LA Ranked #1 in US City Open Data Census

Open Data Portal

Just one year after Mayor Garcetti launched LA's first-ever Open Data Portal. LA given ISO 37210 Platinum Certification for Data by World Council on City

Mayor Garcetti today announced the Los Angeles has been ranked #1 by the US City Open Data Census for its open data. The Census, administered by Code for America, the Sunlight Foundation, and the Open Knowledge Foundation-- leaders in open data and transparency--ranks cities' data on the availability, quality, and accessibility of its open data. Just one year after Mayor Garcetti launched the City's first-ever open data portal, LA tops the list, beating New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Mayor Garcetti also announced that LA has received platinum status for its open data from the World Council on City Data (WCCD), the certification body responsible for implementing the first international standard for cites, ISO 37120: Sustainable development of communities -- Indicators for city services and quality of life. With 100 indicators, based on 17 themes, ISO 37120 certifies the quality and availability of city data, ensuring a global standard for data, enabling comparability and best practice sharing for cities around the world through the WCCD Open City Data Portal.

"There's no longer any doubt: our number one ranking on the US City Open Data Census and our WCCD platinum status prove that LA is leading the nation-- and the globe-- in best practices in making our city data open, accessible, and useful for Angelenos, organizations, and leaders around the world," said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "But this isn't just good data for data's sake-- I'm invested in harnessing the power of our open data to make city hall run better, provide better services to Angelenos, and improve quality of life here in LA."

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City of Los Angeles Announces Three Convention Center Designs Now Available for Public Viewing

Finalists in City’s Design Competition Display Proposals; Public Meeting Scheduled

Convention Centers

As an integral next step in the “Expansion and Futurization Project” for the Los Angeles Convention Center, the City of Los Angeles, led by the L.A. Department of Convention and Tourism Development and the Bureau of Engineering, spearheaded a design competition to select an architect for the proposed renovation and expansion of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Three final teams were selected and their work is now on public display beginning Wednesday, May 20th through June 4th, 2015.

The purpose of the design competition, launched in late 2014, was to solicit creative design solutions for the future development and expansion of the Convention Center. The competitors were asked to address a series of goals and criteria including, but not limited to: a commitment to the environment, a point of view on the “futurization” of conference centers, and overall creativity and budget.

“Today, we’re taking a big step forward in investing in our future and bringing more business, more visitors, and more jobs to our city,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti.  “I’m very pleased that with these functional and attractive designs, Los Angeles is closer to a Convention Center that reflects our city’s position as the global capital of creativity, innovation, and possibility.”

"Los Angeles is a world class city and it deserves a world class Convention Center that complements and builds on the successful redevelopment of our downtown," said Councilman Price. "I am eager to see these new design plans so that we can select the best one, helping us to attract the largest amount of convention business."

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City Council Passes #RaisetheWageLA


"Today, help is on the way for the one million Angelenos who live in poverty.  I started this campaign to raise the minimum wage to create broader economic prosperity in our city and because the minimum wage should not be a poverty wage in Los Angeles.  I want to thank the City Council, especially Council President Wesson and Councilmembers Bonin, Cedillo, Koretz, Krekorian, Martinez, O'Farrell and Price, for joining me in building a stronger city and I look forward to signing this legislation." - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti




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Mayor Garcetti Breaks Ground on $573 Million Upgrade at LAX


Mayor Eric Garcetti today was joined by Councilmember Tom LaBonge, Board of Airport Commissioners President Sean Burton, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) Executive Director Gina Marie Lindsey and United Airlines representatives to announce a $573 million upgrade of United Terminals 7 and 8, the latest element of the city's $7.3 billion public works project to overhaul the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The project will refresh nearly all customer-facing space in those terminals, and will include infrastructure upgrades and a new baggage in-line screening system. The renovation is slated for completion by December of 2017.

"Today's investment by United Airlines is the latest in our more than $7 billion overhaul of LAX," said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "Whether by upgrading 9 terminals, bringing in ridesharing services in to pick you up, or finally connecting the nation's second busiest airport to rail, we're making LAX a world-class airport befitting a city that is the global capitol of creativity, innovation and possibility."

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Mayor Garcetti Announces Great Streets Challenge Grant

Great Streets Challenge GrantsMayor Eric Garcetti today announced the Great Streets Challenge Grant program, which will award a total of up to $200,000 to community groups who find innovative ways to enhance the city's efforts along the initial 15 streets of Mayor Garcetti's Great Streets Initiative.

The Great Streets Initiative was created by the Mayor to target improvement along "backbone" main streets in communities across L.A.

Examples of community-driven initiatives that could be funded by the grants include infrastructure improvements and events that draw people to a Great Street.

“The Great Streets Challenge Grant seeks to build on the infrastructure improvements being made by the city with initiatives created by those who understand our communities the most," Mayor Garcetti said. "I believe the best results come when innovative thinking from City Hall is matched with the passion and creativity found within our neighborhoods.  We are working hard to get L.A. back to basics by transforming underutilized spaces into dynamic and safe places for Angelenos to meet, shop, and spend time with their families." 

