Mayor Announces New Public Works Commissioner

Mayor Eric Garcetti today nominated Joel Jacinto to the Board of Public Works. Jacinto currently serves on the Affordable Housing Commission and is Executive Director of Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA), a community-based organization that empowers youth, families, and businesses through health and human services, community economic development, and through a community center that serves as a place for collaboration and community engagement.

"Our Department of Public Works is one of my key priorities because it delivers core city services that make our neighborhoods work," said Mayor Garcetti. "With his extensive experience working with youth, families, businesses, and communities, Joel is well equipped to make sure City Hall is working efficiently and helping to improve life for Angelenos."

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Mayor Garcetti and Metro Board Announce L.A. County Bike Share


The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), chaired by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, voted today to award a $11 million contract to Bicycle Transit Systems, Inc. to launch bike sharing in Downtown L.A.

"We are building new ways for Angelenos to get around," said Mayor Garcetti. "Riding a bike is another option people can use to commute to work or explore the region. Today marks the first step in Metro's plan to bring bike share to cities across the county."

Metro will launch the bike share system in spring 2016 with nearly 1,100 bikes at 65 stations throughout Downtown L.A. The system will later expand to Pasadena in 2017 as Metro plans to bring the program to eight other communities for a total of 4,000 bicycles in ten communities in L.A. County.
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Los Angeles Will Host First U.S.-China Climate-Smart/Low-Carbon Cities Summit


Mayor Eric Garcetti today hailed the White House announcement that Los Angeles will host the first U.S.-China Climate-Smart/Low-Carbon Cities Summit this fall. Leading cities from both countries will meet in L.A. to share best practices, discuss objectives, and celebrate city-level leadership in reducing carbon emissions and building resilience. 

"Cities are a major source of our pollution problems and city leaders must find the solutions," said Mayor Garcetti. "In Los Angeles, we've seen that cleaning up our air has produced a healthier economy as well as a healthier city. L.A. became a leader in clean technology and now has more green jobs than any other region in the United States. I want to thank President Obama for his leadership on this issue, and we look forward to hosting the summit in Los Angeles this fall."

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Mayor Garcetti Announces Sale of Navajo Plant; Major Step Towards Getting LA Off Coal Power by 2025

Mayor Eric Garcetti signed an agreement to sell LADWP's share in the Arizone-based Navajo Generating Station.Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced that LA has taken a major step toward eliminating coal from Los Angeles’ energy mix: on Friday, he signed an agreement to sell LADWP’s 21% share in the Arizona-based Navajo Generating Station. Sale of Navajo will reduce LA’s greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 1 million cars over the next three and one-half years.

The signing fulfills a promise Mayor Garcetti made to voters in 2013 to divest from Navajo and reaffirms a commitment in the Sustainable City pLAn to make tangible progress towards getting Los Angeles completely off coal by 2025. The sales agreement also comes on the heals of Mayor Garcetti’s unveiling last week of the Mayor National Climate Action Agenda, a joint effort with Mayors Anise Parker of Houston and Michael Nutter of Philadelphia to catalyze local climate change efforts ahead of global climate talks in Paris later this year.

“It is important to back up talk about climate change with actions that actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “This is an important step toward cleaner air, addressing climate change, and creating a clean energy future for Los Angeles.”

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Mayor Garcetti, L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce, and Dun & Bradstreet Partner to Map the Ecosystem of Making Things in L.A.

Los Angeles

Mayor Garcetti today announced that he has formed a partnership with the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and Dun & Bradstreet to contact Los Angeles businesses for a new “Make it in L.A.” survey. The study identifies the businesses that support the design, manufacture, and retail sales of physical goods in the greater Los Angeles area, including clothing, food, home goods, aerospace products, and electronics.  The results of the survey will be used to determine the ways that City Hall can support the manufacturing ecosystem.

“Producing physical goods is essential for the health of our economy and for creating quality skilled jobs,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “For the City of Los Angeles and its partners to make a positive impact, we have to know which businesses play a part in turning an idea into a product that consumers and corporations want and need. Having this information will help L.A. hold its position as king of the nation’s manufacturing mountain.”

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Mayor Garcetti Announces 27 Cities Have Joined Mayors National Climate Action Agenda


Mayor Garcetti today announced that the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda, an organization he co-founded in September of 2014, has called on President Obama to fight for the strongest possible climate agreement at the upcoming 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris. The Mayors are also urging federal action to establish binding national greenhouse gas emissions reductions in the United States.

The nationwide coalition of mayors also announced that 27 mayors from across the country have signed on to support the President and the U.S. delegation in Paris in pushing for strong action on climate change.

