answer is YES! And it is been implemented in many different countries around the world with great success. Below is a list of some countries and intitutions the program is or have been presented. Below that is the programs curriculum and below that some links (for you to do your own research. Don't believe everything I said), then some participants comments from around the wold. Programs 2013 – 2015 AFRICA E. Africa: Tanzania: Dar Es Salaam Tanzania Mennonite Church South Africa: Gauteng Department of Social Development Rwanda: Kigali RICAD Rwanda W. Africa: Cotonou, Benin Apres (Teacher Retirement Assn.) W. Africa: Ghana Ghana Government Pensioner’s Assn. ASIA India: Bangalore, Karnataka 1) Antrix Corporation Limited 2) Central Silk Board – Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India 3) Karnataka Police Department 4) NIANP (National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology) 5) Panchayat Raj Engineering Circle Dept (PREC) 6) South Western Indian Railways 7) Silkworm Seed Technology Laboratory India: Hosur, Tamilnadu Central Sericultural Germplasm Resources Centre India: Kanpur, UP District Magistrate Office India: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Hindustan Aeronautics Limited India: Mysore, Karnataka Central Sericulture Research and Training Institute India: Pudukkottai,Tamilnadu Indian Social Service Institute Lebanon: Baaklin, El Chouf DWL Development Without Limitation Malaysia: Petaling Jaya, Selanor National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau Pakistan: Sindh Dawn Development Organization EUROPE England: Milton Keynes Milton Keynes Council Environmental Health Italy: Moncalieri, Torino Comune di Moncalieri Montenegro: Podgorica 1) Centre for Civic Education 2) Pedagogical Center of Montenegro Portugal: Algarve, Albufeira Humanitarian Association of Albufeira Volunteers Firemen Portugal: Porto SAOM: institute for the homeless Serbia: Belgrade Serbian Association of Cured Alcoholics Spain: Barcelona 1) Centro Cívico Santa María de Palautordera 2) Centro para Personas con Discapacidad “Julio López Ambit” 3) Espai Coworking Spain: Fuente de Cantos, Badajoz Centro Ocupacional “Francisco Asuar” Spain: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 1) Asociación Cinco Continentes 2) Ayuntamiento de San Bartolomé de Tiraja 3) CSS Mayores Ferminita Suarez Spain: Murcia 585 m2 Espacio Joven Spain: San Sebastián Casa de la Paz LATIN AMERICA Argentina: Mar del Plata Cooperativa de Trabajo Sol del Sur, Ltd. Belize: Sittee River Village, Stann Creek Sittee River Village Council Brazil: Salvador, Bahia CRC nonprofit federal agency Brazil: Salvador Estrela da Paz (Ethics & human values) Brazil: São Paulo 1) Civic Center (CIC) East 2) Civic Center (CIC) West 3) Civic Center (CIC) North 4) Civic Citizen Center 5) CROPH 6) Mayor’s office – City Hall 7) Secretary of Justice Colombia: Bogota, Cundinamarca Asociacion Vida del Manana ASOVIM Colombia: Medellin Municipality of Medellin & the Mayor Colombia: Medellin Park Life Ecuador: Galápagos Consejo de Gobierno del Régimen Especial de Galápagos Mexico: Cancun, Quintana Roo Centro Integral de Atención a las Mujeres Mexico: Oaxtepec, Morelos Asociación de Colonos de Vergeles de Oaxtepec Mexico: San Miguel de Allende CASA Venezuela: Caracas, Miranda Consejo La Urbina Norte NORTH AMERICA California: Oxnard Sunny Acres Resident Association California: Santa Cruz 1) Homeless Service Center: single women 2) Homeless Service Center: couples Maryland: Bethesda Global Coalition for Peace Oregon: Silverton Silverton Grange Rhode Island: Providence Tanner House (transition for the homeless) OCEANIA Australia: Hobart, Tasmania Positive Ageing Australia: Ipswich Ipswich Collective Australia: Queensland Boonah Organization for a Sustainable Shire (BOSS) Ok so what is the program? Here is the program and it is made available by a non-profit organization: The Prem Rawat Fundation. THE PREM RAWAT FUNDATION (TPRF) PEACE EDUCATION PROGRAM The purpose of the Peace Education Program (PEP) is to help participants discover their own inner resources--innate tools for living such as: Inner strength The inner rhythm of joy, hope, and clarity The power of "choice" Self-awareness Self-worth, Dignity The possibility of personal peace This is an innovative educational program, facilitated