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"You deserve to know how your tax dollars are being spent."
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
FY2015-16 Budget Proposal

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How It Works

Below are a few examples of how to use this site to see your tax dollars at work

Recreation and Parks Expenses by Program

Follow these steps to see how the budget for Recreation and Parks is broken out by individual programs

1 - Click
Click on "General City Departments"
2 - Click
Click on "Recreation and Parks"
3 - Click
Change the visualization of the data
4 - Scroll Down
Scroll down for a detailed view of the budgets
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LAPD Expenses by Expense Type

Review the budget for the Los Angeles Police Department's expenses by expense type

1 - Click
Select "Show: Expense" and Under "Filtered by" click "Departments"
2 - Click
Select "General City Departments"
3 - Click
Select "Police"
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General Fund Tax Base

Follow these steps to see how individual taxes add to the City's General Fund revenue base

1 - Click
Select "Show: Revenues"
2 - Click
Select "Filter by Revenue Type"
3 - Click
Click on "General"
4 - Click
Click on "Taxes"
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FY2014-15 Budget Documents