Mayor Garcetti and LADOT Release First-Ever Transportation Strategic Plan to Provide Safer Streets and Better Transportation Options

Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) General Manager Seleta Reynolds today released Great Streets for Los Angeles, LADOT's first strategic plan to turn the city’s essential infrastructure -- its streets and sidewalks -- into safer, more livable 21st century public spaces that accommodate everyone who uses them. 

"We are changing our approach to transportation by building a system that offers Angelenos multiple options for how to get around," said Mayor Garcetti.  "LADOT is at the heart of making this vision a reality in L.A., and the strategic plan establishes the concrete steps the department will take to accomplish this over the next few years." 

The plan builds upon Mayor Garcetti's back to basics agenda and Great Streets Initiative, which look at L.A.'s streets as valuable assets that can help revitalize neighborhoods across the city and make it easier for Angelenos to get around whether they walk, bike, drive, or take transit.   The plan also stresses the importance of working closely with other city and regional agencies, such as the Bureau of Street Services and Metro, to improve safe, accessible transportation services and infrastructure.

"This strategic plan is an urban constitution for what L.A.'s streets can be and how to make them safer and better for the economy and for all Angelenos, no matter how they get around," said LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds,  "We look forward to partnering with stakeholders and city leaders to bring it to life."

Councilmember Mike Bonin chairs the City Council's Transportation Committee.

"Having a forward-looking strategic transportation plan is essential for neighborhoods in L.A.," said Councilmember Bonin. "I'm excited to work with the Mayor and Seleta in putting this plan into action so we can put neighborhoods first."

Janette Sadik-Khan of Bloomberg Associates helped direct the strategic planning process.

“A city's health, safety, and economy starts with its streets, and identifying the strategies and benchmarks to mark progress toward its goals is an essential part of the work LADOT does every day," said Sadik-Khan. "Safe streets that provide more and better choices for Angelenos can help unlock L.A.'s economic potential and make its streets into something more than just drive-through corridors."

The 62-page plan focuses on Mayor Garcetti's priorities of making the city safe, prosperous, and livable with a well-run government.  It outlines goals and benchmarks to track progress and includes key targets for making LADOT an even more transparent and responsive agency that also attracts and retrains a talented workforce.

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Mayor Garcetti to Announce Mayors National Climate Action Agenda With Fellow Mayors Parker and Nutter

Announcement Will Happen on Stage at the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

Mayor Eric Garcetti, along with fellow Mayors Annise Parker of Houston and Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, will announce the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda on stage at the 2014 Clinton Global Initiaitve Annual Meeting. The Action Agenda commits mayors to local efforts on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to supporting efforts for binding federal and global-level policy making.

Forged by the mayors of the largest three cities serving on Preisdent Obama's Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience, the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda seeks to by-pass the gridlock in Washington to fight climate change in cities, where the majority of greenhouse gas emissions occur. The mayors of the first three cities to commit to the Action Agenda-- Los Angeles, Houston, and Philadelphia-- will work to enlist other cities across the nation to adopt the Angenda.

"Our cities are on the front lines of the impacts of climate change, with 70% of emissions in the US from cities--mayors must confront this challenge not only at the local level, but also by calling for binding emission reductions at the federal and global level," said Mayor Garcetti. "I look forward to working with Mayors Parker and Nutter to galvanize our fellow mayors across the nation to join us."

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Mayor Garcetti Joins Governor Brown at Signing of Critical Film Industry Bill

Mayor Garcetti today joined Governor Brown as he signed important legislation to more than triple California's film tax credit to boost our entertainment industry and middle class. Since taking office, Mayor Garcetti has made this legislation his top priority in Sacramento. AB 1839 passed through the legislature on August 29, 2014 with an allocation of $330 million per year for five years beginning with fiscal year 2015-16. The legislation prioritizes funding for applicants based on net new jobs created and overall positive economic impact. AB 1839 was authored by Assemblymembers Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) and Raul J. Bocanegra (D-Los Angeles). Senator Kevin de Leon and Speaker Toni Atkins played a key role in aligning the bill's funding with jobs.