by volunteers, with a curriculum that consists of 10 videos, each focusing on a particular theme. These customized, interactive workshops are non-religious and non-sectarian. The content of each theme is based on excerpts from Prem Rawat’s international talks. The themes are: Peace, Appreciation, Inner Strength, Self-Awareness, Clarity, Understanding, Dignity, Choice, Hope, and Contentment. For more information visit: Reference videos at youtube: Program at the high security Zonderwater prison in South Africa. San Antonio, Texas. Event 2012 - Peace Education Program Prem Rawat in Ibarra, launch of The Peace Education Program in South America. Peace Education Program (PEP) around the world in 2014 6,782 participants, 271 programs, 26 countries. Some PEP events in U.S.A. Peace Education Program at Texas Community Service Association (TCSA) In Nov. 10, 2012. At the opening ceremony, the honorable Julian Castro mayor of San Antonio Said: "I believe in the program because putting human contact into the criminal justice system and helping folks to earn a second chance in life is very important" Nation wide conference connects U.S. correctional facilities and PEP Stephen Steurer, executive director of the correctional educational association, has been an enthusiastic supporter and personally introduced several of his colleagues to PEP at the conference. In a letter endorsing the program, he writes that the curriculum is high quality, simple to understand, and non-denominational and recommends it as "An effective means to help increase the harmony within individuals and the community" U.S.A. Peace for people television broadcast growing slowly but surely Each Saturday The Prem Rawat Fundation (TPRF) works with stations in six cities a cross the U.S. to broadcast episodes of a unique television series that features Prem Rawat's international talks about personal peace. The broadcast were recently expanded to include two new cities: Detroit, MI and Milwakee, WI. The other cities where the series is shown are: Phoenix, AZ. Seatle, WA. Miami, FL. and Austing, TX. "Overall is going well. The metrics show that we have a consistant audience that's growing slowly but surely" Said volunteer Matt Altman. Peace Education Program Some comments from around the world U.S.A. " I feel blissed out. I'm speechless!" PEP participant at Peace Club, CSUN. (California State Universisty Northridge) "I was smiling so much, my face hurt" PEP participant at Peace Club, CSUN. (California State Universisty Northridge) "The analogy of flowers growing in the desert after the rain touched me deeply. I live in the desert " PEP participant at Peace Club, CSUN. (California State Universisty Northridge) "I learned that the most important person in my life is me. If I am not in the right state of mind, in peace with my self, I can't help anyone else" PEP participant at Santo Dominguez state prison. San Antonio, Texas "All of my life, I have not had anyone who love me. I grew up in the streets since I was a child, like an animal, and now I have found someone who treats me like a human being. This is what I find in this workshops, they help me feel that I am a human being" PEP participant. Correctional facility “The person who was most skeptical about the idea of inner peace ended up becoming enthusiastic about the idea,” Cherice says. “A lot of our answers, I think, came from within. It was really dynamic for me to watch others and their transformations and feel like I, too, was being transformed.” PEP volunteer Correctional facility Lansing, Michigan “A lot of us didn’t want PEP to end, so we’re going to redo the class in the winter.” PEP volunteer Correctional facility Lansing, Michigan Canada "I never really had peace in my life before and now I am here. I did not think it was possible, but it is - Here in me" PEP participant. Correctional facility - The Vanier Centre For Woman. Toronto, Canada " I thought this class will be in conflit with my religion, but they are not different. It is about peace" PEP participant. Correctional facility - The Vanier Centre For Woman. Toronto, Canada "Every time the woman leave the room they are smiling" Guard's comment. Correctional facility - The Vanier Centre For Woman. Toronto, Canada South Africa " I wish that Peace Education could reach the ends of the world " PEP participant. ZONDERWATER prison, South Africa. " I will like to thank each and every person who made it possible for me to know about peace, it really changed my life a lot, and I wish I can change other people's lives too." PEP participant. ZONDERWATER prison, South Africa. " This program has been so effective. There have been no incidents of violence among the participants and very few returning to this prison" Guard, ZONDERWATER prison, South Africa. Ecuador " What I feel from this course is changing all aspects of my life " PEP participant - Ibarra, Ecuador. Spain "I have witnessed the change that PEP has made in the lives of many people, especially those who suffer greatly from social, family, and personal alienation, and have come to the rehabilitation center for help" Volunteer's comment. Center for Detox, and emotional re-education, Don Benito, Spain "Every Wednesday they are there waiting for us to arrive, and it is very nice to listen to them say how their families, when they come to visit them, ask them: Hey, what has happened to you? You are different, better!" Volunteer's comment. PEP at: Las Palmas prison. Spanish Island of Gran Canaria "In the atmosphere of peace and hope that is created during the program, even the toughest men may show a tenderness and sensitivity that few would suspect within prison walls" Volunteer's comment from a PEP in a prison - Spain United Kingdom "Prem's message reaches every person in the room , enabling each one of us to take our own meaning from his words, promoting true change from within" PEP participant. Sutton College, London Unlike some "self help" programs, the Peace education Program, does not focus in what's wrong but encourages people to explore and discover their inner strengths and resources, so they can enjoy their lives. PEP volunteer, London Italy "Peace can resolve inner conflict and that is one of the most important aspects of healing frameworks and healing cures for a person who suffers from any illness" Doctor participant at a PEP workshop Palermo, Sicily Brazil Autorities attended a (PEP) presentation with the inmates - One of the inmates expressed that due to (PEP), she now knows what real freedom is- Sao Paulo, Brazil. Due to the positive reception of PEP by Sao Paulo state government officials, we where invited to start a PEP at Sao Paulo City Hall, and Sao Paulo's secretary of justice asked to present PEP to their employees. Volunteer's comment. "Programs like this, that are realy more for the heart, are missing in jails and prisons. This program helps inmates discover their own inner strenghts. Many have never even had the idea that they have dignity as a human being. Inmates and prison oficials just love it" Volunteer's comment. Australia " I never knew we have inner resources " PEP participant. International Business College - Brisbane, Australia. India "If teachers understand the value of peace in their lives, they will be able to help their students understand it as well" Comment from: Mrs. Rakhi G. Dhingra. Research schoolar - Mumbai University. India "In the 25 years I have been a teacher, I have never seen any program in this department do what PEP has done by bringing clarity on the subject of peace" Comment from: Dr. Indu Garg. Associate professor in the department of education. India "I found the program very effective and will recommend it to other universities in India as well" University board and senate member: Dr. Sunit Magre's comment after compliting the PEP workshop. Dr. Sunit Magre has now conducted PEPs in the Mumbai University colleges of medicine, engineering, education, science, and commerce. Peace Education Program after two years evaluation study "One anticipated outcome of the Peace Education Program is that it will become a formidable force for positive change in our immediate enviroment and ultimately the world" Comment from: Dr. Jamshid Damooei. president of Damooei Global Research after a two year study of the Peace Education Program. Dr Damooei is also chairman of the department of economics, finance, and accounting at California Lutheran University. If you like a copy of the entire evaluation study, you may request one at I'm the first volunteer for this events! May be we can find a way to make this program available to the residents in the city of Angels?