This announcement comes alongside Pope Francis' recent encyclical, "On Care for our Common Home" which calls for swift action in addressing climate change. 

"Pope Francis' encyclical underscores how we must move beyond treating climate change as a political issue and approach it as a human one," said Mayor Garcetti. "Like the Sustainable City Plan we have introduced locally here in Los Angeles, the UN climate change conference in Paris presents an opportunity to shape our planet's future on a global scale for decades to come. That is why I am proud that today, two dozen mayors joined with me, Mayor Parker, and Mayor Nutter through our Mayors' National Climate Action Agenda to call on President Obama to push for the strongest possible agreement in Paris."

Mayor Garcetti co-founded the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda in September of 2014 with Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia and Mayors Annise Parker of Houston. The three Mayors represent the largest cities on the Presidential Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience.

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Mayor Garcetti Announces Public Online Access to Building Records

Building Records

As a part of his back to basics agenda, Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced a new customer service tool from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS), the LADBS Online Building Records system, which will offer users a quick and easy way to research building records and obtain digital images of original documents online.

The Online Building Records system allows 24-hour access to key records such as building permits and Certificates of Occupancy without requiring customers to make a trip downtown and wait in line at the records counter, saving Angelenos and businesses time and money.

"Putting our building records online is good business practice and just plain common sense," said Mayor Garcetti. "This system cuts red tape and improves customer service for builders, developers, and everyday Angelenos, making L.A. more attractive to key investments that create jobs. City Hall is working to help those investing in LA."

The system contains more than 13 million records dating from 1905 to the present, including building permits, Certificates of Occupancy, building modifications, grading information, Commission files, and more. Since the system's soft launch in May, it has been accessed more than 27,600 times by nearly 3,700 unique users. 

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Mayor Garcetti Signs Historic Minimum Wage Increase into Law


Largest anti-poverty program in the history of the City of Los Angeles gives a raise to more than 600,000 Angelenos earning minimum wage to help make ends meet.

LOS ANGELES-- Mayor Garcetti today signed the City of Los Angeles's largest anti-poverty measure into law, increasing the City's minimum wage to $15.00 per hour by 2020. The law will give a raise to more than 600,000 Angelenos currently earning minimum wage, helping lift them and their families out of poverty. The Mayor was joined by business, labor, and religious leaders as well as seven members of the Los Angeles City Council to sign the ordinance at Martin Luther King Jr. Park, in South LA, where he first launched the campaign to raise the minimum wage in LA on Labor Day 2014. 

"Today is a major victory for our city, our communities, and working Angelenos across Los Angeles," said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "While our city's economic health continues to roar back— we have the highest employment levels on record -- too many Angelenos are still being left behind. Today's minimum wage increase addresses that gap, enabling working families in LA to lift themselves out of poverty and tying our minimum wage to the cost of living to make this justice last. LA as whole will benefit from this boost: we have always prospered the most when everyone is able to spend money into our economy."

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Mayor Garcetti Announces New Deputy Mayor

Mayor Garcetti Announces Jeff Gorell as the New Deputy Mayor.LOS ANGELES -- Mayor Eric Garcetti today appointed Jeff Gorell as his new Deputy Mayor for Homeland Security and Public Safety, effective July 6, 2015. Gorell is a former California State legislator who also served as a military intelligence officer and a deputy district attorney.

"The safety of Los Angeles is my top priority, and I'm honored to have Jeff Gorell join my administration," said Mayor Garcetti. "With his experience as an assemblymember, prosecutor, and decorated Naval officer, Jeff is the right person to lead my office of Homeland Security and Public Safety."

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Port of Los Angeles Embraces Technology to Increase Supply Chain Efficiency

thisoneCargomatic.jpgPort Partners Test Cargomatic’s Mobile App to Expedite Containerized Cargo

SAN PEDRO -- Mayor Garcetti today announced that Cargomatic, a Los Angeles-based, privately-owned technology company that matches trucking capacity with shipments, is testing its mobile app to speed up the flow of containerized cargo at the Port of Los Angeles (POLA), the number #1 port in America. This is an important tool in increasing supply chain efficiency at the POLA.

Cargomatic has developed a peel-off shipping concept that it calls the “Cargomatic Free Flow” program, a web-based solution that optimizes container moves for cargo owners, terminals, and trucking companies. Testing began in early January and preliminary results are encouraging.

"We have forged an important relationship between Cargomatic and the Port of Los Angeles that will help our city effectively compete in today's technology driven marketplace,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. "This kind of innovation will help keep our Port #1, benefitting working Angelenos and our local economy.”

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