"They call the problem 'runaway production.' But let's be clear -- production and production jobs aren't running away from California. They are being lured away by big financial incentives from other states. Today, we fight back. This legislation levels the playing field to protect our signature industry and the middle class jobs it supports. This legislation targets the heart and soul of this industry and our middle class – people who swing hammers, run cable and serve food on set so they can pay the bills and spend money in our economy. As Mayor, my number one job is to protect and create jobs. That's why I made this legislation my top priority in Sacramento," Mayor Garcetti said.

Mayor Garcetti has made protecting and expanding our entertainment industry a centerpiece of his administration because it is critical to the strength of our middle class and overall economy.

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Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced new initiatives at the Department of Building and Safety that will reduce costs for Los Angeles residents installing solar photovoltaic systems at their homes, including making permits available online and having Building and Safety inspectors verify requirements on behalf of the Fire Department.

"My back to basics agenda for Los Angeles is about reforming City Hall to make it easier for Angelenos to take action on our most important priorities – and installing solar panels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one my top priorities," said Mayor Garcetti. "The work done by the Department of Building and Safety, together with ongoing customer service improvements for solar customers underway at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, will cut costs and help create local jobs in the City’s growing solar installation industry."

According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, solar panels and other hardware account for less than half of the cost of a typical residential solar system, and reducing permitting time can shave as much as $900 off the cost of an installation.

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Mayor Garcetti Appoints Abhi Nemani as City's First Chief Data Officer

Abhi NemaniMayor Garcetti has appointed Abhi Nemani as Los Angeles' first Chief Data Officer. As part of Mayor Garcetti's effort to build a data-driven culture of innovation and excellence in city government, Nemani will work with city departments to collect and analyze data, and will lead the operation of the city's new open-data portal at

Mayor Garcetti said, "I'm pleased that Abhi Nemani is joining my team to manage the collection of data citywide and create tools to use data that will help solve everyday challenges for our residents."

Los Angeles' open data initiative began with Mayor Eric Garcetti's third executive directive issued on December 18th, 2013. The directive states: "To promote transparency and accountability, the City of Los Angeles (“City”) will make publicly available raw data in easy-to-find and accessible formats. Open Data is raw data generated or collected by government agencies made freely available for use by the public, subject only to valid privacy, confidentiality, security, and other legal restrictions."

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Mayor Garcetti Begins Second Annual Department Head Review

12180109336_bb617cac5c_z.jpgLOS ANGELES--Mayor Eric Garcetti this week began annual reviews of every city department head as part of his commitment to improve accountability and performance measurement in city government.

The City Charter assigns the Mayor the role of the city's CEO, and when he took office, Mayor Garcetti took the unprecedented step of requiring every city department head to reapply for his or her job.

"As Mayor and the city's CEO, I want to make sure that we hold every city department head accountable and measure their performance to save taxpayer dollars and deliver better services. I want Los Angeles to be the best run city in America," Mayor Garcetti said.

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Joint Statement from Mayor Eric Garcetti, Foster The People, and Capital Foresight

The City of Los Angeles, Foster the People, and Capital Foresight have explored all the options for the mural at 539 S. Los Angeles Street. However, since the Santa Fe Lofts is a State Historic Building that receives tax credits for maintaining original design features under the Mills Act, it is necessary to remove the mural to return this historic property to its original state. 

We all agree that public art is part of what makes L.A. great, so the Mayor's Office, Foster the People, and Capital Foresight have committed to working together to create a new mural in another downtown location that all Angelenos can enjoy for many years.  Details of the mural will be revealed at a later date.



With the water off, our focus is now on making sure we can get our infrastructure repaired and traffic moving as soon as possible. My office is working to ensure there is careful coordination among the various city agencies that will be required to recover from this major event. They include DWP, Transportation, Sanitation, Street Services, Fire, and Police, as well as UCLA. Sunset Boulevard near UCLA will remain closed tomorrow, so commuters should plan ahead and people should avoid the area unless absolutely necessary. Commuters should check online and consider Santa Monica and Olympic as alternates. I want to thank our first responders and those who will be working around the clock to get us back to normal.