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Homeless Vet Solutions

As there are a good number of vets and their families that are homeless, or close to being homeless, one solution would be to get the Veteran's Administration to quickly allow a temporary village to be built on the Veteran's Campus in West Los Angeles while the master plan development and phased implementation is in progress.  Ikea Foundation has teamed with the UN and created modular temporary housing that costs only $1100 and includes a solar panel for electricity.

I urge Mayor Garcetti to immediately use his influence to gain access to the Veterans Admin Campus for this purpose, as well as consider the Ikea units for other homeless.

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Homeless Vet Solutions

As there are a good number of vets and their families that are homeless, or close to being homeless, one solution would be to get the Veteran's Administration to quickly allow a temporary village to be built on the Veteran's Campus in West Los Angeles while the master plan development and phased implementation is in progress.  Ikea Foundation has teamed with the UN and created modular temporary housing that costs only $1100 and includes a solar panel for electricity.

I urge Mayor Garcetti to immediately use his influence to gain access to the Veterans Admin Campus for this purpose, as well as consider the Ikea units for other homeless.

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L.A. council declares shelter crisis in effort to help the homeless

Look, I know I'm not from L.A., (Chicagoan,) anyway it took me about 5 minutes to google what appears to be a simple solution to a 20k person homeless problem.  You've got a building on the books sitting empty with 850,000 sq ft of floor space.  I didn't even look at the other 9 listings on the page.  Honestly, just use the vacant building.  You'll get federal funds for it, and save those folks for years to come.  btw, you're welcome.

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In light of the Paris attacks, we need to make some minor changes.

Looking at the way the attacks were carried out, it looks like to me the future terrorist attacks will not merely be at one site or sites but locations throughout the city.  This also holds true with earthquakes, fires and even flooding after fires where we have multiple hillsides and locations prone to landslides.

I also looked at the North Hollywood shootout and evaluated what could have aided in and minimized the threat even faster.

Our key to dealing with these types of incidents is motorcycles.  I know they are expensive and not relatively cost effective but they are thousands of times more capable than a vehicle when it comes to these incidents.  A patrol car going downtown may take 40 minutes plus in traffic from most places in the city.  A motorcycle will get to downtown in 15 minutes from anywhere in the city.  This fact is imperative if we want to address a threat or multiple threats with the tools needed to eliminate those threats.

We should double our police motorcycle force to at least 500.  This will ensure that enough motors are on duty to respond basically anywhere in the city.

We should also train these motor officers in dealing with multiple threat targets as they were metro or SWAT.  This would result in minimal casualties by terrorists and would actually deter future attacks.  Just like the World Energy Conference in Seattle, which prepared us for the DNC; we can use Paris to help us prepare for potential future threats to LA with minimal impact on day to day operations yet make us an example to be followed by other cities.

We also need at least 100 EMT motorcycle units.  This will allow initial battle field ready units anywhere in the city within half the time of an RA or Engine and will allow an initial trauma patient to be prepared for when the RA, airship or air ambulance arrives or can be accessed.

I respectfully appreciate your time and consideration.




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Housing for homeless first!

Let's make available housing for L.A.'s  homeless a first priority. We have thousands in L.A. who are living in deplorable conditions on our streets. I am concerned that their housing and service needs will continue to be ignored if our city follows Governor Brown's announcement that he is welcoming an unspecified number of refugees who will need housing, services, etc.  I don't see how this makes sense. I support L.A. sending humanitarian aide to the Middle East, so people can find support near their homes.

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College Track

"we don’t just want them to go to college, we expect them to pursue higher education!"

This was the best part of your last e-mail. Expecting people to go to college definitely makes a difference. :) Congratulations on College Track! 

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Take care of your employees who have served your city!

My Husband is a Veteran and a former city of Los Angeles. How about you take care of him too? He was injured in the line of duty and the city of Los Angeles has hung him out to dry! Won't pay medical bills that were authorized by the city and now we are in collections. Won't authorize treatment so he spends every day of his life in excruciating pain! How about you step up to the plate and take care of him too!
Lawrie Mantwell

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Water a Manufactured Crises

All buildings high rises or homes should recirculate their own waste water. A septic system, and effluent water vacuum evaporated through a Graphene filter to remove toxins. Condensed at the roof to provide a plentiful supply of pressurized water.

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Sweet Morning!!! :-)

Warmth & Blessings on this Joyful Sun Shining Day!!  :-) I'm Clementina the founder of my Project Wake Up. Which is bringing the message of hope to the hurting, ill, diseased, suffering, disabled & dying from Los Angeles to Nyc. I'm a creative writer, Obama's speech writer, advisor, Ny mayor Bill de Blasio speech writer, advisor & nationwide I empower men & young boys growing to become men.  My ideas are to now uplift, esteem and  empower Mayor Eric & all of you God's creations in the Los Angeles area!!! It would be my colossal bliss!! He he he God bless each & every one of you!! I send abounding Love!! Hugs & Kisses!!! Live Inspired!!! :-)Founder of Project Wake Up  

Royal Clementina

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Left Turn Lights

Los Angeles is in desperate need of left turn lights. Sitting in the middle of the intersection, waiting until the light turns red, then flooring it to make your left turn is not safe, and it is very ineffective for traffic flow. 

