City of LA Gun Buy Back - May 9th

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Solving a Digital Age Puzzle: Global Navigation Bar

Here's a challenge for the digital age: take a multitude of websites published by government agencies and departments across the City of Los Angeles and turn them into a connected experience using as little money as possible and without a centralized marketing group. 

Do it without running over brands and visual identities and do it quickly. Make sure everything is touch-responsive, ensure that everything is ADA and 508-compliant, and, most importantly, do NOT require extensive re-engineering or re-hosting of existing websites. 

The answer: put a global navigation bar across the top of the existing websites using HTML5 and a very simple (elegant) design using the 110-year-old Los Angeles city seal.

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Mayor Garcetti Releases Report On Women and Girls In Los Angeles


“Our city only succeeds if everyone has an equal shot at success. For too long, our women and girls have been left behind and counted out, and I want Los Angeles to lead in employing and empowering women. This first-of-its-kind report provides us with important information that will help us develop a plan of attack to address gender inequality and the issues impacting women in our city.” - Mayor Eric Garcetti

Read the full report, here.

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Mayor Garcetti Announces New Public Safety App

Press_Larger.jpgMayor Eric Garcetti today announced the LAFD's deployment of PulsePoint, a free mobile app that registers people trained in CPR who get alerted when someone nearby needs help, potentially dramatically reducing the time when CPR begins and saving lives when seconds count. 

"This app connects trained lifesavers who may already be on scene with people who need immediate help, when seconds count the most," Mayor Garcetti said. "My back to basics agenda is focused on implementing technologies that can make a difference in ways that are most important to our residents, and there is no greater priority than emergency response. I want to see this app activate an army of civilian first responders across Los Angeles," Mayor Garcetti said.

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The Importance of Your Vote

VoteWith LA’s City Election being held tomorrow, I want to take this moment to highlight the importance of voting.

Many people do not realize how much their everyday lives are affected by decisions made at City Hall. The roads we drive on, the parks in which our children play, the safety of our streets and our preparedness in the event of a natural disaster -- these are the issues we work on every day at City Hall.

And to best serve you, we need to hear from you, and the best way to be heard is at the ballot box.

Make your plan to vote tomorrow and be sure to remind your friends and neighbors. If you’re unsure of your polling location or have any questions regarding tomorrow’s election, visit to get the information you need.

Now, go vote!

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Introducing Valley-Westside Express Lane Bus Service

My back to basics agenda is about focusing our resources where they can make the greatest impact. Today, as Mayor and Chair of Metro, I’m proud to announce the new Valley-Westside Express targeting one of L.A.'s most notorious choke points.

The 405 Freeway through the Sepulveda pass is one of the busiest and most congested stretches of highway in the United States. But today, we're launching a way to cut 40 minutes off of your daily commute between the Valley and the Westside -- so you can spend less time stuck in traffic and more time doing the things you want to do. That adds up to two weeks in saved time per year.

I'm so proud that my staff was able to intervene after I took office to accelerate the opening of the 405 carpool lanes. With this new express line, we're seeing another way those lanes are making a difference.

Overall, L.A. Metro is right now investing $36 Billion in our transportation infrastructure to ease congestion, fix our roads, and improve our rail and bus service. All together, it's the largest public works project in the nation, and I’m making sure that those dollars are going directly to giving Los Angeles the best transportation network in the United States.

Find out more info about the Valley-Westside Express at

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Resilience by Design

Read Full ReportMy Fellow Angelenos:

As Mayor, I have no greater responsibility than the public safety of Los Angeles. And here in our city, it’s not a question of if the so-called “Big One” will hit. It’s a matter of when. So we cannot afford to be complacent. The known risks – to life, property and our overall economy – are too great.

Los Angeles has always been an epicenter of seismic risk. Now, the action steps in this report will make our city a nation-leading epicenter of seismic preparedness, resilience, and safety.

This package of action steps represents a tectonic shift of how earthquake policy is made in Los Angeles. To this point, earthquake policy has more often than not been developed in the immediate aftermath of a major earthquake. And even then, momentum quickly died out, leaving grave vulnerabilities behind. Today, Los Angeles is addressing our greatest earthquake vulnerabilities proactively and strategically.

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This Is How We #DroughtHack

#DroughtHackWill you join me in fighting the drought?

The history of Los Angeles is a history of water. From our city's founding on the banks of the LA River to the engineering miracle of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, our relationship with water has been inseparable from our growth and success as a city.

With our city now facing a historic drought, the time has come to take action.

I recently issued an Executive Directive on Water Conservation to address this challenge. The directive calls for a 20% reduction in our city's water use by 2017 and a 50% reduction in the DWP's use of imported water by 2024. You can read the directive in full here.

With this directive, the city will lead by example. Just as critical, however, are the actions that you take. That's why I've launched #DroughtHack to help spread the word on strategies Angelenos can use to conserve water. Some people take a bucket into the shower. Some people shower with someone else. Whatever it is you do to conserve, I want to hear about it. That's how we will #DroughtHack as a city.

On November 6th, we'll start a major push on social media to raise awareness around the need to conserve water. This effort will only be as strong as the Angelenos that get behind it.

I need you to sign up to help strengthen our city's future.

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Innovation Week Has Arrived

LA Innovation WeekWe are a city of innovators: a place where artists, entrepreneurs, academics, and creators of all kinds are constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility to bring something new to our city and the world.

That's why I'm excited for Innovation Week. You can find a full calendar of events here.

Earlier this week, our city was the proud host of City Lab 2014, which brought together over 300 mayors from around the world to talk about the urban future. City Lab chose LA because, as one panelist said, "There's something happening here. You can feel it."

During Innovation Week, you'll be able to see it, hear it, and experience it, too. There are events planned all around Los Angeles showcasing the work of a diverse array of innovators. My team not only helped organize the week, we are actively participating, because we want to harness the innovative spirit found in our communities to find solutions to our most pressing challenges.

See imagination put to work at the events listed here.

Thank you for taking part in re-inventing Los Angeles.


Patriot Day

Patriot Day

To those who lost loved ones 13 years ago, this day is one of personal sorrow. And all of us felt a blow as those thousands were slain. But we are also reminded of the enduring strength of our nation. On September 11, the world was able to see Americans come together, and it witnessed the heroism of our first responders and service members -- who protect and serve on our streets every day, and who are now being deployed into a new theater of war. 

While September 11, 2001 was a day of tragedy driven by hate, so many Americans responded with acts of selflessness, courage, and love. So today should also be one of pride – pride in knowing that our nation is still the greatest on earth, that we remain a beacon of peace and freedom to the world, and that the spirit of our people, no matter what the odds, will ensure we will always be a place of liberty and justice for all. 

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