According the LADWP, crews have completed shutting off water to the 30-inch trunkline that ruptured earlier this afternoon on Sunset Boulevard, near UCLA.  

Preliminary information indicates that no customers are without water and water quality was not adversely impacted.  Crews will begin work immediately to repair the 30-inch ruptured steel-riveted pipe that delivers water to the area at a high velocity from Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir.
Crews shut off three large diameter valves as quickly and safely as they could, taking care to avoid further damage due to pressure in adjacent pipes that could have lead to further ruptures if care was not taken.
Water flow through the pipe was estimated at 75,000 gallons per minute at the peak.  LADWP serves approximately 500 million gallons of water to customers each day.
Members of the public are advised to avoid the area.
Recommended traffic detours are as follows: Westbound on Sunset should go south on Beverly Glen then west on Wilshire Boulevard then back north on Veteran/Sepulveda to get around the closure. Eastbound traffic should head south on Veteran/Sepulveda then east on Wilshire Boulevard, then head north on Beverly Glen.  For access into UCLA Campus please use Westwood Boulevard.
For the latest information, follow @LADWP on Twitter.  
Earlier, the Emergency Management Department reported that the City of Los Angeles has activated its Emergency Operations Center to a level 1 to monitor the water line break at U.C.L.A.  The Emergency Management Department is coordinating with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, L.A.F.D., L.A.P.D., Department of Transportation and U.C.L.A. Emergency Management.  
It reported that the U.C.L.A. Medical Center was open and receiving patients.  Two parking structures at U.C.L.A. have been flooded and L.A.F.D. is conducting a sweep of the area looking for stranded individuals. 
LADOT recommended Westwood Boulevard for access to the UCLA campus (only if necessary; unnecessary trips should be avoided). Metro buses are also disrupted. Riders should visit

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Mayor Garcetti appoints Ralph Terrazas as Chief of L.A. Fire Department

Mayor Eric Garcetti has appointed LAFD Assistant Chief Ralph Terrazas to be the next Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department. Terrazas has served 30 years with LAFD, including 21 years as a Fire Officer and 14 years of major command experience as a Chief Officer

"Reforming the fire department is vital to the safety of our families and to my back to basics agenda," said Mayor Garcetti. "After an exhaustive nationwide search, I have decided there is no better person to cut response times, improve technology, and bring reform to the Los Angeles Fire Department than Chief Ralph Terrazas."

"I will dedicate our efforts on transforming the LAFD into a metric driven, technologically sophisticated, community-focused organization that is reflective of the communities we serve," said Chief Terrazas. "I want to thank Mayor Garcetti, and I believe this is confirmation for his trust and confidence in the men and women of the LAFD."

Terrazas established the Professional Standards Division and was responsible for all aspects of the LAFD disciplinary system. He was also instrumental in the passage of Proposition F, a $532 million bond for 19 new fire stations and holds a U.S. Patent.

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Mayor Garcetti Thanks LA Employers for Hiring 10,000 Youth in Summer Jobs Through Hire LA's Youth Initiative

photo-12.JPGLOS ANGELES-- Mayor Garcetti today joined Councilmember Paul Koretz and employer partners at Cedars Sinai Medical Center to celebrate meeting his goal of 10,000 summer jobs for youth through his Hire LA's Youth summer jobs program. Working with public and private sector partners, this year's program doubled the number of youth jobs available to young Angelenos aged 14-24. Cedars Sinai Medical Center is employing 30 young people through this program.

The Hire LA's Youth summer jobs program provides job readiness training, on the job experience, and a paycheck to more than 10,000 LA City youth in what is for many their first job. Partnering with the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and financial institution partners, the program provides job application, resume writing, and interview skills training, as well as financial literacy training to help create healthy financial habits for these first-time earners.

"I'm proud to announce that yesterday was the first day of work for 10,000 young Angelenos age 14-24 through my Hire LA's Youth summer jobs program," said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "Our youth are the key to the success and prosperity of our city, and Hire LA's Youth, a part of my Summer of Success Initiative, gives our younger generation the chance to leap ahead with safe and productive ways to learn, earn and play."

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