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Mayor Garcetti Names Head of LA's New Innovation Delivery Team

Mayor Eric Garcetti has named Amanda Daflos to lead his administration's new Innovation Delivery Team, a group of "in-house consultants" that will work on key mayoral priorities thanks to a $2.55 million, three-year grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies. Los Angeles was one of 14 cities to win the grant, which sponsors the creation of Innovation Delivery Teams that aim to design and implement new approaches for city halls across the nation to improve neighborhoods and residents' quality of life – relying on data, open innovation, and strong project and performance management. The Los Angeles team will first focus on neighborhood revitalization in low-income areas, with the goal of improving the lives of existing residents and minimizing displacement of long-time residents and local businesses.

“It’s not enough to have innovative ideas; the ultimate test is delivering results,” Mayor Eric Garcetti noted in making the appointment. “The Innovation Delivery Team will help us tackle our toughest challenges to mobilize the right ideas, the right people and the right metrics to make sure we deliver real results.  The team's first focus will be on enabling new public and private investment to flow toward some of our most challenged neighborhoods -- to benefit the people who live there and the local businesses who serve them. Daflos brings the right combination of skills to lead this ambitious effort.”

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Mayor Garcetti Calls on TV Production Companies to take Advantage of New CA Tax Credit

Confident from ‘Greenlight Hollywood’ Outreach Effort That All Major Production Firms Will Apply for First Round of New TV Tax Credit

Mayor Eric Garcetti today called for TV production companies to apply for the state’s new TV tax credit during the application period that runs from May 11 to May 17. Mayor Garcetti also said that based on the outreach conducted through his “Greenlight Hollywood” campaign, he is confident that every major TV production company will participate in the process.  

Mayor Garcetti helped lead a statewide coalition to pass legislation tripling California’s film and television production tax credit to $1.65 billion over five years. According to a study by the Milken Institute, the credit is expected to support up to 50,000 middle class jobs. This important legislation is aimed at protecting and expanding an industry that is integral to the State’s economy and identity.

“Here in L.A., the entertainment industry is more than glitz and glamour; it’s a bedrock of our middle class, and so I urge production companies to take advantage of the expanded tax credit we fought so hard to pass,” Mayor Garcetti said.

More than $50 million in tax credits are available for new TV series, TV pilots, Movies-of-the-Week and Miniseries. In addition, more than $27 million in tax credits are available for “relocating TV series” -- a television series that filmed its most recent season outside of California but is relocating to California because of the new tax credit.

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Mayor Garcetti Takes Drought, Ocean Protection Action


Mayor Eric Garcetti today signed an agreement finalizing an estimated $40 million stormwater treatment project that will clean polluted LAX runoff before it is released into Santa Monica Bay. An average of 100 million gallons of water a year will also be recharged into the city's groundwater basin through this project, adding to L.A.'s effort to address the historic drought. The stormwater capture facility will be built underground, requiring the excavation of a five-acre empty parcel that the city will then convert into park space.

"We must re-imagine our relationship with water. We must be responsible with how we treat it, across its entire cycle. We can no longer afford to let stormwater run off as pollution into our ocean. We must clean it, we must capture it, and we must put it to good use," said Mayor Garcetti. "Protecting our environment and overcoming our drought requires all of us to take action. I am proud that this project represents a collaboration between Los Angeles World Airports and the Department of Public Works, whose partnership will be sealed by the agreement we are signing today."

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Mayor Garcetti Announces Department of Transportation Technology Advisor

Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced a new transportation technology advisor fellowship at Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT). Serving in a one-year fellowship, made possible by a grant from the Goldhirsh Foundation, the technology advisor will create a citywide strategy that outlines the future of road safety, road use efficiency, traffic regulation, and traffic enforcement and will create a policy plan for the City to ensure a safe, mobile, sustainable future for the Los Angeles.  

The technology advisor will work closely with DOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds and Chief Technology Officer Peter Marx and will help position Los Angeles as a national model in sustainable, tech-enabled transportation and as a test bed for technologies that will change the future of transportation. The advisor will also help the DOT design strategies to meet the transportation goals outlined in the Mayor's Sustainable City Plan, released last month.

"It's about time the car capital of the world planned for the future of transportation in the digital age -- moving beyond the car to bikes, ride shares, and autonomous vehicles," said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "Working together with my Department of Transportation General Manager Seleta Reynolds and CTO Peter Marx, this expert will help us answer questions about how LA can better prepare our streets, systems, and infrastructure to make our city the most livable, modern city it can be."

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Mayor Garcetti Celebrates Opening of Women Veteran Housing Program

08BlueButterflyVillagesocial.jpgMayor Eric Garcetti, U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald, Councilmember Joe Buscaino, Rep. Ted Liu, and Rep. Janice Hahn today celebrated the grand opening of Blue Butterfly Village in San Pedro, a historic new facility dedicated specifically to housing women veterans with children.

The Blue Butterfly units were originally homes for Navy personnel. Today, they have been transformed into beautiful homes, equipped with a park, social services, and drought-resistant gardens. This facility establishes a new national model: renovate unused military housing and put it to good use for our country’s veterans.

"The contributions of our servicewomen do not end when they take off their uniform, and neither do our obligations to honor their service when they return," said Mayor Eric Garcetti.  "And we know that 73% of our homeless women veterans don’t have shelter at night. And, tragically, 60% of all women veterans in L.A. County suffered some form of sexual violence while serving in our country’s military. As mayor, I will ensure Los Angeles will not ignore the needs of our most vulnerable populations."


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