Good news. There's a simple fix. LEFT TURN LIGHTS. Out in Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley, they have left turn lights and everything is so much easier. I ask that someone look into this, as it would seriously improve any driver's experience in Los Angeles.

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Homeless problem solved

Dear Mr. Mayor.  Why not put unused containers from Long Beach and San Pedro on some empty land, wire them for electricity, make individual homes for the homeless.  Put heating elements in them, each person would get their own personal space, with perhaps containers making a communal kitchen where folks could go and make food and serve it.  Those containers are like rabbits, they just keep multiplying, why not put them to good use.  You may want to see what Utah did with the homeless problem, they solved it and very cheaply by doing something similar with one person houses.  

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How about having 'office hours' once every week or two

I have been calling/writing/asking over and over how I can get your ear and voice contact for 15 - 30 minutes maximum as I have a mobility issue that is part of my disability. It make it difficult for me to be impulsive in what I do, and on those occasions that you have had 'walking the neighborhood' of public forums, I just either hear about them too late or just can't get organized quickly enough to take advantage of these moments. I have been able to schedule and speak with Adam Schiff, Henry Waxman, Ted Lieu, and other congressmen and public officials as all of them have 'OFFICE HOURS'. 

I have spoken to your city disability coordinator and AIDS coordinator, and neither had the answer of how to get your ear. I guess I could sit on the sidewalk outside your residence and wait for you to leave for work one day with the hope of handing a note to your driver for your perusal, but I am simply not well enough nor do I believe in trapping people for any purpose.

I am really hurt that your staff has never returned calls as promised, especially since when you and I shared a podium on World AIDS Day, you were moved by my words enough to invite me into the following council meeting to speak, which I declined for schedule reasons of my own.

Mayor, I have supported you both in my actions and with donations. Please support me in this request. My vast experience in both the HIV community and as a nationally recognized expert in affordable housing can help you I am sure

Thank you 

Jim Chud

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Illegal Drivers

Why would you allow Illegal Immigrants to have the rights to drive.Since this law look at the # of accidents, deaths and hit and runs that occur on  the streets of Los Angeles.  I want to know how could the city allow this when they claim they don't speak English. If they don't speak English, Im sure the don't read English. 

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Storm Water Capture

Hello Mayor Garcetti,

I'm excited to hear about the plan to locally capture rainwater to simultaneously alleviate runoff and recharge our groundwater. My concern is how the city will fund and maintain the to individual cisterns and rain gardens. The issue is that private citizens are providing a public benefit and issues can arise from who bears the responsibility of systems. A similar issue can be seen on Elmer street where bioswales have been installed for a similar purpose but they keep getting clogged and no one is sure of who is actually responsible for maintaining them. Since the public is receiving a benefit from these individual home systems, shouldn't a tax base or at least a special assessment be used to finance and maintain them?

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Wyvernwood Garden Apartments 70 Acres No Worthy Internet Access

Hi Mayor,

I live at the Wyvernwood Garden Apartments and we don't have access to reliable and quality internet.  All we have is AT&T for which they charge an arm and a leg and can only get us 1.5mbps speed internet.  However walk across the street on 8th street and anyone on that block can get Cable from Time Warner and 30 to 100mbps speed internet for the same price that At&t charges.  I've asked the Time Warner techs why they won't give us service and they keep saying it's because the city won't allow them to activate service because of "low income" restrictions.  I find this to be discriminatory as it is not government buildings that we live in although this might just be misinformation that these techs are delivering.  This day and age we need reliable and quality internet access for work, school and cheap entertainment for the family.  Is it possible to please look into this issue as it is affecting approx 1200 units on 70 acres of land which we know there are more than 1 family to most units making it close to 10,000 people with only one type of service when in this day and age without having to make improvements we can run cable connections across the street to have an alternative internet service provider, providing us with money saving services.  Thank you!

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Respect from the Los Angeles Police Department.

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